Desire by Design

Desire by Design

by Paula Altenburg
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Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg

He stole her job, and now she's stealing his heart.

Eve Doucette finally almost has it all. She's free from her mistake of an ex-husband and just landed her dream job: project manager for a new City Hall and drafter of the final design. That is, until a handsome architect sweeps into town to commandeer her blueprints.

Famous architect Matt Brison is unsatisfied with his mundane life in Toronto. So when the mayor of Halifax asks him to spearhead his City Hall project, Matt jumps at the opportunity. There's just one problem: the feisty and beautiful project lead, Eve, who isn't exactly thrilled about her new "coworker" hijacking her design.

But when the sparks begin to fly, they both find themselves falling for the colleague they shouldn't want. And before they know it, their already shaky foundation might come crumbling down...

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ISBN-13: 9781493762361
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/15/2013
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.45(d)

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Desire by Design 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
This was quite simply a pleasure to read. Paula Altenburg has given us a book that has everything; it's well written, has a great storyline, fabulous characters, wit, humour, romance and whilst it doesn't go into the detailed act, the sexual tension and build up is there. I loved it and didn't want it to end! Eve and Matt were wonderful loveable characters. Eve, a project manager for a construction company, has grown up with 3 older brothers, works in a male-dominated industry and is divorced from a guy who was let's just say, not so nice. She may be tiny, but she is feisty, stubborn, has a bit of a temper, lacks a little in her people skills and is insecure as much as she hates showing it. Matt is the architect brought in by his uncle (who just so happens to be the bane of Eve's life) to lead on the design of the new City Hall. He is her opposite; he's confident, thoughtful, gentle and protective, very witty and completely sexy with it. Both were completely easy to relate to with their realistic personalities and traits, particularly Eve. I work in similar industry and the scenario which starts the book off was believable and had me laughing out loud. From there it just continued to get even better and I struggled to put it down. Together, the sparks flew and they complimented each other perfectly with Matt's confidence and determination professionally and personally up against Eve's stubbornness and insecurities. I laughed, I swooned, I laughed some more and smiled those little happy smiles at all the lovely heartwarming moments. The only thing that was missing for me was an epilogue, which would have finished their story off perfectly, but nevertheless, this most definitely a book that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and is well worth every star. I received this book as an ARC from the publisher for an honest and unbiased opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So many things to love about this book - a woman struggling to make it in a man's world; recovering from an abusive marriage; a professional underdog. I really wanted her to win her HEA and cheered when she did!  A great story and I'll be watching for more Paula Altenburg books.
basias_bookshelf More than 1 year ago
Fun and sexy romantic story! Eve is the project manager for the construction company handling the building of the new city hall and even though she doesn't have formal credentials, she's drawn up a plan she hopes to show the mayor before she kills him for being a moron. Unfortunately Mayor Moron, er, Bob, has already hired his nephew, architect Matt Brison. Sparks fly from the moment the two meet (lewd catcalls are involved) and begin to butt heads. There’s no insta-love, and although the book isn’t long enough to let things percolate forever, Eve and Matt still take their sweet time working around each other’s prickly spots. Eve in particular has a lot of issues – as a woman in what’s typically a man’s job, she’s developed an aggressive exterior over what was already a tough hide from her weird family and a rotten first marriage. I loved that she threw a punch just as well as any guy, not that I’m going to start enjoying heroines beating people up or anything. For this particular heroine though, it worked – Eve was a firecracker and I wanted her to be as physically able to take anyone on as she was intellectually. I’m not normally a fan of beta heroes and I’m not sure if Matt was all beta, but he was close. He was a nice guy, a good complement to Eve’s storminess. I liked that he wasn’t a pushover for her but that he gave her space, made her come to him then pounced on her – then they repeated the process. It was a nice changeup, having the guy in the book being more in touch with his feelings than the woman, and I can’t believe I just wrote that, by the way. Feely Book Guys aren’t for me usually, but Altenburg made Matt really sexy in a cute, wish-he-was-my-boyfriend, way. Altenburg’s Desire by Design was fun, sexy and had some serious moments that made me sad for one of the characters, but ended with such a sweet note, I pulled out a Kleenex. This is a keeper for me and I recommend it if you’re in the mood for an adult contemporary romance. *I was provided with a review copy by the publisher*
HollyBerry44 More than 1 year ago
This novel follows the story of Eve, she has landed her dream job of being a project manager for the new city hall building, and she also did the final draft of the building. Just as she beings to think that everything is going her way, it is interrupted by the famous architect Matt Brison shows up and tells her that he has been hired to design the final look of the building. There was a lot of back and forth in this book between Eve and Matt as she felt that she was doing the project justice by keeping to the traditional look of the town, where Matt wanted to do something a little more modern, and it did not help that he had the schooling behind him, and she did not. Also he has some connections that she does not that she is not aware of at the beginning. There is a twist to the plot line involving something or someone from Eve's past, and this was really the only part of the book that I found slightly interesting that gave the book a little something extra that I can't really discuss in a review without it being a spoiler. This book overall unfortunately for me was just okay, there was nothing spectacular about it that I remembered or even really kept me wanting to read to the end, though I did. I think it is for someone just looking for a nice light romance book that just takes 1 sitting to get through. This book gets a 3/5 from me.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Paula Altenburg has written a funny and very romantic story that you won't be able to put down. Eve Doucette is a qualified draftsman and project manager. She is fighting Mayor Bob Anderson to build Halifax's new city hall on budget. This job could make or break her career. Now the Mayor wants his nephew, Matt Brison, a world renowned architect, to design the building. This is too much. Eve resents Matt but he gets to her with his kindness and gentleness. Things get more complicated when Eve's ex-husband comes back and start harassing her. To protect her Matt rents a room and stays with Eve. Now things get really crazy. I laughed until I cried at the situations our hero and heroine endure. I couldn't wait for their HEA. Don't miss this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reviewer: MIniegg (ICanHasBooks) B&N acting up and not letting me use my username! *ARC copy from publisher, Entangled Publishing.* 4.5 Stars  Eve is the project manager for the new city hall, she has worked hard to get where she is. Harder then most being a female in the field without a proper degree. Hoping to get her name out there she is also the designer of the final draft. Or at least she had planed and hoped she would be until Matt Brison enters the scene. Matt, an internationally known architect has been asked by his uncle the major if would come and work on the design plans for the new city hall, hoping he would modernize the building and move Halifax in a more forward direction. Not knowing what he was getting himself into when he agreed to do so, a feisty, spirited "bully" with "hot chocolate" eyes was definitely not it. He definitely hadn't thought he would be remotely attracted to her, she is nothing at all what he typically looked for or is looking for in a potential wife and eventual mother of his future children he wanted to have. There is nothing domestic about Eve. Eve has made mistakes in the past, ones that have completely changed how she trusts men, especially the handsome, charming,well educated ones, and Matt was definitely all three. She's been down that road before. She doesn't want to feel like she's lower or stupid, she doesn't want to be someones possession either. I completely adored this story. It was cute and sweet and funny. Oh my how I giggled while reading this book. Author Paula Altenburg has done a marvelous job at creating these two characters. I have one complaint to make, I wish it had been longer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JannaShay More than 1 year ago
Heartwarming story with humor & suspense Desire By Design is an entertaining romance that will grab your attention from page one. Paula Attenberg creates a sensual love story filled with humor and suspense that engages the reader from the very beginning.  Eve Doucette is the project manager for the new city hall being built for her city. She’s talented and ambitious and has the unsatisfactory job of dealing with a mayor who has innovative ideas and no idea of how to stay within the construction budget. She not only has to contend with the mayor, but also his drop dead gorgeous nephew, who has the same budget ailment. Matt Brison is a talented and well-known architect, who has been brought in to design the city hall building that his uncle, the mayor, has in mind. To show his appreciation to his uncle for his unfailing support as he was growing up, Matt is determined to realize his uncle’s dream. But in order to make that dream come true, he needs to convince the project manager who’s determined to thwart his plans. This book delivers a delightful read that will hold your attention from beginning to end. It has the right amount of conflict and sexual chemistry mixed with romance and humor that the reader will find enjoyable. The characters are likeable and the story line flows smoothly. This is a great contemporary romance that will warm your heart.  I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
TaraAllen More than 1 year ago
The Good: I really enjoyed reading Desire by Design. It was a fun and fast read. The characters were sweet and watching them get to know each other and get close made me want them to end up together. I liked that Evie was a tough cookie and could hold her own on a construction site. I also appreciated that she really wanted to be independent and make her family proud of her as well as being proud of herself. Matt is a sweetheart. He’s just an upstanding kind of guy who tries really hard to do the right thing and live up to his expectations of himself. Uncle Bob, the Mayor, steals the show for me, though. He is so totally offensive and over the top with how he treats Evie. It’s like he goes out of his way to be “that guy” and push every last one of her buttons. Obviously, you aren’t supposed to like him at the beginning of the book, because he comes off like a jerk. But as soon as I figured out what his real agenda was, everything he did was pretty hysterical. Uncle Bob’s talent for manipulation is epic and I love the twist to the title in light of his hijinks. The Bad: Evie, while a good character, kind of irked me a bit. She did things that made me want to smack her and yell at her to smarten up. As much as she made me cranky, her actions were consistent with her character and her internal motivations. So I can’t complain TOO much about it. Overall: Desire by Design is a fun read and leaves you feeling good after you’ve finished. Even without that, it’s totally worth reading just to watch Uncle Bob work his crazy manipulating magic.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Rating 4.5 Stars In Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg, Eve Doucette has been trying to prove herself in her job. She may not have the title as an architect but she is good at what she does, her designs are great and her abilities as project manager is one of the best. But she knows that the mayor will not let things go as easily for she goes head to head with him on every change he wants for new City Hall that is out of budget. Matt Brison is a famous architect with very modern designs. He is used to big projects where he get paid good money, but when his uncle, the mayor of Halifax, ask him to come to spearhead his City Hall project, he knows that he must help him, for his uncle was always there for him and his mother while he was growing up and he owes him. When he shows up at the construction site and meets Eve he knows that his job will not be as easy as he thought. Especially when he learns that the original designs were hers and now he is the one that will be designing City Hall and taking that job away from her but he cannot help feel attracted to her since their first meeting. Now he has to work closely with her if that means compromising a little so be it but when he realizes that someone has broke into Eve's home, it is up to him to find a way to keep her safe. Eve does not want anyone to know that the person who broke into her house is her ex-husband of two weeks and that he is now stalking and harassing her. Especially since she never told anyone but the authorities the truth of why she was divorcing him. Their relationship starts rough, but Matt will do everything to be a part of Eve’s life and make things easier for her, even if she makes things a little difficult by not always trusting him with everything going on. He may a be a successful and famous architect, but he knows that what he has found with Eve is something special and something worth fighting for. Matt is a nice, sweet and fun character, I love that he is understanding and does not think that everyone must bow to his whims professionally. He is loyal to his family and is very protective to those he cares about. Eve is strong character with a back of steel and a very witty mind that will make you laugh. Not many could do what she did and break a marriage after only two weeks like she did when she opened her eyes and realized her mistake. She may be the first in her family to break tradition and divorce, but she did what was best for her, even knowing she would not have the support of her family in her decision. I loved Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg, it was fun, sweet, sexy and fast paced with just the right amount of intrigue and passion to make it just perfect.
FangsWandsFairy More than 1 year ago
This is a sweet, charming romance. It's unusually located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This unusual location has special meaning for me, and that's past of the charm. By no means steamy, this is a nice romance with relatively tame intimate encounters. The characters are cute and the romance is based on mutual attraction which is then ignored or avoided until it is unavoidable. The story is cute and entertaining with some slapstick comedy at the male love interest, Matt's, expense. You'll know where it's going and can sit back to enjoy the ride. My copy was provided fro review on my blog, and here, by the publisher. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions herein are my own except as otherwise noted.
Bear1009 More than 1 year ago
This was an excellent read from an author that is new to me. I have to say I got caught up in this sweet fun loving story where one woman needs to come to terms with the past before she can move forward with a wonderful man. Evangeline “Eve” Doucette was a very bossy woman but guess what people respected her. Yes she’s a workaholic but she takes pride in what she does and when the Mayor wants to change the plans for the City Hall renovation and mess with her budget she has something to say about it. Through out the story she is mentally planning the murder of the Mayor but then something happens. Someone from her past comes back and now she can’t help looking over her shoulder. Matt Brison is an architect and very well known one. His uncle needs a favor and he will do anything for him since he was there for him and his mother. Matt is an only child and he has never met a woman that he doesn’t think he is charming. The way Matt gets acquainted with Eve she is doing a cat call, doing a male type whistling when a pretty woman walks by a construction site. Only he had no idea she was the person he was meeting just thought maybe she was part of the crew. Only when he saw her she blew his mind, she was beautiful but he had a vision of what he wanted in a companion a wife and she was not it. Eve can’t believe that Sullivan Construction has hired Matt to present them the plans for the new City Hall. She receives a phone call from a person from the past and now she is frightened. Eve never thought she would hear from him ever again after what happened between them. The more time that Matt spends with Eve he can’t deny the chemistry between them but some thing was wrong with her, the way she treated him it had to mean something was happening to her personally. After a party he went to Eve to apologize but something was wrong. When she fell asleep something didn’t seem right when he went to her bedroom her clothes were scattered all over and her drawer chest was overturned. There was a crinkled paper on the floor, divorce papers. The characters in this story were very entertaining, they had me laughing out loud and they really seemed very realistic. I always enjoy an author’s writing style because when a story brings laughter and when you can’t put it down its one that deserves to stay in your library. This story I would categorize it as a sensual read with a high level of sexual chemistry. I found the interactions between Eve and Matt hot and well written. The plot of this story pulled me in and I was rooting for Matt to not give up on Eve. I was a little disappointed with the villain; I guess I expected more trouble. This will not be my last read by Ms. Altenburg and look forward to more of her books. Overall Desire by Design is an excellent read. If you are looking for a story that will have you laughing throughout the story, rooting for the main couple to have their happily ever after this story is for you. Pick it up today.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, for the most part, I absolutely loved this book. I cracked up several times while reading it, and would have loved to give it 5*. Our shero was awesome, and our hero was arrogant but pretty awesome, too. Things I loved: The humor - there were situations I've never seen in a romance novel before, and I giggled and chuckled for most of the book. Cat-calls, nail guns, and blankets, oh my! I really enjoyed a lot of Eve's interaction with her family, but I thought there were several things that were introduced and then the author forgot to go back and flesh out. Interactions between her brothers and Matt, Eve and her mom, little things. There were two main reasons I took off a star: Claude - for an obsessed psycho, he actually isn't much of a villain. I expected a bigger confrontation, and more resolution than the end provided. Eve's refusal to tell anyone about Claude. She puts up with years of harassment from her family for giving up on her marriage because she refuses to admit that he tried to hit her. He breaks into her house and trashes her bedroom - there's evidence everywhere, and she doesn't think the police will believe her? For someone who is otherwise completely competent, I thought that was uncharacteristically stupid and obviously author interference. I half expected her mother to invite him to the family reunion to try and get them back together; THAT would have made for some entertainment. Overall a really great read, and I will be happy to read other books by Paula.
Nanettez608 More than 1 year ago
I received the ARC copy from publisher, on the day of i was thinking geez they won't trust me again with review copy if i didn't give a review quick. I was thinking what if i can't finish it with my busy schedule, and I didn't like the story, but I'm so wrong coz with busy schedule, I just can't stop reading it and I don't even want this story to end. Honestly I have mixed emotions with the start of the story with feisty, yet a bit insecure and bit tactless Eve Doucette, "murder plotting" the Mayor turn into a "cute meet" with Matt Brison but I changed how I view the story as I quickly turned each pages. I love how the story went from cute to funny, sexy to dangerous and a bit dark. "Pang, pang, pang" I like the 'pang' in it. Matt Brison is a hottie he doesnt even know it, the only thing he knew is all about EVE and be the best guy for her. Matt is not a super all alpha-male, dont have a dark secret or some bad-ass tattoos, his not even a rock God, but what sets him and could be a great contender for a great book boyfriend is that it doesnt matter what Eve have on her past or self-doubting. tactless she always will, the most important thing and the most beautiful for Matt's eye is ONLY EVE. Such a great summer read!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Matt and Eve suck you in to their story and personalities from the beginning. I'm outright giggling and laughing at the antics and happenings in the story. Hint: she shoots him in the leg with a nail gun!!  Is it sad that I could literally picture everything as it happened?  I credit that to fantastic and talented writing.  The story never lags or drags and the author never undermines our intelligence by having the characters do things that make us cry foul.  She also knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat by having a suspenseful tidbit dangling in the storyline the whole way through. I loved reading this! I only wish it was longer! Highly recommend for those who know how to enjoy humor, romance and action in their books - who doesn't! I received this book from the publisher for an honest and unbiased opinion.
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
My first P.A. story, was cute but the romance part seemed a little forced at times. Made me smile but not laugh even though I felt like she auth was try to make me... But for 2.99 I would still buy it for a quick read while on lunch break during the week it's about 215 pages.
mariacstanowhite More than 1 year ago
An absolute pleasure to was brilliantly witty and serious at certain times, but I can honestly say that I highly recommend this book. A page turner that should not be missed Excellent.......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its stories like this one which remind me just how much I love a good contemporary romance – and Desire by Design is one of the best I’ve read in a long time.  Evangeline (Eve) Douchette is a woman in a predominately male workplace – she’s the project manager for a construction company. She may be short in stature but large in spirit. She won’t let anyone bully her around. Since her divorce five years ago she’s steered clear of professional men. That is until the mayor hires a world-famous architect for the job Eve is managing. Successful and gorgeous, Eve takes an instant dislike to Matt Brison. And Matt is shocked at how the tiny manager makes him feel. Sparks fly, drama occurs. There’s no question that the two have chemistry – but does either one have what it takes to break down the walls between them? I loved the chemistry between Eve and Matt from the start. They have a meet-cute which borders on sexual harassment but somehow it just makes me adore the two of them together. Eve is the woman with a hard shell but soft interior and Matt is her opposite – he’s full of romance and gentlemanly gestures. And because of this they work so well together – both professionally and personally.  The secondary characters like Eve’s family and Matt’s uncle Bob which make the novel that much more entertaining – I loved the antics and misunderstandings. They really showed where the characters had come from and how much they have to overcome to be together.  This is a fun read that plays out much like a romantic comedy movie – it’s cute and romantic with plenty of laughs from cover to cover. 
Whitnage More than 1 year ago
Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg is the story of project manager Eve Doucette who thought she had finally broken into the boy's club that is the construction business. That is until she has the rug pulled out from under her by internationally renowned architect Matt Brison. Throw in an unstable ex-husband and you've got a great read.  All too often characters come off a little flat or one dimensional, but not so in the case of Eve! From the first chapter she leaps off the page with her spunkiness and fiercely guarded vulnerabilities. Desire by Design is a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good romance read.  Note: I received my e-book copy from Entangled with the promise for an honest review.
Ebook-Chick More than 1 year ago
Eve Doucette has worked hard to get where she is. She's the project manager for the new City Hall in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and being a skilled draftsman, she's drawn up a preliminary set of blueprints for the new building. But Bob Anderson, the city mayor, megalomaniac, and master manipulator gives the job of designer to his architect nephew Matt Brison. Matt and Eve's first meeting is hilarious, and Matt's ego is slightly bruised when Eve fails to be impressed by his rock-star status in the design world. While she is secretly impressed by his talent, she's not a fan of his too-modern designs that have no place among the city's historical buildings. There's an instant attraction between Matt and Eve, but because of a disastrous marriage five years earlier, Eve does her best to ignore her feelings. She has no time for men or relationships, preferring to put all of her energies into her career. She's of the opinion that men hide their true selves behind charming facades that quickly crumble once they're comfortable in a relationship. And Eve is far from Matt's ideal woman, he prefers someone who`d look good in an evening gown, a piece of arm candy he can show off at dinners and events. When Eve's past comes back to bite her on the behind, Matt gives himself the job of protector, something Eve doesn't think she needs. Having three older brothers, who used her as shark bait when she was a child, Eve feels she can look after herself, but when events take a sinister turn, she reluctantly admits that perhaps a little looking after wouldn't hurt. The romance and intimacy build slowly with lots of lovely tension, and this gives Matt and Eve the chance to get to know each another warts and all. Overall, a funny read with a happy-ever-after that will warm your heart. (There are so many potential spin-offs featuring the Doucette family, *coughs* Royal Canadian Mounted Police.)
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
I give Paula Altenburg's Desire By Desgin 4 stars! Eve has a tenacity that wins her friends, enemies, and admirers all at the same time while Matt is cool, calm, and confident. These two butt heads on the design for the new city hall building, with seemingly no hope of agreeing on anything. After Matt discovers that Eve is in trouble, but too stubborn and independent to let anyone know, he invites himself into her life, slowly breaking down the walls around her heart and his.  I truly enjoyed the relationship Eve and Matt share. It isn't everyday that the heroine of the story is the one that needs convincing. Eve shows strength and compassion and fighting for what she believes in which gets especially hard working in an "all mans world". Matt shows curiosity and protection for a woman, for once in his life. And it just happens to probably be the one woman who doesn't need it or want it. Too bad both of them are getting exactly what they need, but never want to admit to. *I received an ARC for my honest review and this is my honest to goodness, straight from the heart review!*
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
Eve is a draftsman and has worked her way up to project manager for Sullivan Construction.  Their big project is the new City Hall, and Eve has done the preliminary design for it.  She is proud of her work and takes it seriously.  When Matt, the mayor's nephew and renowned architect shows up, having been convinced by his uncle to design the building, Eve is thrown for a loop!  Eve is stubborn, says what she feels, and does not feel good about having been pushed aside!  Eve feels something stirring when she first meets Matt, despite her attempts not to.  "She tried not to notice how her breath quickened when his arm brushed against her shoulder."    Matt also feels a pull towards Eve...a petite spitfire who knows what she wants (and doesn't want!), finds the humor in situations, and totally intrigues Matt.  Matt and Eve are a perfect example of opposites attracting!  Eve is not at all they type of woman Matt pictures himself settling down with.  Eve is suspicious of men, untrusting since her brief, painful marriage, she doesn't open up with many people, including her family.  But when Matt ends up working with and being Eve's room mate, can they resist each other?   Matt's not sure he wants to resist her!    Soon Eve's past starts to sneak up on her, and Matt knows more about her than she wants him to.  Matt finds himself falling deeper and deeper for Eve, and wants to protect her.  No matter what she does to try and push him away, he sticks with her.  Eve is still very cautious about a future with Matt...what will it mean for her?  For her work?  The more Eve is with Matt, the more she wants to be with him.  "Something was happening to her already, although she wasn't sure she wanted to identify it.  Identifying it would mean having to think about the future.  And Eve wasn't ready for that."   Is a future with Matt something Eve wants to take a chance on?   Will she see that he is nothing like her ex-husband and worth the chance?  As Matt gets to know Eve better, the more he wants to be with her.  "That she looked like a siren in the moonlight, luring him onto the rocks toward certain destruction.  But oh, baby, what a way to go."   I loved Desire by Design!  Paula gives us a smoothly written, intriguing, fast paced romance with Matt and Eve!  I loved all the humor in this, I laughed a lot, it was so funny at times!  The humor fit right in with the story line and the characters perfectly.  Matt and Eve's personalities really fed off each other, I really liked both of these characters.  Even with her issues, Eve was fairly open with Matt, she didn't feel the need to hide everything until something blew up in her face.  Matt and Eve as well as the story line were realistic.  I felt like they were people I could hang out with!   The only thing I'd have liked to have in Desire by Design that I felt was missing was a bit more about Eve's family...I wasn't really clear why she wanted to distance herself so much from them.  Some of what she was going through made it understandable that she'd pulled away from them a bit, but it seemed like there must have been more going on than we knew for her to feel that way so strongly.   Overall I alsolutely loved Desire by Design and would recommend it for anyone looking for a romance that also makes you laugh (alot!) and is sensual, but more behind the scenes than right in your face.   ARC for honest review provided by Entangled Publishing.  Many thanks!!!    
Genevieve_Graham More than 1 year ago
I'll admit, I've been caught up in a few years of Historical Fiction and Historical Romance lately, so I really wasn't sure what to expect when I received this advanced copy from Entangled. Well .. what a lot of fun! I adored Ms Altenburg's characters, loved the way they evolved, and her HEA was exactly right. I laughed, I yelled at my screen, I melted when he touched her just so ... Finished it in a couple of nights, and when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it. :) I guess I'm old-fashioned, but I'd call this chicklit. And I love chicklit. I just haven't read much lately! I'm not into graphic sex scenes and this one was absolutely perfect that way. Just enough. More romance than sex, which is just how I like it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago