Designed for Love

Designed for Love

by Kelsey Browning

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Book four of Texas Nights

Ashton Davenport: Hot blonde. Old Money. Off-limits.

That's how Mac McLaughlin sees her, anyway. And now that he's enduring a temporary self-imposed exile in tiny Shelbyville, Texas, he's seeing her way too often. Mac only wants to succeed as the contractor for the Lily Lake development in order to rebuild his reputation and return to Dallas, pronto. A sexy distraction like Ashton was not in the plans.

Mac McLaughlin: Hot builder. Cash poor. Hands-on.

Ashton kissed her trust fund goodbye and left her life as a society princess to prove she could make it on her own. Developing Lily Lake is her big chance, but it's hard to stay focused working side-by-side with bossy, rough-around-the-edges Mac. Especially when he pulls off his shirt.

When the discovery of an endangered species derails the project, Mac can't afford to stick around for a stalled job. His and Ashton's explosive chemistry aside, he's outta there…unless she can convince him that they just might be able to build something together.

86,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426899256
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 11/24/2014
Series: Texas Nights , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 317,688
File size: 390 KB

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Kelsey Browning writes sass kickin’ love stories and cozy mysteries. or

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Designed for Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
Designed for Love by Kelsey Browning is the fourth and final book in her Texas Nights series and was a favorite for me. Ashton Davenport finally gets her story and she really grows and matures into a very independent, smart, sassy and determined woman. Michael "Mac" McLaughlin is your Alpha male that is very, very good with tools. He was a big independent contractor in Dallas before he lost his way after his father dies. He's building himself and his business back up in Shelbyville. Oh, I can't forget Napolean, Ashton's pedigreed pooch, who definitely brought several "laugh out loud" moments to the book This story is a redemption story for both Ashton and Mac and they succeed winningly together. The sparks fly every time they are together. The banter between them made me smile as they circled around each other until the sparks finally ignited. Ms. Browning's writing flowed smoothly and the smexy times between Ashton and Mac felt realistic as their relationship had been progressing in spite of them fighting their mutual attraction. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Ms. Browning!
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Wonderful! Ms. Brown has a wonderful way with words! Ashton is a pampered trust fun child who is trying to change in more ways than one. It is not easy to be the person she wants to be and her dog, Napoleon, adds to her challenges from time to time. Mac is a big rugged contractor trying to make a comeback from some past mistakes in the building world of Houston, Texas. The two have been very aware of one another in previous books in this series but this is their story and what a fun one it is. Construction of a huge development on Lily Lake, a conservationist creating trouble, deadlines to meet, trying to prove themselves and Napoleon causing chaos all make it difficult to find time for romance BUT when the two are together, whether in a hammock or on a motorcycle, they really come together with steam aplenty! Ashton and Mac are well matched and fun to spend time with. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys steamy contemporary romances. Thank you to the author and her assistant for the copy of this book to read and review. 4.5 Stars
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
What a fun read that had me laughing, then fanning myself, then wishing I lived near Lily Lake in Shelbyville so I could hang out with all the colorful characters in this small town! And that includes Napoleon, the little dog with a big personality who at times totally stole the show! This is the first book in the series I have read, and although it is book 4 I didn't have any trouble picking up on the characters and most of the backstory. Of course now I can’t wait to go back and read the first three books so I can get the lowdown on the other couples in those books and also find out more about Ashton and what drove her to Shelbyville in the first place. Ashton was such a complex character – she’s looking to prove something to not only herself, but to her family and anyone else who has judged her. Of course that leaves her very vulnerable, which only serves to make me like her even more. Her dog Napoleon was such a great supporting character – for a character that doesn't speak, his involvement in the story right from the first page sets the tone for the fun and heat you know you are going to get throughout the book. Mac was quite the complex character himself, being driven by the demons of his past and thinking he also has something to prove. And when the two of them finally come together boy do they heat up the page – be it in the lake, in the hammock, or even on his motorcycle…hot! This is a definite must read for anyone who loves a great story that has a lot of laugh out loud moments and brings some heat! I received this book from the author for an honest review.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Even though Ashton didn't start out well in this series (she tries to sue Roxanne, the heroine of book two in the series-- Running the Red Light for a spectacularly selfish reason) I had faith in Kelsey's ability to turn her into a proper heroine. She totally did. :) Since book two, Ashton's moved to Shelbyville, given up her trust fund/family money, and started her own business. So far the results have been less than stellar, but she's not giving up--she wants to be the kind of person her annoyingly endearing dog Napoleon deserves. She can't afford caviar and steak for him anymore; the least she can do is give him an owner to be proud of. I know: caviar and steak. It makes it all the more fun later when you find out what Mac gets him hooked on--just wait! ;) Some of the best parts of this book were the glimpses we get inside Aston's head. For one, they really show her progress from a still somewhat spoiled rich girl to a capable woman who stands up for herself and gets things done. For another, she's pretty darn funny--and the things she thinks (even when she doesn't want to) about Mac are absolutely fabulous. If I could figure out how to make my Kindle highlight on a PDF file, this one would have been glowing--I snorted, choked on my spit, and downright laughed many, many times while reading this one.  Hopefully no one heard me while I was reading on my lunch break at work. I don't think anyone was nearby, but... Anyway. Designed for Love was a very entertaining read--Ashton ends up being one heck of a heroine, and I really liked Mac for about 95% of the book (he was a butthead for about 5%, but it's hard to hold that against him, since the plot needed him to be. Plus, he does something awesome for his mom so all is forgiven). Even Napoleon becomes quite the character. I'm not totally convinced of the logistics of the hammock encounter (yes, that kind of encounter) and Ash's grandmother's tactics toward the end still don't quite sit right with me, but overall I have to say that this one was my favorite of the series.  It would work as a standalone if needed; characters show up from the other series books (including the wedding of one couple--squee!) and earlier events are alluded to, but I don't think there was anything here that a newbie to the series needs to know that they don't at least get a rudimentary explanation for.  Rating: 4 stars / B+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
LitSmitten More than 1 year ago
What sexy, southern fun!  Designed for Love has the perfect recipe for a spicy and sweet romance: hot chemistry between our main characters, a southern backdrop and a great balance of sassy and heartfelt. I loved Ashton’s story arc.  She showed up with the trappings of a Texas debutante and proved everyone wrong.  It was refreshing to see a female character that is determined to do things on her own.  She was not the damsel in distress character that is a familiar trope in contemporary romance.  Even when things seemed like they were falling apart, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps, and who doesn’t love a strong female heroine!  Don’t get me wrong..there’s no story without conflict, but I loved Ashton’s tenacity and her connection with her SUPER sassy grandmother, Gigi. Mac, was the perfect counter to Ashton.  Strong and masculine, but with a soft side.  His storyline also proved to have depth and definitely added to the layers of his relationship with Ashton.  Also, can anyone resist bicep hugging flannel? Their relationship moved at a slower than normal pace than I am used to in romance novels.  Which is NOT a bad thing.  The sexual tension was palpable and made for some majorly steamy scenes.  There’s one particular scene that sticks in my mind that actually takes place in Lily Lake that I think every reader will enjoy.  Wink Wink. Besides the obvious chemistry, Designed for Love has a great storyline.  Ashton decides to leave big money behind in Dallas to make it on her own and ends up running a huge project.  Which proves to be an undertaking that she doesn’t even know if she can handle.  All while toting around her hilarious and naughty shih-poo mix, Napoleon.  I absolutely adored the scenes with Napoleon, Ashton and Mac.  Let’s just say he gets in a lot of trouble, and it is very fun to read! Even though this is the 4th in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  But, after you read this I am betting you will be coming back for more.  Hopefully, we get to see what is in the future for Mac and Ashton!
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Julie Designed for Love was a very cute book. It was fun and even made me chuckle in more than a few places. It was nice reading about a socialite giving up her trust fund to try and make it on her own and boy did she ever make it! With the courage of her brash grandmother and the gorgeous contractor, Mac, partnering with her in a huge construction project, Ashton more than shows herself capable of doing things more than hosting tea parties. She's well respected and learns that small town life is not as easy as it seems. And although money makes life easier, it doesn't give you pride unless you earn the money yourself. **Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4 stars--DESIGNED FOR LOVE is the fourth installment in Kelsey Browning’s contemporary, adult Texas Nights romance series focusing on the small town of Shelbyville, Texas. This is poor little rich girl/interior designer Ashton Davenport and construction foreman Michael ‘Mac’ McLaughlin’s storyline.  DESIGNED FOR LOVE can be read as a stand alone. Some of the previous storyline characters, including Beck and Eden from Problems in Paradise (book 3)  have small cameo roles throughout the novel. Told from close third person (Ashton) point of view DESIGNED FOR LOVE focuses on Ashton Davenport-a young woman who walked away from her trust fund leaving the big city of Dallas, Texas behind to try and make it on her own. Born into wealth and expected to follow her family’s bidding, Ashton ventured out on her own to focus on a career in interior design. When Ashton’s grandmother offers Ashton a chance to oversee a new land development in Shelbyville, Ashton jumps at the opportunity only to discover that there are people willing to do just about anything to see the plans fail. Enter Mac McLaughlin, Ashton’s new general contractor and a man who hopes to overcome the failings of his past. The relationship between Mac and Ashton is one of contempt and disdain. Mac is blinded by Ashton’s family connections and sees Ashton as a spoiled rich kid playing a game with other people’s lives. Mac needs this job opportunity to rid the demons from his past and Mac sees Ashton as a thorn in his chance at redemption. Their attraction to one another is immediate. Ashton is unaware as to why Mac’s feelings lean toward hate and scorn but as their relationship begins to build, the fall out from small town mentality will affect everything including Ashton’s future and Mac’s heart. The sex scenes are seductive, provocative and comedic-ever had sex in a hammock or with a small but terrifying dog nipping at your…um, butt? The secondary characters include Ashton’s grandmother-a feisty woman who is willing to use any and all means at her disposal to get what she wants done. The townsfolk and surrounding population of Shelbyville see an environmental disaster in the making and attempts to stop the construction will push Ashton into the limelight and out of a job. DESIGNED FOR LOVE is a romantic, wondrous and oft times comedic look at two people destined for one another but caught up in a game brought about a meddling but well meaning old lady. There are moments that will break your heart balanced by moments of humor and fun.  Kelsey Browning’s TEXAS NIGHTS series is about family and love; letting go of the past; and acceptance in a small town not accustomed to change and growth.   Reading Order1. Personal Assets2. Running the Red Light3. Problems in Paradise
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge fan of Kelsey Browning! I was lucky enough to be get a review copy of Designed for Love. Ashton Davenport has grown so much over this series. I honestly didn't like her when she first appeared in the series. However, the more time we spent with her the more I saw how she first acted wasn't the real Ashton. I absolutely loved Mac and Ashton together! They are so different, yet their relationship worked perfectly for me. Even knowing Mac planned to go back to Dallas after the Lily Lake project was done, I loved Mac and Ashton as a couple. They had incredible chemistry together and they made each other stronger. Designed for Love is a wonderful addition to the Texas Nights series. I highly recommend this book and series to everyone who enjoys contemporary romances.
DeleneY More than 1 year ago
Designed for Love is the fourth book in the Texas Night Series. Having read the first three I was anxiously waiting to read Ashton and Mac's story! Ashton the poor little rich girl who is trying to prove herself to friends, her grandmother and the town of Shelbyville, Texas and Mac,coming home with his tail tucked between his legs has let grief destroy his business and reputation in Dallas. I enjoyed this book because instead of a one person point of view we were told the story through both H/h points of view and with their thoughts in their head right out there, letting us peek into their thinking. I wanted Ashton to succeed and enjoyed watching her become "that" person she wanted to be. Mac is my new book boyfriend! The book was sexy, sensual and a satisfying read. I can't forget Napoleon... a sweet mischievous little critter that will make you laugh while he wins your heart