Destiny Solution Prayers

Destiny Solution Prayers

by Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels


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ISBN-13: 9781462047710
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/23/2011
Pages: 380
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Destiny Solution Prayers

Lord, Make Me Over
By Pauline Walley-Daniels

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-4771-0

Chapter One

Lord, Make Me Over

As a ruler of the Jews, he was a man of honor and great status. He was well respected and a hero among his people. He was wealthy and could afford anything that was within human strength. Yet, he was poor in spirit. He felt empty at heart. There was something missing in his life that money could not buy and humans could not satisfy. How could he fill up the emptiness in his life? He needed a makeover in the secret place of his heart in order to get connected with the Maker of his life.

This man was Nicodemus, the ruler who secretly visited the Lord Jesus Christ in the middle of the night when everyone was supposed to be asleep and no one would have spotted him. He probably sneaked out on his friends and neighbors and family members to seek a makeover for the hidden pain in the secret place of his entire life. Because of his openness and sincerity, he had an encounter that was recorded in the written word of God as his conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ indicated in John 3:1-5.

Spinsterhood to Marriage

At a point in time, I thought singleness was a freedom to bounce on the stage of life without hindrance or dictatorship from anyone, no matter what. For some reason, wrong dogmatism injected into biblical teachings influenced the thought of young ladies like me who had a strong desire and passion for the salvation of human souls. The desire to evangelize the world and reach out to perishing souls opened us up to wrong doctrines that were concocted out of individual principles and personal beliefs. Unfortunately, the reality of life would soon set in, and the indoctrination of human philosophies would soon hold one captive in the camp of loneliness. Although I traveled to different nations of the world as a single lady under no one's control, as there was no human to dictate or hinder me from when to go and when not to go where I felt led to go; however, there was a hollowness of loneliness in my life.

At one point in my life, I had become so spiritual that I did not feel or behave as a human being. I was always thinking of myself as being out of this world. I did not want to have anything to do with humans because I was afraid of contamination from the sinful world. I wanted to save the people in the world but did not want to have anything to do with anyone. How could I change the world around me without having any kind of connection with the people involved? I soon found out that that was unrealistic and that I was wrong. My mentality toward my spirituality and behavior was the result of loneliness in my life. When God created humankind, He made us male and female for relationships and companionship. All animals, birds, and beasts were created in twos for the sake of companionship. When God created man, He saw that it was not good for him to be alone (Genesis 2:18). God Himself was not alone. He is a triune God—Father, Son and the Holy Spirit—so why should I be alone and by myself? After all, He is the God of "Let us—" (Genesis 1:26).

A Cry for Makeover

Besides having interaction with people who attended the programs, I conveyed as the main speaker or guest speaker and ministered to or counseled with those who needed help. There was no one I could relate to as a trusted friend to share my joy and life with. There was no one to touch or hold. There was no one to share passion and affection with. I realized something was missing. There was an emptiness that needed to be filled. So I desired and cried out for a makeover. The depth of my cry focused on the need to be transformed from spinsterhood to a married life, because I could no longer deal with the pain of loneliness. As much as I enjoyed frequent and consistent conversation with the Lord, I realized that there was a difference between humans and God. God is a spirit, but humans are not. God is supernatural, and humans are natural. So I cried out to God to make me over so that I could relate to my fellow human beings, because I was not a spirit or an angelic being.

A Secret Desire

Irrespective of one's position or status in life, sometimes one comes across a situation that causes one to desire a need for makeover. People from all walks of life do face challenges that call for a makeover in their lives at one point in time. Both the great and small do cherish a desire for a makeover in one's lifetime. Likewise, the rich and poor have a hidden pain in the secret place of their lives. Unforeseen situations and unexpected circumstances drive humans into the secret places of wishes and desires that are beyond human comprehension.

• Whenever there is a struggle that resists progress, there is a cry for a makeover against stagnancy.

• Whenever there is a pain that resists healing, there is a cry for a makeover against impairment.

• Whenever there is a debt that resists cancellation, there is a cry for a makeover against imprisonment.

• Whenever there is a frustration that resists solution, there is a cry for a makeover against depression.

• Whenever there is a disagreement that resists human intervention, there is a cry for a makeover against separation.

• Whenever there is a war that resists governmental intervention, there is a cry for a makeover against destruction.

Hence, there is often a cry for a new beginning or a metaphorical change. However, the kind of effort required to effect desired changes in some of the above mentioned situations can only be achieved through supernatural intervention. Lord, make me over.

The Essence of Makeover

"Lord, make me over" is a prayer that expresses the need for a kind of change in a person's life. It is a desire that calls for regeneration in a person's existence. It is a cry for help where failure has a grip against a person's wishes. It is a call for divine intervention where there seems to be no hope.

"Lord, make me over" is a prayer of great expectation that seeks divine encounter with destiny. It is a realm where divine power executes a paradigm shift of events, whereby activities that are impossible in the natural realm are taken over and made possible through divine intervention. Thus, in the realm of makeovers, an impossible mission that has impeded a person's progress could suddenly receive unprecedented change, whereby an iron curtain splits open and the heaviness of darkness gives way to daylight.

The act of makeover is usually expected to create any of the following:

• An act of hatred is transformed into love. • An act of war is turned into peace.

• An act of enmity is translated into friendship.

• An act of failure is converted into success and victory.

• A state of rejection is turned into acceptance and comfort.

• A state of despondency is changed into anticipation and hopefulness.

• A state of lack is transformed into fruitfulness and abundance.

• A state of poverty is transformed into wealth and prosperity.

• A state of barrenness is transformed into fertility and productivity.

Secret Struggles

Many a times, people who occupy high positions and public offices struggle with character flaws that tend to mar their integrity at a point when the ovation is loud. It is pathetic when people of authority indulge in shameful acts that cause them to fall from grace to shame. While some try to seek help before the matter gets out of hand, some do not take heed of the red flag that waves a caution signal at them at the early stages of their weaknesses. It is wise to listen and plan a makeover before the curtain splits open to the cynosure of all eyes. "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean," and "a stitch in time saves nine."

Marital Destiny

Marriage is one of the platforms of destiny in human existence. Whenever the steps into a marital relationship a redisrupted, a person's endeavors could be badly affected. Wisdom and understanding is the stronghold of a stable relationship. Love that contains understanding, tolerance, and endurance has the ability to hold and strengthen a relationship for life. Where there is understanding, wisdom is allowed to rule the heart, and a makeover is allowed to uproot any kind of detriment that may interfere with a progressive relationship. Where there is lack of understanding, character flaws cannot be tolerated, and a thought of a makeover may be dismissed.

For instance, Jammy (real name withheld) had been in and out of relationships. Each relationship ended badly despite the fact that he tried to invest the best of his efforts into each of the relationships he had. He is a passionate and affectionate person but poor in temperament. It was difficult for him to control his temper when offended. Based on the lack of self-control, he lost every good relationship that he was involved in. One day, Jammy decided to search for help. In the process, he was introduced to one of my meetings in New York City. Like everyone else, Jammy walked in with an expectation of a miracle. Because I was operating in prophetic deliverance, I was inspired to move toward the place where Jammy was seated, and I said to him, "The season of failure is over. The Lord is giving you a new life and a new relationship."

After the service, Jammy was one of the many who lined up to see me. When it got to be his turn, he said, "I don't think you know me or have ever come into contact with me before now, but you've made my day. You are serving a great God. No one could have told you what was going on inside of me, but your God did." Yes, Jammy was tired of the old lifestyle and was seeking a new realm of life that would transform his secret behavior and attitude. Jammy made an appointment for a private counseling session.

The Process of Makeover

After a series of counseling and ministration, Jammy discovered one thing: He was an intelligent person with a bright future but was currently suffering from stagnancy where his relationship with the opposite sex was concerned, and this was hindering him from settling down for marriage. He needed a makeover in his character in order to possess his marital destiny.

There were a few steps that Jammy needed to take in order to be made over:

• He needed to examine himself.

• He needed to identify his character flaws.

• He needed to uproot his pride and ego.

• He needed to have self-control.

• He needed to tolerate other people's weaknesses.

• He needed to understand other people's challenges.

• He needed to appreciate other people's effort.

• He needed determination to achieve his goal.

• He needed motivation to propel himself against failure.

• He needed to position himself to step into the arena of change.

• No one could help him until he had decided to help himself.

• Other people's assistance would be useful only when he had set himself into motion.

By so doing, Jammy would be cooperating with himself to overcome the secret struggles in his life in order to experience an internal makeover that would pave the way to possession and occupation of his destiny. Hence, Jammy agreed with the recommended steps required to start the process of makeover. In a period of three months, Jammy was a changed person. He was able to overcome the demon of anger and the pride that had tormented his youthful ambitions. It did not cost him much to start a fresh lifestyle after the makeover. Soon, he was a happy man who took nothing personally, but rather endured and tolerated others, and what they did no longer mattered to him, so long as he was not physically wounded.

Act of Demonic Copycat from Childhood Torments

Nelly was about four years old when his father, Noel, took her out to his girlfriend's house. Noel was married yet indulged in extramarital affairs. Because Nelly's mother was out working late on the job, Noel was saddled with the responsibility of caring for Nelly. Unfortunately, Nelly's father exposed her to adult activities that had tormented her from childhood. While a young girl, Nelly watched her father indulge in bedroom activities with strange women whom he also introduced to the little girl as her aunties. By the age of twelve, young Nelly had started to desire relationships with boys.

Thus, the father's behavior that had initially tormented her had suddenly turned into a desire that she dreamed of exhibiting just as she had witnessed it—act of demonic copycat. Wow! Although she was just twelve years old, Nelly was struggling with a secret passion for sexual activities. She could hardly focus on her studies. She read and watched phonographic materials—movies and videos. Meanwhile, anytime she was caught, her father punished her as though he was not the cause of the problem.

In the meantime, Nelly was brought to my office for counseling so that she could go to college and have a normal and reputable lifestyle. Hence, Nelly managed to go to college. Unfortunately, Nelly fell into a similar trap with her schoolmates. Once again, she watched her fellow roommates share their beds with their boyfriends. Of course, the scenes she observed reminded her of her childhood torments and teenage struggles. At this point, her desire to have a boyfriend had increased, but her mother, who was a devout Christian and reverend minister, would not tolerate any relationship outside marriage. So Nelly returned for counseling, and she was advised to go through a process of makeover. The recommendation for Nelly was tough, as her understanding was shallow. She had watched her father change girlfriends and had also witnessed a series of extramarital activities that her father performed with strange women. Nelly questioned why she could not be permitted to have one steady boyfriend so that she could at least release her lifelong tension to have sex or a kind of romance.

In view of that, Nelly felt rejected and wanted to commit suicide. She thought that no one loved her. She felt that sex was the ultimate act of love. Unless she got involved, she would never be a happy person. She also assumed that her college life was not complete without a sex life. So, Nelly went out with a man and had sex. After the act, she realized that the man with whom she had had sex did not care for her. The man was not interested in her and was not willing to follow up with a conversation or have anything to do with her. Nelly became confused and afraid. She was not sure if the act would end up in pregnancy. The man would not even pick up her calls. Now she was left in limbo to fight for herself. Finally, she came into my office to confess her sins. She had tasted the fruit from the forbidden tree and yet had no joy or peace. She was in a worse state of torment than she had ever felt before. She cried out for help to be made over.

Because Nelly's desire for sex emerged from a childhood implantation from her father's misbehavior, the steps to her makeover were carefully designed as follows:

• She ought to differentiate between herself and her father.

• She needed to know who she was and what God had called her to be.

• She needed to understand the point of contamination in her life.

• She needed to understand the difference between her assumed desire and a natural desire.

• She needed to understand the difference between a pure and contaminated desire.

• She needed to differentiate between her father's corruptible affairs and the role of a father.

• She needed to differentiate between a married life and extramarital affairs.

• She needed to examine her lifetime aspirations and decide between her mother's purity and her father's impurity.

• She needed to understand the fact that she was not bound to copy her father's lifestyle.

• She was not born to be like her father.

• She was not born to rotate on her father's axis.

• She was not supposed to walk on the path on which her father had failed.

• She needed to understand the fact that her father's failure should not be desired.

• She needed to release herself and life from her father's shadows.

• She needed to distinguish herself for success against failure.

• She needed to determine in herself that she wanted to be different from everyone, including her father.


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Table of Contents


Introduction The Quest for Destiny....................xv
Chapter One Lord, Make Me Over....................1
Chapter Two My Personal Makeover....................16
Chapter Three The Wisdom of a Theme....................32
Chapter Four The Power of Knowledge....................43
Chapter Five Definition of Terms....................50
Chapter Six Make....................62
Chapter Seven Personality Trait....................72
Chapter Eight Me: A Sweet Fragrance....................77
Chapter Nine Over....................82
Chapter Ten Recycle Me....................87
Chapter Eleven Divine Agenda....................95
Chapter Twelve Destiny....................101
Chapter Thirteen The Process of Destiny....................114
Chapter Fourteen Destinations....................128
Chapter Fifteen Maintenance of Destinations....................139
Chapter Sixteen Who Is the Original "Me?"....................146
Chapter Seventeen Personality Clash....................157
Chapter Eighteen Loss of Originality....................163
Chapter Nineteen The Cycle of Problems....................172
Chapter Twenty Spiritual Perspective of Problems....................181
Chapter Twenty-One Tracing Roots and Legal Grounds....................187
Chapter Twenty-Two The Originality of Mankind....................195
Chapter Twenty-Three Loss of Mankind's Originality....................201
Chapter Twenty-Four Loss of Divine Connection....................206
Chapter Twenty-Five The Vagabond Spirit....................213
Chapter Twenty-Six The State of Corruption....................220
Chapter Twenty-Seven Self-Discovery....................227
Chapter Twenty-Eight The Act of Makeover....................235
Chapter Twenty-Nine The State of Restoration and Makeover....................244
Chapter Thirty Restoration of Wealth and Prosperity....................250
Chapter Thirty-One Restoration of Economic Abundance....................258
Chapter Thirty-Two The Voice of Authority....................264
Chapter Thirty-Three Reconnection....................270
Chapter Thirty-Four Reclaiming Intimacy with God....................276
Chapter Thirty-Five Restoration of Divine Relationship (See my book School of Prophetic Deliverance)....................282
Chapter Thirty-Six Restoration of Our Dominion:....................288
Chapter Thirty-Seven Legal Authority....................295
Chapter Thirty-Eight The Prophetic Word....................301
Chapter Thirty-Nine Prophetic Instruction....................309
Chapter Forty The Pregnancy of Destiny....................315
Chapter Forty-One The Progressive Voice of Destiny....................323
Chapter Forty-Two Thanksgiving Offering....................339
Pauline Walley Deliverance Bible Institute....................351
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