Destroyed Child Shattered Women: One of the Most Powerful, Horrific, Riveting

Destroyed Child Shattered Women: One of the Most Powerful, Horrific, Riveting

by Goldie


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This is a true life story of how life can take everything from you, you feel helpless, hopeless, and all alone, and somehow with my inner strength I"m still able to move on successfully,This book will touch every emotion you own, because you will see the depths of hell, but after reading this book you will know that there is nothing in life that can break you.

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ISBN-13: 9781468525021
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/06/2012
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Destroyed Child Shattered Women

By Goldie


Copyright © 2012 Goldie
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-2502-1

Chapter One

A Child Is Born,

I was born forty-two years ago in New York City and then I died at the age of eight years old. At the hands of a "very, very, very sick minded man. A well-known former convicted felon, monster. Who brutally violently murdered my mother. People would always talk about how she was so pretty. Very light skinned with a silky smooth complexion with long wavy ebony black hair. A fine ass figure, with legs so sexy they should've been insured for millions. "CHINA-DOLL" that's what they called her. She was well known for her total pure beauty and warm heart and respect for everybody no matter who she encounter from the poorest to the richest it made no different to "CHINA-DOLL". In the early 70's after travelling back and forward from New York to Baltimore searching so very hard to land a good paying job to support herself and two kids. As time went on mom traveling would seem to pay off I'm not sure if this was what mom really wanted at the present time because she really didn't want to move to Baltimore but this job offer was for the right hours and it would allowed her to also accept a great opportunity for mom to go and further her education, career at their cost and that would be a big plus for mom. So she moved her family and begins working for Parole & Probation of Baltimore City she also at that time started attending Baltimore City Community College. My mom was studying for her Bachelor degree in social development. Still being a great single mother of two young kids right in the center of very hard times. I still sit and often think about all the wonderful things my mother did with and for me and my older brother. They were always done with lots of love and sugar on it. I still sit and drift off into a daze and then I remember spending time with my mother and older brother just like it was today. Like most days my mother would come home from work and sit and put me on her lap and play the late Sam COOK "A Change Goanna Come". She loved that song she would play that song over and over again and now when I drift back I realize the change that mom was looking for never came.

Encounter of a Monster

Towards the end of my mother's time at Baltimore's Parole & Probation my mother was assigned to a case of a potential parolee case of Mr. Joseph Pratt. She was sent to the Baltimore State Penitentiary on several occasions to try and prepare the gentlemen to be release to the public once again. To get things in order for him to live life outside prison walls as a normal and potential good citizen. That seemed to be going well. But shortly thereafter my mother had to give the case of Mr. J. Pratt to another officer. She was unable to complete the assignment because she was about to start a new career and had just received her degree in social development from Baltimore City College. She was so happy that now she could finally provide for her two kids and not suffer so bad doing it. Everything seemed great new career, new house, little more money, new friends, "and let's not forget a whole gang of new problems. Nothing seems to be a major problem at this time. Life is great for mom and kids. About a year or more had past and my mother was crossing the street at the corner of Lexington & Park Avenue trying to get to the world's famous "Lexington Market" that she and everybody was known to love they were especially known for their corn beef on rye with mustard. Before she could get across the street she was approached by an unfamiliar voice at a very high volume saying legs hey sexy legs!!!!!!!! Remember me? Joe Pratt from the pen. "Stopping all traffic". Just standing there him and her looking at each other in the middle of the street along with me and my older brother just laughing from ear to ear. "But damn only if you could for see fate". Seeing our mother's face light up with such joy. But lord behold we didn't realize we had just encounter a laugh with the devil himself.

Re-Encounter Of A Monster,

Mr. Pratt spoke with such a savory swagger................. He started by telling her thank you for putting a good word in for him before she moved on. His words were smooth and in tacked like an animal stalking his prey and she was the catch. He also expressed that he was very broken-hearted that he never got the chance to say good-bye. At first my mother seemed withdrawn from holding a friendly conversation. But like I told you earlier China-Doll respected everybody no matter what. "That's how mom was". Mr. Pratt continued to walk beside her and talk just continuing to pursue her with his poisonous venom with a kindly face. The more he spoke about mom pure beauty. The more mom blushed and her cheeks were turning red as a cherry. "I'm smiling now thinking about that day. Not long after a little more talking mom gave him her phone number to help him with some resources that she knew was available to convicted felons. I remember Mr. Pratt didn't have a private number because he stated he was in the half way house on work release. I guess stopping traffic for those smooth sexy legs was going to pay off one day for him. After a few calls Mr. Pratt was sent back to jail under violation of parole. He was made to finish his parole time back at the Maryland state pen. Doing this time he met a new friend name Mr. L. Davis who you're not going to believe this shit he was an ex-boyfriend of my grandmother the late Marguerite Smith. My mother's mother who had served eight-teen years for murder in the Maryland's women penitentiary known as the women's cut to some. My grandmother had met Mr. L Davis through what they called a kite in jail. My grandmother was convicted of killing her mother's boyfriend who was very abusive to her and her mother. I stop to share this with you all because it lets you know how the terror of events started way back then. At the time Mr. Pratt had returned to the pen Mr. L Davis was serving a forty-five year sentenced for multiple murders. The two men became friends and one day my mother and grandmother got together and went to visit Mr. L Davis unaware that he knew Mr. Pratt. Until the visit. While on the visit Mr. Pratt was on clean up duty in the visiting room area. Mr. L Davis called himself introducing my mother and grandmother to Mr. Pratt who Mr. L Davis referred to as that's my little son everybody knows that in the prison. I look out for him like he's my real family and he does the same for me. Mr. L Davis also replied' with he's a good guy he just had a hard life. I can still remember my mom smiling saying out loud "oh my god not him again" what can I do to get rid of you. I still remember Mr. Pratt looking and smiling with such a deceiving look, responding with "nothing I'm already in the family now" you're stuck with me. We all just laughed with joy. I sure now know you can't pick your own destiny it lies in god's hands only he knows the outcome. But I sure wish my mother would have known then with a wrong decision death sometimes awaits you. Most times there are no U-turns aloud. I guess life can just be like that.

The Old G Speaks,

I guess after Mr. L Davis gave Mr. Pratt the okay pass key to the family. My mother began opening up more and more. The defense door was broken and didn't seem to be getting locked anytime soon with that being. Mr. Pratt flew right in and a knew unforeseen hell was about to begin. As time flew by my mother began to accept a few jail calls from Mr. Pratt then she began to Visit the jail a few times as a knew friend. All seems good. Time goes on and a lot more jail visits and all jail calls are being accepted and a whole lot of smooth talking and hidden lies are beginning. I remember things had change real fast between Mr. Pratt and mom. She would get off work and just sit by the phone after she cooked dinner waiting for Mr. Pratt calls. The calls would come one after another until it was time for him to check into his cell. By this time the serpent was gaining my mother's trust and they both were trying to build a strong close relationship. It was working because the" last call of the night went from I will talk to you tomorrow to I love you or I can't wait to see you on the next visit". The monster was so cunning, "manipulative that he slithered his way in our lives in just a short time and was on his way to live in our home. I'm guessing Mr. Pratt had been institutionalized to fool people and gain there trust, love, and that's when the monster appears with a whole new gender.

Monster Making Moves,

All awhile the release date is getting closer for Mr. Pratt. The love is blossoming more between Mr. Pratt and mom. He is preparing to move in our house. Was all this just pure insane? I don't know. I never understood was it the start of real love or the hope of something that could never be. Or could it have been a leech in control of mom and our lives.

Our family was told early on that Mr. Pratt younger life was as hard as his adult life. His mother was taken from him and his siblings early in his life just like he decided to take me and my sibling's mother life from us early. Also he was partly raised by his older sister and in and out of juvenile services. His son my little brother was also raised by his older sister which is me just like Mr. Pratt." It's funny how history can repeat itself "and yes I raised my little brother and at times it was damn hard because my little brother look just like Mr. Pratt Sr. had spit him right out his mouth. It didn't help that my mother had named him Joseph Pratt as well at birth after his father Mr. Pratt. So I had a lot to deal with. I still don't want to believe that a family that was so strong, tight knit has sucome to the hands of an evil, vindictive monster. It was hard but my mother had raised us on the one thing she knew for sure how to love no matter what the situation maybe. But you know one thing momma never went over is how to recognize fake love. Because love can turn into a battle field and most people will kill them self for the love of other's with a strong quest to receive love so just try to remember before you can love someone else you got to learn how to love yourself then the battle field is yours. It was explained to my family all through Mr. Pratt's early life seemed the same as ours the differences was plentiful because he was known to be in and out of youth centers to big jails and penitentiary's. Doing hard time most of his life. Not ever having the time to learn or know what family life was truly about. If you don't already know in jail you come across all kinds of pros and cons that say they love you but intended to kill you or get you killed all in the same breath.

Prison Release -Character Defects,

Mr. Pratt is release from prison here it comes his dark ugly secret side begins to show real fast. Now you got a controlling, abusive monster. Now in a relationship with a sweet loving mother of two. All alone with no prison guards and walls to protect. Lots of arguments a few public outbursts and a rack of jealous, file statements made towards mom by Mr. Pratt. Almost a year has passed since Mr. Pratt's release from prison all seems well he's reporting to his parole officer and working at a break shoe making company on North Avenue. The first real job ever. Thanks to mom and her connections. He soon expresses a dislike for mom sexy dressing ways which assist upon very high heel sexy shoes and very fine sexy clothing which sometimes a little revealing of the body parts. Especially exposing of those sexy legs. I talked about early in the story. I know most of the disagreements were to do with Mr. Pratt very low-self-esteem & constant fear of losing China-Doll. Someone who was so beautiful in and out that he had started believing in his own mind and body that he possessed ownership and only him of her.

A Monster Take's Control,

It was no longer a relationship it was him leading and mom following. But Mr. Pratt forgot that my mother was very liked and loved by many long before he entered her life and that wasn't changing anytime soon because of the goodness mom spread from herself to others and that there seemed to be a big problem with him. This just wouldn't sit right with Mr. Pratt. He was determine to have her all to his self. But what he didn't even know was how to treat her when he had her to himself. Sometime Mr. Pratt started to show more hate then love and we started sharing more sad times then happy ones. Mr. Pratt continued with his over the top temper, constant controlling actions, along with lots of violent behaviors, and truly a host of psycho outbursts. Which I know scared the hell out of my mother but at the same time it drew her closer to Mr. Pratt with the challenge of trying to help change him and his longtime trouble life. So that he would begin to start letting love in and receiving love it was a long process with him. But was mom just fooling herself? Was it just lust? Was it just good old sex? Or was mom just stuck in trying to fix the broken. I feel as though mom wanted to try and feel his emptiness with lots of love and hope.................... I
wish I had the chance to ask her, I really do". But all this seemed far from the planning that Mr. Pratt & China-Doll had planned early on in their relationship. For our once happy family I would often find myself in a dream wondering is this sadness and violence going to ever stop. I would come out the dream with the same answer all the time. Most times right into a screaming match being held by Mr. Pratt himself. With mom crying with such a fearful look on her pretty face. I still can remember most of the violent scenes with Mr. Pratt and my mother like one day he didn't approve of what my mom was wearing so he jumped up and grab mom in the throat and refused to let go until I started crying very loud then he decided to let go her neck with a look of a lion hunting his prey and on his face there was a look like he didn't even know where he was or what had just happened. Then mom started to fearfully walk away and he started growling very loud towards her face my mother then took position to try and calm the beast down by assuring him that she wouldn't wear any other outfits ever again without his approval first. She offered I will throw it away right now and anything else you don't like just calm down please and he screamed mercifully "THERE IS NO CALM DOWN BITCH!!!!!!!!!!" she than replied" please you are scaring my kids and Mr. Pratt replied" with fuck you and your kids, you are nothing but a lying bitch with an education who thinks that I'm stupid because I've been in prison most of my life. But you dumb bitch's don't know prison taught me about all of you perfect ass people out there in the free life begging to be inside the prison's for safety from yourselves and others. What about that whore?

Violence And Acting Out,

Mr. Pratt would always reassure mother with his threating words that if I can't have you like I want; no one will ever have you I will mess your pretty face up for you. "Try me then he would start with I will be glad to go back to jail where I belong with lots of people like myself. Then mom would say the same sad statement you must leave. I can't have you around my kids they aren't use to this type of lifestyle and I won't let you keep putting them through this. On this day in particular Mr. Pratt begin his violent routine and right away mom told my older brother to call 911 but when the police arrived Mr. Pratt had exit the house. He made plenty of threats and called a whole host of curse names before he left. When the police arrived mom was terrified from the early threats she told the cops everything was okay now and they left. Later that night me and mom were in her bed trying to sleep and forget what had just took place a few hours before. Here comes this big hard over sized center block through the bedroom window it hit moms TV that sat right in front of the window instead of me and mom. I still can remember the TV was just smoking and making loud strange noises after it was hit. The police was called again witness outside later identified the brick being thrown through the window by Mr. Pratt the man who lives at 1010 they said. Which landed inches from were me and mom laid in her bed. Awhile later my grandmother the late Marguerite Smith arrived at our house by now the police was gone and my mom was terrified to be alone. Do you know that Mr. Pratt came back after what he had just done a few hours before, And my grandmother pulled out a gun so big and started shooting at him right out in front of the house my mom was crying and begging please stop don't hurt him and my grandma replied" with he's going to kill you and those kids. That was just two major episodes that I often remember that took place as a child at 1010 North Elamont St. All though many more turns of events got much worse and bloodier at the hands of Mr. Pratt the "monster himself".


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