A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Mss. Belonging to the Late E. G. Browne

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Mss. Belonging to the Late E. G. Browne


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Edward Granville Browne (1862–1926), was a British Orientalist who produced numerous works of academic value, mainly relating to the areas of Persian history and literature. Originally published in 1932, this volume is based on the list of Browne's writings at the end of his Materials for the Study of the Bábí Religion (1918), but differs from it in some respects. It comprises all his own books, editions, and translations; the articles which he contributed to the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society; his political pamphlets and his papers read to and published by the Persia Society. This is a well-organised and informative text that will provide a valuable resource for anyone interested Browne, and Persian culture in general.

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ISBN-13: 9780521158466
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/25/2010
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 348
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Table of Contents

Errata and addenda; Introduction, including memoir and bibliography; 1. Qur'áns and commentaries; 2. Sunní theology, etc.; 3. Shí'a theology, etc.; 4. Mysticism; 5. The older heretical sects (Ismá'ilís, Nụsayrís, Druzes, and ̣Hurúfís); 6. Shaykhí and Bábí MSS; 7. General history; 8. History of special periods, dynasties, etc.; 9. Local histories; 10. Biographical works; 11. Geography and travel; 12. Official papers, letters, etc.; 13. Encyclopaedias; 14. Philosophy; 15. Mathematics and astronomy; 16. Medicine, natural science, mineralogy, etc.; 17. Occult sciences; 18. Art, calligraphy, music, etc.; 19. Dictionaries; 20. Acrostics, rhyme, rhetoric, etc.; 21. Arabic poetry; 22. Persian poetry; 23. Turkish poetry; 24. Stories and epistolary models; 25. Collectanea, miscellanea, and unclasssified; 26. Non-Islamic books; Appendix; Indices.

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