Desperate Betrayal

Desperate Betrayal

by Hildie Mcqueen




Cynden Frasier (Cyn) is a member of a group of immortal warriors, the Protectors, assigned to protect humans in Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of a major uprising in demon activity. When Cyn is approached by a beautiful woman in a dirty alley, he is intrigued by the fact that she can see him for what he is, a terrifying demon slayer, and still dares to approach him.

Emma Blake, a half-demon, has to convince Cyn to help rescue her sister from powerful demons. Terrified that the Protector will kill her if he realizes what she is, she still goes against every instinct and approaches Cyn for help. Despite knowing that she is leading them both into territory so wrought with treachery, neither of them may survive.

Can Cyn and Emma overcome betrayal, the ancient rules that prevent Protectors from taking a wife, unless she is his one true mate? And if they do, will it even matter?

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ISBN-13: 9781937254087
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Publication date: 09/10/2011
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

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Desperate Betrayal 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
Sometimes, the right book finds you at the right time. This was the case with Desparate Betrayal. I am not sure exactly what it was that originally drew me to this book, but the thing that made it special to me was the sense of family. This book is a "romance" novel, but the relationships between Emma and her sister and Cyn and his son were just as important as the developing relationship between Emma and Cyn. There were a few times in the book where I felt like I missed a first book in a series and started on book two, but I think that was because I wanted more info than the author wanted us to have at the time. I tend to be impatient like that. Here are some of the things I really liked about this book: * Seeing the relationship between Cyn and his Son just warmed my heart. I am not sure if it was the situation that led to him becoming his father or the way they communicated that touched me, but to me it was one of the highlights of the book. * Emma's relationship to her sister, while not the kind of relationship we strive for was one that seemed real. We really understood Emma's motivations throughout the book because of this relationship. It could have easily fallen into a chiched (yes, I tried to change the part of speech of cliche) mess, but Hildie did a great job making the relationship relatable and authentic. * The lore of the protectors combined things I was familiar with, but added new elements, making it a fun new world to explore. * It was a fun read! Yes, it is a simple as that. I liked it because it was fun and made me happy when I needed to read happy :). * Emma and Cyn really did seem to belong together even with the original set up of betrayal. It did not seemed forced to get the story where it needed to go. I really did enjoy this book and will definitely be reading more books from this series as they are published. The lore is fun and the way Hildie explores relationships really connected with me. This is not a book for the under 18 crowd. There is some violence and some descriptive scenes of adult fun. I am really looking forward to where the story goes from here!
Lusee More than 1 year ago
Desperate Betrayal is a winner! The story grabs hold and you can't put the book (or Kindle) down until you are finished. Emma is half demon and in desperate need of help. She turns to Cynden, a male Protector and killer of demons to save her sister. Cynden knows there is something 'different' about Emma, but he's not sure what it is. He only knows that he doesn't trust her. Emma needs to betray Cyn to save her sister. She tempts him with information about his missing friend, Roderick. However, what she doesn't see coming is the attraction she feels for her Protector. The setting takes place in Atlanta where dark, cold, back streets play host to a world where demons and guardians are constantly at war. You get a real feel for the city. (I know I'll never see Atlanta the same.) The sex is graphic, the prose extremely visible to those with an active imagination. McQueen balances the forces of good and evil and ropes you in with with action and suspense. I would recommend Desperate Betrayal to anyone in the mood for a solid paranormal romance.
AgnesJayne More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a too hot to handle novel that you can enjoy with a fine glass of wine, Desperate Betrayal is it. This book has the added bonus of an extremely well-crafted storyline that will keep you guessing until the end. Alternating between suspense, humor, and downright sexy, I cannot wait to read this book another time. Congratulations, Hildie, on an inspiring debut!
AveryOlive More than 1 year ago
I’ve stepped out of my regular realm of reads with Hildie McQueen’s Desperate Betrayal and I’m so glad I did. Normally I’m a Young Adult fan, and well, it’s been awhile since I’ve picked up anything other. I was pleasantly surprised with the depth these characters had. Mrs. McQueen got it perfect between the super hunky men, to the charming woman. Each page was filled with excellent prose, tension, romance, and action! This is a winner in my books and a recommended read for anyone.
Vanilla_Orchids More than 1 year ago
Action, Romance, Betrayal Rating 3.5 Emma Blake is part demon and in need of help from a Protector (killer of demons) in order to save her sister from the master demon, Gerard. Cynden Fraser is the Protector Emma asks for help from. But what she doesn't tell him is that one, she's half demon, and two, she's leading him into a trap. But it's either that or let her sister die, and she won't do that. Although initially Cyn refuses to help Emma, stating he doesn't do rescue missions, he eventually decides to help her. Cyn, an immortal warrior, has the ability to read minds but he can't read Emma's, at least not all of the time. He can tell she is more than simply human but he doesn't know exactly what she is and he doesn't trust her. He has a feeling that Emma is lying to him and that this rescue mission is nothing more than a trap. However, Cyn develops strong feelings for her. And Emma falls in love with him, which makes it that much harder to go through with her plans to betray him to save her sister. Let me just start out by saying that I found this story of demons and protectors interesting. Both the demons and the protectors have fangs and they both drink blood. The demons need the blood to survive, much like a vampire, but they are not vampires. But the protectors do not need the blood to survive and generally only drink blood from their life-mates. It's because the demons are feeding from humans, and more often that not killing them as a result, that the Protectors are after them. There was quite a bit of action scenes in this, as you might expect with Protectors fighting off demons. And, of course, there is the romance aspect of the book which I enjoyed. Also, something that I totally loved was that there is sort of a flashback scene going back about 300 years to Scotland, where Cyn and his brother Kieran were born, adding a Historical element to this modern day story. You learn a little about how the transformation into becoming a Protector manifests itself. Now although I did enjoy the story and would be happy to read more, after all, there are some things that have yet to be resolved by the end of this book, making way for the next installment, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed. Now I can't say too much, or it might spoil the story, but there were a couple of events that took place that I thought were resolved way too easily. Plus I did find a good number of mistakes in the book. The errors didn't ruin the reading of the story for me but I did find myself getting a bit frustrated once or twice. Perhaps if I were to read it a second time, that wouldn't be the case. Overall I liked Desperate Betrayal and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys books of this genre! ** I received a copy of Desperate Betrayal for review as part of the Knights of the Round Table group on Goodreads.**