Destination Life

Destination Life

by Sandra Rhodes


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Destination Life by Sandra Rhodes

Destination Life is your own unique journey to the life that you have always wanted and deserve to have. You are going to experience a life that is fulfilling, prosperous, and blessed. You will learn new ways of living that will free you of guilt, unhappiness, and failure. You are about to embark on a thrilling journey where positive changes in your life are going to happen. You have been blessed with so much and you are about to have even more as you begin to realize the power you have flowing through you and how to use it effectively.

Destination Life is the road map of your journey.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440170584
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2009
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Sandra Rhodes has worked in the field of helping individuals for over twenty-nine years. With a degree in Human Services, she has worked in the field of mental health, forensic mental health, and with developmentally disabled adults and children. Sandra is a professional in the field of helping individuals achieve true happiness and success. Sandra lives in Menifee, California, and is the mother of six children. Her hobbies include her family, hiking, and off road jeeping.

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Destination Life

Journey to a Life of Prosperity, Fulfillment, and Abundant Blessings
By Sandra Rhodes

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2009 Sandra Rhodes
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4401-7058-4

Chapter One

Tools Of Success: The Beginning

* * *

The very soul of Destination Life is learning to understand and use the power of faith, patience, and perseverance. The power of this trio will penetrate, transform, and move your life toward your dreams and goals. This unbendable foundation will become your strength and shield, as you empower yourself with a force you may have never thought possible.

As you begin to apply faith, patience, and perseverance to your life, you will not only see changes, but you will live these changes. You are going to change how you look at life, and in doing so, your life is going to change. So, let's delve right into the transforming powers of Destination Life.

Your life is overwhelming. Imagine this scenario. You've had a lousy day at work. You crawl home through bumper-to-bumper traffic. When you arrive home your house is in a shambles. You'd think that since you get home every single day, at exactly the same time that the house would be clean; but no, the house is torn up. The kids are screaming at each other. The babysitter left (hours ago.) You forgot she told you she had to pick her nephew up at the airport. At any rate, thekids are home alone. The dog pound left a leash law notice at your door informing you that your beloved pet (the one you had before the kids) is at the pound. The laundry is stacked to the ceiling, even though you just did five loads the day before. You forgot to thaw something out for dinner, and tonight they really want to eat something healthy and not their usual diet of cereal and pizza. The microwave just saw its last frozen burrito. Your ex just called to inform you that he knows the kid's were home alone and he doesn't approve. Baths and homework loom in the very near future and quite frankly you just don't give a damn. Overwhelming? I think so. Sadly, this scenario is a simple one compared to thousands of others.

This is an example of one of the many times you will rely on your faith, patience, and perseverance. So, let's see how this trio can work for you. First, you'll blow it (and it will be well deserved, even if no one else thinks so.) Next, you'll say hateful things that will leave you feeling guilty for weeks (and I guarantee you that they won't forget the exact words you used.) Last, you'll slip into a deep and lonely black hole of depression (but no one will notice.) After you take these progressive and predictable steps, you'll return to the problem. The scenario doesn't matter, ultimately, you'll come back to the problem, which isn't the house, or the kids, or your ex-spouse. The problem is your unique situation and what you are going to do about it.

Stop! RIGHT NOW, and focus on the situation you're in. Become aware of the strength that is flowing through you. The key words here are, stop and focus. Not on the house, or the dog, or the kids screaming in the background. Go somewhere where you can focus. Slip into the bathtub, sit in your car, lock yourself in your room, or just sit down in the middle of the chaos (some people think better when it's noisy and chaotic.)

When you get to where you want to be and are comfortable, whisper these words: "faith, patience, perseverance, faith, patience, perseverance." Become aware of how much faith, patience, and perseverance are already a part of your life. Know that these three tools have the power to transform your life as you learn to use them and allow their power to work its magic. I promise that before you finish reading this book, these principles will be woven into the very fabric of your soul.

There are three working components to the principles of faith, patience, and perseverance. They are: do it, deal with it, and this to will pass. Sound too easy? It is easy, so there will be no excuses for you not to succeed. Living the life you were meant to live, completely happy and fulfilled, is a full time job. Your only limit on this perfectly fulfilled life is time. The short time you have in this life should motivate you into achieving and living your dreams; meaning, RIGHT NOW! You have no time to waste in this life, there is just too much to do, and see, and become.

Let's begin by looking at these six power tools and learn how they work together to make you a whole and self-fulfilled person. It is very important that you feel special and fulfilled as a person. You've heard the cliché: there is only one you in this world. Well, I'm going to take that cliché a little further and tell you that not only are you the only you in this world, but you are filled with power. This power can take you anywhere you want to go and allow you to be anyone or anything you want to be. At the very least it will allow you to accept your limitations, what ever they may be, and allow you to live happily within those limits.

Unhappiness and failure are not a part of your journey, no matter what your situation. You are going to learn how you can start applying the laws of faith, patience, and perseverance to your life right now. Starting this minute, you are going to take control of your life and of your emotions. You are going to be the captain of your ship! Isn't it exciting to know that you are about to embark on a journey where you and those you love and care about will all come out winners? There are no other options; you are a winner, you are blessed, you are filled with power. This is your journey, enjoy it.

Chapter Two

Faith: The Power

* * *

What exactly is faith? Faith believes the unbelievable without having to see, smell, touch, or feel it. You are never alone with faith. Faith replaces worry. Faith is making a choice, then waiting for the results and the consequences of that choice; then molding the outcome into something positive for you. Faith is never being sorry for the outcome of your choices.

When things are going wrong it is likely that you are not doing what you should have been doing in the first place. In other words, bad things force you to reevaluate your situation. When things are going good, leave it alone. Faith gives you the freedom and the desire to evaluate your life for possible change.

Worry produces no results. Faith is your friend, counselor, parent, and companion. There are no wrong choices with faith, only wrong turns that can be quickly changed, without the burden of guilt. When faith becomes a part of your life, fear and worry become obsolete.

Faith will not make you super human, only super alert. You will rely on someone or something greater than yourself, no matter what that force may be for you. Not a day passes that I don't ask for the faith to have faith. Who do I ask? I ask whatever power I want to ask, be it nature, the air, or God. Simply stated; faith is the acceptance of all choices you make, and going with the flow of your life. Faith is not questioning life, but living life to the fullest. Faith is forging past the painful times and learning to accept that even turbulent times have a place in your life. How you react to life's challenges is what is important. Imagine all the extra time you are going to have after tossing those useless energy zappers worry, guilt, and fear out of your life.

It takes time for real faith to become a part of your life. You'll know when you have achieved true faith; you'll feel it. Compare faith to living at home with your parents. At home you are a member of a team (the family.) You tell your parents what you want and then your parents make the final choices. You accept the choices they make and know everything will work out for the best, because you trust them. Faith is your parents making the final choices for you. Go with it and trust in your faith. There will be times when you aren't sure what you want, but things always somehow work out; this is faith in action. Wait for the final result, sometimes it comes as a surprise. You've met people who shrug and say, "I don't know how it happened." Or others who say, "If this didn't happen I wouldn't be here now." This, my friend, is faith in action. Faith does not wait, faith happens.

Let me tell you a story I heard a long time ago and it really is the essence of faith: There was once a great storm and a man moved up to the second floor to stay dry. A boat came past and the man on the boat called to the man, "come into my boat and I will save you."

"No," the man replied. "I have faith, God will save me," The storm grew worse and the water rose higher. Another boat approached.

"Jump into my boat, I will save you."

"No," the man replied, "I have faith, God will save me," and he moved further up to the roof.

A third boat came past. "Quickly, jump, I will save you," the third man called.

"No," the man replied, trusting in his faith.

Then the man found himself in heaven standing before God. "What happened?" he asked. "I had faith, I trusted in you, what happened?"

God looked sadly at the man and replied. "I sent help three times, my son.

Faith is going with the flow and accepting help when it is sent to you. You must open yourself and know when help has arrived. Keep your faith. Help sometimes comes in surprising ways. What you need isn't always going to be something you are familiar with. Your needs and prayers are answered in many different ways. It is your job to open your eyes to all of the possibilities that may be answers you are seeking. Open your mind and be aware that what you are looking for won't come in just black and white; there are going to be vast shades of gray.

Mastering the art of faith isn't easy. No matter how uncomfortable or unhappy worry makes us, most of us thrive on it. Worry is a very important part of our lives, but it doesn't have to be. Now is the time to release your stress, worry, and fear, and replace it with faith.

Money problems, kids running wild, relationship issues, Housing, family, loss, loneliness, these are all issues that are covered under faith. No matter how bad your situation may be, faith has the power to propel you forward. And ultimately, that's what it's all about, moving forward.

You are not superhuman. Give faith time to grow and become a part of you. You are going to use the principles of patience and perseverance to build on your faith. Remember faith, patience, and perseverance are a trio.

To begin, you must learn new ways of thinking, and you will. You must learn new ways of planning and living your life. Most important, you must learn new ways of feeling, especially when you blow it, and you will. It isn't going to be long before faith becomes a part of your life and you feel the difference.

Your life is cluttered with thousands of responsibilities. Thank God, you have the opportunity to eliminate the wasteful acts of stress, worry, and fear, and begin to live your life in faith.

Chapter Three

Perseverance: The Strength

* * *

Keep achieving, keep moving, and keep believing. Your eyes and heart must always face in the direction you want your life to move. Keep in mind that the direction you want your life to be facing today may change tomorrow, for what ever reason, and that's okay. It's okay to put your goals on hold, but it's not okay to throw them away. Holding on to your goals and dreams no matter where they seem to be going (or not going) is the essence of perseverance.

"Throw away my goals," you say, "why would I do that?" There are hundreds of reasons and excuses why people forget about their goals or just toss them out the window. Maybe you've had a tragedy in the family. Maybe financially you're barely making it or you've suffered a major set back such as a job loss. These are the times when your faith will be tested, when you will discover how faith and perseverance work together to benefit you.

To truly understand perseverance you have to have faith. Faith opens your mind to the knowledge and belief that everything has a purpose and that purpose is working in your life, even in the worst of times.

No matter what you chose to do in this life there will be obstacles. There will be excuses for failure, reasons for why you can't achieve your goals, and arguments for staying safely on the bottom.

Let's pretend that one of your dreams is to return to school; maybe you have always wanted to get a degree in law. Let's explore some reasons why that could never be a possibility for you. You're too old, you can't afford a babysitter, you're too tired after a long day at work, you don't spend enough time with the family, or you're just too busy. Okay, okay, these are all good and valid reasons, if you allow them to be.

Now here's where your faith kicks in. Start by talking to a more powerful source. This source could be a moment of prayer, a moment of silence, or just time to allow your mind to clear itself of clutter. What ever that higher source is for you, let it kick in and take over your thoughts for a moment. Give yourself a good, long, and introspective pep talk. Explore all of the reasons why you can't go back to school, then tell yourself why you can go back to school. For the next few days let these thoughts gently flow through your mind; not consuming your thoughts every minute, but gently flowing like a soft wind blowing over a lake, until magically, before you realize it, a plan will materialize and as always things will fall into place.

Of course there will be steps you will have to take; faith and goals must have action to propel them. While you are waiting for a final answer to materialize, and while you are waiting for your goals to take shape, you can begin to take tiny baby steps. Maybe you could sign up for one class a week. This may seem like a waste of time, but you are moving toward your goal. Nothing is ever lost if you are even one step closer to where you want to be.

Never stop believing in and working toward your goals and dreams. Goals and dreams are the substance of your life. Life is fun, exciting, challenging, and mysterious. Take everything you are entitled to from it. Think of life as a season pass; some people pay for season passes and never use them, while others get every penny out of them. You must persevere! Don't allow that season pass to just sit, USE IT!

The fabric of your life is your dreams and goals. Maybe you want to conquer a drug or alcohol problem, begin a new career, travel, or just boost your income. There is no such thing as a silly or useless dream or goal. There is no goal that is a waste of time. You will have and achieve many goals and dreams in your life. Some goals and dreams come to you in ways you would never expect, materializing from seemingly nowhere. Open your mind to all you have already achieved and to everything that has already fallen into your life.

Goals and dreams all serve a purpose in life. All of our successful goals and dreams, and all the ones we continue to strive toward, all have a place in our lives and make up who we are. Goals and dreams tell our story. The best part of goals and dreams is planning and anticipating just like you did as a child during the Christmas season. Everything is within your grasp; half the fun is getting there. Goals, dreams, and the fulfillment of them become your story. Never stop wanting, planning, and achieving.

Faith is your guide; have faith and persevere. All that you are dreaming of and working toward will come. Keep your eyes and mind open, the end results of your dreams and labors may not come in the form you envision. Don't walk away from what you worked to achieve because it didn't come in the form you expected.

To persevere is to hold in there no matter what, no matter how hard or hopeless things may seem or actually be. Every desire you have is around the corner. Want it? Go for it, have faith, and persevere. Every dream, when the season is right, will be harvested. Faith and perseverance go hand-in-hand; use them to your advantage. When you succeed, those around you reap the rewards, be it your spouse, your children, or your friends. Everyone wins when you persevere.

Chapter Four

Patience: The Test

* * *

Patience is the third of this powerful trio, but certainly not the least important. The word is self explanatory. If you have relied on your faith and you have persevered, then it only stands to reason you will now have to tap into your patience. All of your desires and needs will come. There is no set time when success will knock on your door, but it will. Don't be fooled when your dreams and goals come in a different form then you had planned; look for possibilities in every success story. Be patient. Remember, the harvest must be ripe.


Excerpted from Destination Life by Sandra Rhodes Copyright © 2009 by Sandra Rhodes. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Tools Of Success: The Beginning....................3
Chapter 2. Faith: The Power....................6
Chapter 3. Perseverance: The Strength....................9
Chapter 4. Patience: The Test....................12
Chapter 5. Do It: The Action....................14
Chapter 6. This Too Will Pass: The Reality....................16
Chapter 7. Deal With It: The Battle....................18
Chapter 8. Climbing Mountains....................23
Chapter 9. Help, My Life Is Out Of Control....................26
Chapter 10. I Don't Like Myself....................31
Chapter 11. Finding Me....................36
Chapter 12. Alienation And Loneliness....................39
Chapter 13. When Everything Goes Wrong....................46
Chapter 14. It's Too Much, I Can't Take It....................52
Chapter 15. Changing Lanes In Life....................56
Chapter 16. Spiritual Growth....................62
Chapter 17. Our Children....................73
Chapter 18. Life Situations....................77
Chapter 19. Appreciation Of Life And Family....................82
Chapter 20. Communication....................86
Chapter 21. Significant Others....................90
Chapter 22. Finances....................103
Chapter 23. Money, And What It Means To Me....................107
Chapter 24. Money, Faith, And Me....................110
Chapter 25. Respect And Appreciation....................115
Chapter 26. Demands And Sacrifices....................117
Chapter 27. Success....................120
Chapter 28. Make ItHappen....................124
Chapter 29. Getting Things Done....................126
Chapter 30. Where Am I Going....................129
Chapter 31. Wisdom....................133
Chapter 32. Blessings....................141
Chapter 33. You Are Important....................144
Chapter 34. Final Thoughts, But Not The End....................146

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