Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers / Edition 1

Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers / Edition 1

by Richard E. Haskell
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Prentice Hall

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Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers / Edition 1

This is the first book to describe, in detail, the new Motorola 68HC12 microcontroller, how to program it, and how to design embedded systems using the 68HC12. It shows how WHYP (a version of Forth written specifically for this book) can be used to program the new 68HC12 microcontroller in an efficient and interactive way.


  • A bridge between the 68HC12 and the 68HC11—Focuses on the 68HC12, but includes material for (and provides software for) the older 68HC11.
  • A new version of ForthWHYP (Words to Help You Program)—designed for use in embedded systems—WHYP can easily be installed on any 68HC12 system, including the most popular development boards from Motorola and Axiom Manufacturing. It consists of two parts-some 68HC12 subroutines that reside on the target system (typically an evaluation board) and a C++ program that runs on a PC and communicates with the 68HC12 target system through a serial line. It is a sub-routine threaded language, which means that WHYP words are just the names of 68HC12(11) subroutines. New WHYP words can be defined simply by stringing previously defined WHYP words together. The first five chapters of the text explain how to make the programming of the 68HC12 simple and interactive, and in the process develops the entire WHYP language from scratch, step by step. (The software is provided on disk with the text, and the latest versions of the software will be available on the author's web site.)
  • An abundance of worked examples and many chapter-end exercises—Ranges from simple reinforcing exercises to complete term projects. Some suggest significant design projects using some of the latest peripheral chips with references to specific web sites where data sheets can be obtained.
    • Users can see examples of complete designs and have quick references to data sheet URLs.
  • A detailed description of the new 68HC12 multiplication and division instructions.
    • Users can use the easier method (WHYP, Forth) for doing arithmetic, rather than using assembly language.
  • A chapter on Fuzzy Control—Provides a detailed description of fuzzy logic as well as a discussion of how to use the built-in 68HC12 fuzzy control instructions.
    • Develops special WHYP words that make it easier to design a fuzzy controller.
  • Complete C++ code for the WHYP host that runs on the PC—Provided with the book and described in Chs. 16 and 17. Includes both the C++ program that runs on the PC, and the 68HC12 assembly language program that runs on the target 68HC12 board.

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ISBN-13: 9780130832085
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 10/15/1999
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 569
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.75(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introducing the 68HC12.

2. Subroutines and Stacks.

3. 68HC12 Arithmetic.

4. WHYP—An Extensible Language.

5. Branching and Looping.

6. Interrupts.

7. Parallel Interfacing.

8. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

9. Analog-to-Digital Converter.

10. Timers.

11. The Serial Communications Interface (SCI).

12. Strings and Number Conversions.

13. Program Control and Data Structures.

14. Fuzzy Control.

15. Special Topics.

16. WHYP12 C++ Classes.

17. WHYP12 C++ Main Program.

Appendix A. 68HC12 Instruction Set.

Appendix B. 68HC11 Instruction Set.

Appendix C. Loading WHYP on 68HC12 and 68HC11 Evaluation Boards.

Appendix D. WHYP12.ASM File.

Appendix E. WHYP12.HED Header File.

Appendix F. WHYP12.CFG Configuration File.

Appendix G. WHYP Glossary.

Appendix H. The WHYP Disk.

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