Destiny (The Destiny Series, Book One)

Destiny (The Destiny Series, Book One)

by Deborah Ann

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Danielle Kennedy is not one to believe in fairy tale love or destiny holding a plan for the future, nor does she believe in mythical legends, vampires, or spirits...

At sixteen, athletic, honor student Danielle has her life planned out: study hard, play soccer even harder, and slide through high school under the radar. It was a good plan, a solid plan, one that's worked so far; until Cayden Bridwell--the longtime shy and brainy classmate she has ignored--rides in on his motorcycle and obliterates her plans. Now, life as Danielle knows it, will never be the same.

Wealthy Cayden--only recently coming into his own and learning the shocking truth, that as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, he is the chosen one, gifted with powers--has shyly stood back and watched unassuming and unsuspecting Danielle, grow into the beautiful girl she is, knowing all along of their destiny to be together, and waiting for the time to be right. After his rapid growth spurt and realizing his full powers and strength, that time is now! Cayden is intent on winning her heart.

But the euphoria of their intoxicating attraction is soon shadowed by despair; neither are prepared for the danger that will ensue, the lives that will be at risk, or the secrets they will be forced to keep, when they discover that destiny's gifts come with a curse, opening their world to nightmares that become reality and mythical legends that become real, with immortal beings seeking to sway Cayden to the dark side to steal his eternal soul and powers--including Danielle, as his destined soul mate...

Destiny is a sweet and intoxicating fairy tale romance with a paranormal twist, and the first book in the Destiny series, which is set in Redding, California. You'll fall in love with Danielle and Cayden, as they discover the power and passion of an all-consuming first love, and fight to protect each other and the life they were destined for...

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BN ID: 2940015542981
Publisher: Destiny Publishing-Hester
Publication date: 09/30/2012
Series: The Destiny Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 516
File size: 519 KB

About the Author

Deborah Ann lives in Northern California with her husband and their two children,where she has enjoyed a long career in the Beauty Industry.

After years of reading with her children and passing on a love for books, Deborah was inspired to write the Destiny series. What started out in the beginning, as a celebration of a loving, young, innocent friendship and the affecting separation after a move, spun into a mythical journey of the loving binds of friendship, deep family ties, and an intoxicating fairy tale romance, with the power of love that knows no bounds.

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Destiny 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all this book was AMAZING! This book made it to my top five favorite books of all time. This book blew me away! Destiny has everything a paranormal romance reader could possibly want vampires, adorable true love, hilarious friends, action and a hot guy with magical powers that is actually sweet! This book starts with Danielle who is nervous about starting school now that her best friend, Trista, has moved. Luckily she still has her friend, Kirby, to help her out. I know what your thinking, love triangle NO evil! But stop I swear there isnt one. Then we meet Cayden who has transformed from the little nerdy boy to the hot guy all the girls are swooning over. I loved Cayden SO much! He was caring, sweet, protective and a little bossy but you have to be to deal with Danielle sometimes. Danielle was an awesome MC she was funny, loyal and very stubborn. She is definitely not one to let people take care of her, she can take care of herself. Which is refreshing after all the annoying MC's today. The relationship between Cayden and Danielle does happen pretty fast but they have known each other all their lives they just have never beem very close. In the beginning I was a little iffy about how Danielle only notices Cayden after he becomes hot but once you go into the story you realize Danielle is not vain. They have so many adorable moments that made me really connect with the characters. I think that's how you can tell a books good if you really feel for the characters. I even loved the secondary characters, Kirby and Adrian, they made me laugh and I thought it was adorable how they all stick together. Most of all I loved Caydens big crazy family, ESPECIALLY little Lily. I was like "AWE!" everytime she was in a scene! This book has everything true love, magical powers, vampires, friendship and family. I know some are thinking this is just going to be another vampire book but I SWEAR its not, give it a read cause it is COMPLETELY worth it! I have to worn you cause there is a cliff hanger that will make you want to throw something and cry... Have fun reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OK not sure where to begin on this one. Can't believe it has received such high ratings. I had to stop reading. First of all, Danielle is the most annoying character I have ever read. Who does and says the things she does??? ALL they do is kiss and it doesn't matter where or who they are with when they do. She acts very spoiled on top of that with absolutely no self control. It drove me crazy. The way they spoke to each other was just strange and awkward. Also, I think there was an exclamation point after almost every sentence. It was like they were yelling at each other the entire time. I really tried to finish this one. I do see potential with this author. But the heroine just blew it for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago