Desert Guardian

Desert Guardian

by Karen Duvall



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ISBN-13: 9781601540140
Publisher: Wild Rose Press, The
Publication date: 11/01/2006

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He dragged her down the short hallway, her powerful legs kicking as she squirmed in his arms, her feminine scent making his head swim. Damn, she was strong. Lucky for him he out-weighed her by a good hundred pounds. He was a foot taller as well, though she wasn't petite by any means.

He tugged her with him to the trap door and prayed he could count on his decoy, Sheriff Longbottoms, to help him pull this off.

"Listen to me," he said, one hand firmly clamped over her mouth as his other held both her wrists. This won him a hard kick to the shins and he almost lost his grip. "Damn it, you've gotta trust me! I know what these people are capable of and it's not something you want to find out for yourself."

She struggled and forced out a muffled scream.

"I'll make a deal with you," he said, desperate to get out of the trailer and on the road as far away from there as possible. "I'll let you help me get your brother out."

Kelly grew calm.

"So you'll cooperate?"

She nodded, then kicked his shin again, and he let her go.

Her face red with exertion, she glared up into his eyes. Her lovely chest that stretched the too-small T-shirt rose and fell with a couple of deep breaths before she opened her mouth to let out an ear-popping scream.

"That's it!" Sam grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her over his shoulder. He spotted her backpack on the floor and seized it as well.

"Bastard!" she yelled, pounding her fists against his back. "You've seen way too many old pirate movies. I'm a grown woman! Put me down. I'll sue you for sexual harassment. My uncle is an attorney and he'll have you thrown in jail! You're going toregret ever coming here to get me--"

"I already do!" So much for a calm and quiet exit. He'd have to settle for fast.

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