Destroying the Next: A Generation Under Siege

Destroying the Next: A Generation Under Siege

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr.


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This book could have easily been around 600 pages, there are so many ways that this could have been turned to make a different statement, but the ideals behind this work is one factor of thinking and prayer, and that is the direction of the damage that is being done to the children.I have three grand daughters, and I love them all, my son, is the apple of my eye, sort of speak. My wife, is the greatest under Christ the Lord that has ever come into my life. But the true ethics of it all is the reality of, what is going to happen as far as one hundred years from now concerning the next three generations? Back in 1920, there were no facilities anywhere for children other than the United Homes for boys and girls, now there are facilities in every State, that house Children that have broken the laws of mankind. Kids have been some of the greatest inventors of our understanding, even though the Patenting laws forbids children to claim Patents, so either their parents or guardians took the credit for what the child did.Many children in the Bible were called to do great things, and many others, were never mentioned, in fact, the disciples of Jesus Christ included around 125 children, boys and girls. So today, the courts have decided that being gay is cool, but what happens a hundred years from now, if every single person were to go that route? And no, I will not take it easy, this is important, back in the day, it was a crime for a man to be caught with a man in bed, or a woman with a woman, Levitical Law said, that when this happened, if they were caught, they were to be killed, or put to death, usually by stoning. Destroying the Next is a simple word about what we should be doing to give our children and their children a brighter outlook on life.

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ISBN-13: 9781539910466
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/03/2016
Pages: 86
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About the Author

Rev. Dr. Ollie Fobbs grew up in Richmond Virginia where he found it to be a place of strong darkness, actually I found myself on the receiving end of this one time too many, from many aspects of life, so a lot of points in this writing is directly related to my life because I lived through it even though I times I maybe should not have.
Even at the point of being Ordained in 1986, I still was under a strong cloud of darkness and had not a clue as to how to get away from it, the reason I allowed myself to be ordained was that I wanted to be better under the umbrella of God, not realizing that I was already under it, most of the things that happened was going on because of my deep fear and my ability to make bad choices because of fear, my inability to cast change myself, and my fear to talk to anyone concerning what I was dealing with, this fear brought on deep anger, and that brought on even more fear. You will never know yourself until you find a way to find yourself, for me it took being homeless three times, and catching several diseases and nearly walking on the edge of death three times, I have been told three times in life that I had between three week and three months to live, and at one point it brought on severe anger and I took it out on people, this made it hard to keep apartments and jobs, during this particular year I went through 17 different jobs and moved five times.
But once I found myself in Christ the Lord things began to look up, life didn't stop happening and I still had a long way to go, but at the very least, I knew that things were getting better. I started living like the man of God the Jesus had called me out to be and in that I found that the devil hated me for this. When I was done with one of the worst relationships that I had ever been in, I told the Lord that he was going to send the woman I was to marry, at that point when she entered my life I would know, six women told me that the Lord told me or that God told me that I was going to be your wife, it was even told to me by a transsexual, and my response to myself was "funny he didn't tell me" but when I met Lavonia; I knew right away that she was the one, the one appointed to be my wife and the blessing to become the blesser of the living, loving God. As a Heart attack survivor, and a Cancer survivor, I feel blessed to be able to bring to you, the things that the Lord has been saying to and through me all of these years, my greatest hope is to bless my Grand Daughters.

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