Destination Self: Navigated for You with Love from My Spirit Guides

Destination Self: Navigated for You with Love from My Spirit Guides

by Monica Teurlings


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ISBN-13: 9781982200732
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/06/2018
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

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Who We Are

* * *

We are oneness. We are us, and we are you. We are a bit of all that is here, and you are as well.

* * *

Before we go any further, we want you to understand who we are. For you to truly understand this book and the purpose behind this passion project, we want very much for you to know us. We are energy, first and foremost. We are within all things, and, yes, this means things that are around you. We are individuals and also a collective group. We choose at any time how we like to step forward. We are here, for the purpose of this book, as a collective group. We are here to share with you wonderful ways of being you! We are teachers. We are helpers.

We are here to help you connect with your innate wants, wishes, and desires. We are here to come together and be of service to you and to help you along on your life journey. It is our absolute wish to have all of you find happiness, joy, and purpose. This means different things to different individuals, yet we know that the words we express here will help you in the exact way you need. We are guides; yes, this is true. We have been here with Monica for her entire life. It has been our desire to have this time together, to be a part of this project, and to be of help and guidance to those who seek it. We are a oneness. We are us, and we are you. We are a bit of all that is here, and you are as well.

We come to you with great love. It is our intention to add to your life a new way of seeing yourself — the correct way of seeing yourself. The only way of seeing yourself. This way is with absolute love. So we come forward now at this time because it is the right time. The desire and need are supercharged. When the desire and need create this level of energy, it is our wanting to direct this energy and have it flow toward and through you to achieve an open and receptive state of love. For yourself, yes, but also for others.

When we are together — we meaning this group writing these words for you — we want you to understand and feel that the power of such a collective group, with such a desire to serve you and your potential, brings forth incredible possibilities. This power sits within you as well. We are here to be of value to you, to help you be all you can and to do all you are meant to do. To find your purpose, your heart's greatest desire.

We are Edgar, and we love you.

We want you to soar through life with confidence and know that your wings are strong and that you can be all you wish to be. This is different for each of you, and we understand that not all have the same needs and desires. (How dull that would be!) We do know, however, that each of you can benefit from the teachings we wish to share. They can help you experience this life with incredible joy.

We are many here, and we give you our name as singular for it is just easier this way. Know that we are a group that wants to share ways that we see from our place that can and will be of benefit to you. For as you apply the things we speak of, you will feel lighter and more joyful. When you can connect with your true self, this is how you will feel.

We are excited for this process and for this time and place — this now — to be able to bring forward our knowledge and our absolute love for you.

So let us begin.


Who You Are

* * *

The light within you is you. It is all you really are. Tap into the light.

* * *

To know that you are here now, reading these words and turning each page, is to know you are ready and desire this information. It's possible you have felt stuck or uncertain of yourself. We understand that you have been searching for something, for a sign that says, "Go this way!" We want you to know that you are correct in looking for the signs. They are there. Each and every day, these signs are presenting themselves to you from your soul — from your true self, your best and highest self. You see, it knows you. Yes, it is true. It knows you very well, better than you know yourself at this moment and those that came before. To look for the signs is not wrong. It is, in fact, quite right. You have a system within you — a very strong, smart system — that runs you. It runs you like a powerful engine should. Each day, your soul is speaking to you. Each day, your soul is crying out for you to listen. Each day, your soul is wanting to make your life beautiful, to make your life full and filled with joy. To know your soul is the most important step toward all you wish to be.

We ask you, "Do you even know what it is that you want?" There are days you may sit and ponder this question, days you maybe even feel you know. Yet, are you happy? Are you experiencing the things that create the life, the joy, and the love that you wish to have? Do you understand yourself?

We are here to share with you beautiful ways to discover yourself. To create the life you want, to have the experiences you want, and to enjoy a life you really want, you must know what you want. You must feel what you want. You must see the signs that draw you toward and onto the path that brings you what you want. What happens, however, is doubt: the unsure feeling of not understanding yourself. Not knowing yourself. The true you. The deeper you. The all-knowing you. The beautiful you.

Your soul knows. It knows with absolute certainty what you love, what you enjoy, and what brings you happiness and fulfillment. It knows your path. It knows your future and your purpose. It knows it all. It is not something you must make or create. It is already there for you. Your deepest, truest heart's desire is already within you. It is your soul. Trust it.

It is there. Why are you not seeing it? Why are you not feeling it, enjoying it? That light from within that is so bright that it shines outward to the world to touch not only you but your family, your friends, your coworkers, and your community. That light sits inside you. The light within you is you. It is all that you really are. Tap into that light. It is filled with those feelings you desire to have each and every day. It is happiness, joy, and love made to manifest. That light holds everything you are, including all your talents, desires, hopes, and dreams. It holds you at your fullest, and it contains your personal map to get you everywhere you are meant to go and to be.

This light tries each day to give you signs to point you in the right direction to all you really want. That light is never wrong, off, or in error. It holds all your abilities and knows where they should be directed. It knows your possibilities, and we promise there are many. Get to know yourself. It is the absolute best relationship you can ever have.

So many of you spend so much time trying to get to know new friends and pursuing new romantic relationships, but do you put the same effort in knowing yourself? Allow yourself to know yourself. You will love yourself once you feel everything you really are. It is a love so big and so deep. Love yourself first.

Once you develop this relationship, it will not disappoint, for from this place of knowing who you are and all that you can do and be, magic unfolds. The beauty, the light, can be seen and can shine as it is meant to. So begin by looking within. Allow us to help you meet yourself. Allow us to introduce you to your soul.

Exercise: The Starting Point

It is not a coincidence that you are reading this book at this time. This book was put in your path by your need and desire for change and as one of those signs we just talked about. The questions for you are: What brought you here? What made you decide to pick up this book and start reading it at this particular time?

Spend some time reflecting on:

• Who you are

• What you are about

• What is important to you

• Where you think your life is going

• How you feel

• What you would like to do differently

• How all this led to this very moment

Write this down so that you can later see what your starting point was for this incredible journey ahead.


Know Where You Are Headed

* * *

You must begin to know how you want to be changed by the experiences you will have.

* * *

Here you are. You are ready to go. The car is fueled, and the luggage is packed. You sit in the car, ready to go toward all that can be, but where are you going? What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it mean to you? Is this a trip you have always wanted to take? Are you going for good weather? Are you going for the culture? The food? The people? One must know a bit about where one wants to go in order to put foot to pedal and actually go.

When you plan a vacation, you know what you want from that vacation. You know that you want relaxation or culture or beautiful, peaceful scenery or good weather or adventure. You have an itinerary. You know exactly what you want to experience. We say it is the same here and now. Treat this journey to self the same as you would when planning a vacation. Just allowing yourself to begin to think and feel about where you want to go will give you the biggest clues to your destination.

Now, you can and will come across parts of the journey that feel uninteresting, perhaps like miles of desert that have nothing to see for hours but cactus. There's nothing to draw your attention, nothing to focus on, and you might find yourself feeling a bit dull for this piece of the ride. It can be that you are discovering the lack of passion within yourself during this part of the trip. It can also be that weather conditions can surface that are unexpected and catch you unprepared, such as a rainstorm, snowstorm, or windstorm. There can be parts of this journey where you become emotional or vulnerable, and there could be tears as you begin driving through these parts of the trip.

But sometimes the view of this road will be absolutely magnificent, the stops along the way filled with excitement. And in these moments, you can sit back and enjoy the challenges that brought you here.

You must begin to know how you want to be changed by the experiences you will have. That is where you must begin. Get in the car, have a place in mind, and turn on the motor and start driving.

Exercise: The Destination

Think about times in your life when you felt connected, blissful, safe, at peace. Think about how things worked out for you. Think about how your relationships worked well and how life unfolded for you with much greater ease. What made you happy? What things moved you, inspired you, uplifted you?

Write down every positive thing you can think of when you remember these moments — every aspect, no matter how insignificant they seem. If it made you feel good, it was not insignificant!



* * *

The word is a word only until one puts the essence of one's desires into it.

* * *

Now you are on your way. You have left the driveway and have entered the highway. As you move along, there is something we wish to discuss: intentions. We say this and know many of you have heard of this word before. What does it mean to you?

Intentions are a powerful force. They are your direct communication to all the power that sits within the universe. A word is a word only until you put the essence of your desire into it. Then it becomes something much more. Any new project, any new process, and any new focus should be built on a solid structure of intentions. To improve in a certain area, one must put power toward it. One must be able to feed that desire. Setting intentions is a way to do this.

So, how do you set an intention that will be the correct structure for building upon? Look into your heart. Quite simply, ask. Put your desires and hopes out there. This is not praying or dreaming. There is a system for intention, a way it is meant to be created and used, a way it should look and feel.

Remember what we said about finding your joy? You're going to need it here! You must find your heart's truest desire, your purest joy, in order to find your calling. And this is where your passion comes into play — a deep wanting of the work. Each day, you must set your intentions of what you wish to do, make, have, build, or experience.

But intention isn't enough. One must also have the passion and put the energy toward, the intention. Intention + passion = creation. It cannot happen any other way. It is only through the correct application of this formula that you will really begin to create your destination.

Your intention is the solid structure upon which you can build your dream and make it a reality. To have something you want, you must feel into what you want. Start each day by pulling forward the power that is there for you.

Do not just say what you want; you must also feel what you want. The feeling is what draws to you the power to help you achieve your goals. You have incredible support around you. Begin to reach for it. Setting intentions allows you to begin tapping into the enormous support system that sits around, waiting for you to request its help. It is there. Make no mistake of it. It is loving you and wanting to support you.

We say this is the first piece to having all you desire. It is to cry out to your soul for what you want most from the deepest of your heart. Intentions reside within the heart. Your passion will fuel their manifestations.

Exercise: Intend!

Find a quiet, safe space — one that is welcoming, where no focus needs to be given to anything but the work you're about to do.

Now, sit quietly each day for a few minutes in this space and take some breaths in and out. Then drop your mind toward your heart (imagine this). And then from that heart space, set out your intentions. You can say your intentions out loud or in your mind; it makes no difference at all. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Put as much feeling as possible into your intentions. How will their manifestation feel to you? What will it mean to you? How will it move you? Is it a feeling of love, happiness, peace, joy? Dwell on that feeling. Sit with that feeling and allow it to move you from inside.

This is a start of giving to yourself. This also allows you to be present with yourself, your soul, your heart. Enjoy the feeling, the exercise, and the start toward creating that power within and around you.

Begin now.



* * *

Gratitude is not hard to feel if you open your heart.

* * *

There are several very important structures that are key to having happiness, finding one's true self, and having the life that one desires and deserves. These structures are important for building on the foundation of oneself. To be strong and solid within, one must also be willing to look outside of oneself.

There is another very important word, and it has been spoken of by many, but it is a word we feel few have a true understanding of. This word is gratitude. We say the word here, and as we say it, we wish you to feel this word and think what it means to you. How does it fit in your life? Is it in your life? Do you call upon it on any given day? Do you understand the feeling within this word?

As we say it now, we feel immense love toward you, for we are so grateful you are taking the time to read this book and truly think and feel the words we express for you here. We are grateful, yes.

The word gratitude is a word of love. It is love. It is a very high vibration word. And when you apply it to your life, miracles happen, doors open, opportunities present themselves, Mr. or Mrs. Right walks into your life, a career enhances, and pregnancies can happen when you have wished for a baby.

Gratitude is you lining yourself up with the power of love. Did you ever hear this word and understand that its meaning was love? We wish you to begin feeling and connecting with this word, gratitude. We say it is so easy to do, and yet so many do not do it. So much of people's days are spent in the "without" mind set. The "I don't have enough" mindset, the "I wish I had this" or "I wish I could go there" mindset. We wish to explain to you that you cannot get to any of those places with that mindset. We are sorry, but it cannot be. To be, do, and have all your heart wants, you must start from already seeing what you have. Be grateful for the things that have gone right, for the opportunities that did work out, for the places you have been.

You see, it is not possible to go from a feeling of lack to a feeling of fulfillment with a mindset that is empty of gratitude. So, what does the word really mean? Gratitude, as we said, is love. And love is the most powerful word in existence. When applied correctly, it can transform lives. So, understand that gratitude must be in your structure of becoming everything you want and have and do. The energy of gratitude must be within your personal energy, and it is like a rocket. It is so fast and so powerful that it can take you anywhere, no matter how far it may feel for you in the moment. It is there and available for you to work with. In fact, it is waiting to be acknowledged. It is waiting to be understood and used correctly so it can take off toward all you wish. Without it, you will be far slower to arrive at your destination.


Excerpted from "Destination Self"
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Table of Contents

Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, xxi,
Introduction, xxv,
Chapter 1 Who We Are, 1,
Chapter 2 Who You Are, 5,
Chapter 3 Know Where You Are Headed, 10,
Chapter 4 Intentions, 14,
Chapter 5 Gratitude, 18,
Chapter 6 Meditation, 25,
Chapter 7 Thoughts and Energy, 35,
Chapter 8 Words, 42,
Chapter 9 Happiness, 48,
Chapter 10 Be a Seeker, 54,
Chapter 11 Discipline, 62,
Chapter 12 Finding Your Purpose, 67,
Chapter 13 The Soul, 74,
Chapter 14 Love Yourself, 79,
Chapter 15 Arriving, 84,

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