Design Your Own Destiny: Life Planning for the 21st Century

Design Your Own Destiny: Life Planning for the 21st Century

by Mary A. Molloy


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Design Your Own Destiny: Life Planning for the 21st Century by Mary A. Molloy

Six easy-to-learn steps create a roadmap to achieve the life you have always wanted

Match your talents to your joys in life

Analyze what you say about yourself

Draw your dreams and achieve them

Assess the best option for you-based on your values

Create a roadmap to get you from "here" to "there"

Close the loop by measuring and adjusting your plan

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780985379674
Publisher: TRB Press
Publication date: 09/28/2012
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Introduction xix

Are we at the whim of destiny or can we choose and Design Our Own Destiny? xix

What is a life planning process? xx

How does this life planning process work? xx

Chapter 1 Are You In Balance? 1

The importance of your gut 2

Step 1 Assess your mind (your intellect) 4

Step 2 Assess your body, your material world and your physical wellbeing 6

Step 3 Assess your relationship with God or the Universe-something bigger than you 10

Step 4 Assess your emotional wellbeing 12

Step 5 Determine your Balance Score 13

Step 6 Assess your score-look at where you are 16

Common actions needed to get back into balance 17

Assess your own balance 18

Key points 20

Chapter 2 Let's Talk About You-Your Core Values, Your Talents and Your Joys in Life 21

Your core values 21

Your talents and your joys in life 22

The importance of joy 24

Belief in our life situations 25

How all of our minds are connected together by a Universal Mind 26

Key Points 29

Chapter 3 Your 'Self Talk' and the Power of Belief 31

Cause and effect 32

The power of belief 34

Bring the things that you want to yourself: the "Drain/Gain" exercise 37

The 'Drain/Gain' exercise steps 39

Listening to your Higher Self 39

The power of "I AM" statements 40

Guilt, fear, projection and judgment 42

Low self-esteem and self doubt 42

Forgiveness 43

Why are you here on this earth? What is your mission in life? 44

Key Points 47

Chapter 4 What do You Dream about Doing? 49

What are your dreams? 49

What happens when we have conflict over what we want? 51

The role of our core values and our core beliefs 52

The power of commitment 53

The importance of meditation and visualization 54

Some people's dreams 56

Your dreams really can come true! 74

Key Points 76

Chapter 5 Evaluate Your Alternatives 77

Ben Franklin 'T' Charts 79

Using the tool in personal life situations / choices 80

Ron and Rita's Life Choices worksheet 85

Creating a Life Choices Assessment tool 85

Ron & Rita's Life Choices Assessment tool 86

Robert and Jessica's Ben Franklin 'T' charts 92

Robert and Jessica's Life Choices worksheet 96

Robert and Jessica's Life Choices Assessment tool 97

Using the tool in career and business choices 98

John Jennings' Life Choices worksheet 104

John Jennings' Life Choices assessment tool 105

Key Points 114

Chapter 6 Create a Life Choice Map 115

How to create a Life Choice Map 115

Robin's Life Choice Map 122

Working with homeless women 130

How motivated are you? 131

Key Points 133

Chapter 7 Measure and Adjust Your Life Plan 135

The importance of measurement 135

How to measure and adjust your life plan 136

Key Points 143

Chapter 8 Harmonic Alignment-Closing the Loop with Balance 145

How to use the other quadrants to bring yourself back into balance 146

How to speed up your plan 152

Share your plan with people who support and believe in you 152

Whatever you do, don't give up! 153

How do we know what we're supposed to do? 155

How to keep in balance as you execute your plan 155

The four magic words-"Say, Do, Measure, Adjust!" 156

What's next after I achieve my plan? 157

Key Points 158

Epilogue 159

About the Author Mary A. Molloy 161

Acknowledgements 163

Index 167

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