Design Science at the Intersection of Physical and Virtual Design: 8th International Conference, DESRIST 2013, Helsinki, Finland, June 11-12,2013, Proceedings

Design Science at the Intersection of Physical and Virtual Design: 8th International Conference, DESRIST 2013, Helsinki, Finland, June 11-12,2013, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783642388262
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 05/09/2013
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #7939
Edition description: 2013
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

System Integration and Design.- How to Prevent Reinventing the Wheel? – Design Principles for Project Knowledge Management Systems.- Designing an Artifact for the Integration of Ubiquitous Information Systems in an Enterprise Context .- Design Principles for Research Data Export: Lessons Learned in e-Health Design Research.- Metaissues.- What’s the Best Bet? An Analysis of Design Scientists’ Perceptions of Receptivity and Impact of IS Journals.- Seeking Constructive Synergy: Design Science and the Constructive Research Approach.- Pattern-Based Design Research – An Iterative Research Method Balancing Rigor and Relevance.- Business Process Management and ERP.- Patterns as an Artifact for Business Process Improvement – Insights from a Case Study.- ERP Event Log Preprocessing: Timestamps vs. Accounting Logic.- Enriching Process Models for Business Process Compliance Checking in ERP Environments.- Theory Development 1.- Rethinking Design Theory in Information Systems.- How to Generalize an Information Technology Case Study.- Reconciling Theories with Design Choices in Design Science Research.- Emerging Themes.- Formidable Bracelet, Beautiful Lantern: Studying Multi-sensory User Experience from a Semiotic Perspective .- Boundary Resources Dependency in Third-Party Development from the Developer’s Perspective.- Organizational Design of Innovative Education – Insights from a Combined Design and Action Research Project.- Theory Development 2.- Don’t Ignore the Iceberg: Timely Revelation of Justification in DSR.- An Argumentative Approach of Conceptual Modelling and Model Validation through Theory Building.- BWW Ontology as a Lens on IS Design Theory: Extending the Design Science Research Roadmap.- Green IS and Service Management.- Towards an Innovative Service Development Process in the Electricity Industry.- Design Science in Practice: Designing an Electricity Demand Response System.- A Decision Support Tool to Define Scope in IT Service Management Process Assessment and Improvement.- Green IS for GHG Emission Reporting on Product-Level? An Action.- Design Research Project in the Meat Industry.- Method Engineering.- Design Methodology for Construction of Mapping Applications.- Cherry Picking with Meta-Models: A Systematic Approach for the Organization-Specific Configuration of Maturity Models.- Towards a Domain-Specific Method for Multi-Perspective Hospital Modelling – Motivation and Requirements.- Products and Prototypes.- The Service Meta Modeling Editor – Bottom-Up Integration of Service Models.- Icebricks: Business Process Modeling on the Basis of Semantic Standardization.- Estimating Operating System Process Energy Consumption in Real Time.- Cross-Platform Development of Business Apps with MD2 .- Context-Awareness in the Car: Prediction, Evaluation and Usage of Route Trajectories.- Self-Service Management Support Systems—There’s an App for That.- Designing a Web-Based Classroom Response System.- New-Generation Managers and Their IS Support—Getting It Right with the Corporate Navigator.- MUSE: Implementation of a Design Theory for Systems that Support Convergent and Divergent Thinking.- Mini Smart Grid @ Copenhagen Business School: Prototype Demonstration.- preCEP: Facilitating Predictive Event-Driven Process Analytics.- Developing Creative Business Models – The OctoProz Tool.- Work in Progress Papers.- Using Empirical Knowledge and Studies in the Frame of Design Science Research.- Towards a Reference Model for a Productivity-Optimized Delivery of Technology Mediated Learning Services.- A Framework for Classifying Design Research Methods.- Constructing Software-Intensive Methods: A Design Science Research Process with Early Feedback Cycles.- User Guidance for Document-Driven Processes in Enterprise Systems.- Cooperative Games and Their Effect on Group Collaboration.- Respondent Behavior Logging: An Opportunity for Online Survey Design.- Towards Design Principles for Pharmacist-Patient Health Information Systems.

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