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Desert Dusk Music: A love story

Desert Dusk Music: A love story

by Thomas Timmins


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Sensitive hands

He has the most beautiful hands. Long fingers, arced tips, black hair shiny as crow’s feathers on his knuckles, palms webbed with fine lines. Grinning, he says the tangle of lines means he’s ultra-sensitive. He’s sensitive, but not the way you’d expect. I say “You’re shallow.” He shrugs. I tease him until he’s turned on, then make a married woman’s excuse and split. He smiles. Always eager to see me, never mentions I’m married. Sensitive like the fox. Hangs around after dark, knows when he’s getting too close and when it’s time to leave. I leave. I keep coming back.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997028720
Publisher: Zoetown Media
Publication date: 03/28/2016
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.15(d)

About the Author

Thomas Timmins was born in rural Iowa where he grew up among He somehow won the genes-and-family lottery when he inherited natural happiness coupled with a skeptical eye. Despite the gifts of love and empathic values he received, he's had his magic carpet pulled out from under him many times. He stays aloft because of his four magnificent children and their miraculous lives and children. Thomas has published and performed his poetry and short fiction in person and in print across the U.S. and on the internet. With poet friends, he founded Fractals, a literary tabloid and ran Poets and Players, a community performance series.

Having had more jobs than most itinerant workers, he turned the experiences into fodder for his literary work and confidence to found create and manage his own projects, for a living and for community service. Thomas developed and taught writing and coaching programs for inmates, published commercial writing, founded, managed, and advised several small businesses ranging from soyfoods to ice cream to telephone fundraising to biological pest control to a video game start-up to energy efficiency retrofits and a media company. (Some might think all of these projects reveal an innate instability, though Thomas believes it's more about the Crooked Path he and everyone meander.) He has published a three-book series of The Hour Between One and Two, dark, comedic mysteries set in the international world of tofu and exotic organic imports. More recently he released Aphrodisiac for an Angel, an environmental thriller and mystical romance.

Zoëtown Media is making available several other of his compositions, ranging from a graphic novel, a novella and stories, poetry, and 5 Gifts of Bright Presence, true accounts of life-changing encounters

Table of Contents

The fox 11
Leaving for church 13
The job 15
Feeling good 17
Miracle dirt 19
Best friend 21
Eyes 23
Paint 25
Intense beginning 27
Keeping it to yourself 29
The Virgin of Another Chance 31
A nap 33 Names and notes 35
When she didn't write 37
Sensitive hands 39
Bow hunters 41
Bicycle exploits 43
Her voice 45
Dreaming of peace and light 47
Natural hearts 49
I don't get it 51
The fox can't resist 53
Sunglasses 55
Rafting 57
Dusk music 59

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