Destiny's Voyage

Destiny's Voyage

by Bob Love


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They say fact is stranger than fiction. This is a book of just such an event. History chronicles only one "HMS Titanic" but in reality there were two. The one we all know that struck the iceberg on her maiden voyage on April 12, 1912. A mighty behemoth of a luxurious steamship intended to be the White Star Line's new Queen of the Atlantic Ocean trade between England and America. The other was actually the first of the White Star Line's evolution into the luxury liners with the "SS Atlantic". Almost to the day 29 years earlier on April Fools Day 1873 she ran hard aground on the Nova Scotia coast causing the loss of a higher percentage of her souls than her descendent. The unique factor being only the fittest survived leaving the souls of all the women and but one child buried with her at the bottom of the sea.
The book will take you on a voyage that will cause you to reflect upon your own mortality and how the events in your life play a roll in your own destiny. Events that can be playing out by persons you do not even know work their way along a path until circumstances throw you together at a common place and time as though preordained, culminating in a tragedy such as the two sister ships of the White Star Line. Like father, like son, both made decisions based on mirrored motivations, both with tragic results.
You will witness the actual words of the cast including their testimony at the Inquiries at Halifax and Liverpool. You will be the jury in forming your own opinions as to the real cause and who carries the primary guilt of responsibility. It's a voyage you should book passage on for enhancing your sensitivity to predestination.

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ISBN-13: 9781425930400
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/22/2006
Pages: 388
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