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by Wesley Tuttle
Detour takes a look at the career of Wesley Tuttle, a nearly forgotten player in the West Coast country music scene of the '40s and '50s. The set contains four CDs, a DVD, and an 86-page book packaged in an LP-sized box. The first two discs hold most of Tuttle's Capitol recordings, including all of his hits and the early sides that prominently feature See more details below


Detour takes a look at the career of Wesley Tuttle, a nearly forgotten player in the West Coast country music scene of the '40s and '50s. The set contains four CDs, a DVD, and an 86-page book packaged in an LP-sized box. The first two discs hold most of Tuttle's Capitol recordings, including all of his hits and the early sides that prominently feature Merle Travis on guitar and background vocals. The remaining two audio discs are packed with rare radio transcriptions from the '40s. The DVD has a handful of telescriptions (early music videos) and a Jimmy Wakely film, Song of the Sierras, in which Tuttle co-stars. As for the music, Tuttle is similar in style to his confederates -- Jimmy Wakely, Johnny Bond, and Merle Travis -- but with much less novelty material than the latter two, and very little western music. Tuttle favored slow and medium tempos, and his accomplished yodeling is heard on only a few cuts. Song of the Sierras, mastered from a good print, is an average singing cowboy western with a ridiculous plot, but happily features a lot of music. The mere existence of a Wesley Tuttle box set practically precludes any criticism, but there are a couple of problems. One is that Detour omits an entire disc's worth of Capitol and Coral recordings; since Bear Family has a reputation for offering complete recordings sets, and their releases carry a premium price, the omission is puzzling. Most buyers would probably have preferred a fifth disc of music instead of, or in addition to, a DVD. Another puzzler is that the usual licensing information for the Capitol cuts is missing, which raises questions as to what was used as source material -- the original masters or commercial 78s? The sound is excellent but with noticeable surface noise in places, and the matter wouldn't be an issue if not for Bear Family's well-established reputation and high price. Many collectors would have been thrilled with a single-disc anthology, so, nitpicks aside, a multi-disc Wesley Tuttle set is a welcome thing.

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Bear Family

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Disc 1

  1. Detour
  2. I Wish I Had Never Met My Sunshine
  3. Little You Cared
  4. Why Do I Love You, Oh Why
  5. I Know It's Wrong
  6. With Tears in My Eyes
  7. I Want to Be Wanted
  8. Too Little Too Late
  9. I Can't Forget You (Tho I Tried)
  10. I'd Trade All of My Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday)
  11. When You Don't Cry (You Cry Alone)
  12. Don't Play Around With My Heart
  13. Until Dawn
  14. A Broken Promise Means a Broken Heart
  15. Let's Forget
  16. Excess Baggage
  17. If You Ever Need a Friend
  18. I've Loved You Too Long to Forget
  19. No Children Allowed
  20. Old Shep
  21. Mail Order Mama
  22. Too Bad About You
  23. You Can't Fool My Broken Heart
  24. Please Write to Me Harva Lee
  25. Cry Yourself to Sleep
  26. I'm Writing a Letter to Heaven
  27. Mom Understands

Disc 2

  1. There's a Star Spangled Rainbow
  2. Your Picture of Love
  3. Who Do You Spend Your Dreams With?
  4. Before I'm Through
  5. Lonely Trail of Memory
  6. The Time and the Place
  7. Need You
  8. Bitin' My Fingernails
  9. Hold Me, Hold Me
  10. When You Lose the One You Love
  11. This Cold War With You
  12. Yodelin' Boogie
  13. A Picture in a Frame
  14. Texas Yodel
  15. Devil's Heart
  16. (Heartsick Soldier On) Heartbreak Ridge
  17. Tennesse Rose
  18. I Stopped Living
  19. I've Got a Round Trip Ticket (From Here to Chattanooga)
  20. The Flying Enterprise
  21. Love's Call of the Mountain
  22. They Locked God Outside the Iron Curtain
  23. Gathering Home
  24. Fill the Cup to Overflowing
  25. Hillbilly Heaven
  26. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  27. Never
  28. Higher and Higher
  29. Jim, Johnny, And Jonas

Disc 3

  1. Cimarron, Roll On
  2. Tomorrow Never Comes
  3. Love Gone Cold
  4. You Don't Care
  5. I Want to Be Wanted
  6. Long Time Gone
  7. Love Me Now
  8. Why Do I Love You, Oh Why
  9. Little You Cared
  10. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  11. Be Honest With Me
  12. Don't Live a Lie
  13. No One Will Ever Know
  14. Cattle Call
  15. I Guess I've Been Asleep All These Years
  16. Steel Guitar Rag
  17. I Hang My Head and Cry
  18. You Can't Break My Heart
  19. You Brought Sorrow to My Heart
  20. The End of the World
  21. You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often
  22. There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
  23. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
  24. Born to Lose
  25. We Live in Two Different Worlds Now
  26. That Pioneer Mother of Mine
  27. No Letter Today
  28. Christmas Carols by the Old Corral
  29. Pins and Needles in My Heart
  30. Home in San Antone
  31. Darling, What More Can I Do?
  32. Try Me One More Time
  33. Jealous Heart

Disc 4

  1. Yesterday's Roses
  2. I'll Wait for You, Dear
  3. This Lonely World
  4. Triflin' Gal
  5. I'll Never Do It Again
  6. I'm Lost Without You
  7. Headin' Down the Wrong Highway
  8. Back in the Saddle Again
  9. I'll Be Back
  10. There's a Rainbow on the Rio Colorado
  11. A Year Ago Tonight
  12. You'll Be Sorry
  13. Silver Spurs (On the Golden Stairs)
  14. Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
  15. My Red River Rose
  16. Don't You Weep Anymore Darlin'
  17. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  18. Roly Poly
  19. Everytime I Dream, You're My Darlin'
  20. Divorce Me C.O.D.
  21. Rose of the Alamo
  22. I'm Tellin' You
  23. Chained to a Memory of You
  24. Missouri
  25. Just Hangin' On
  26. Playin' Games With Me
  27. You Only Want Me When You're Lonely
  28. Ages and Ages Ago
  29. The Last Mile
  30. Teardrops on My Heart
  31. Sweethearts on Parade
  32. Foggy River

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Wesley Tuttle   Primary Artist
Moon Mullican   Piano
Merle Travis   Guitar,Vocals
Alvino Rey   Steel Guitar
Buddy Cole   Piano,Leader
Noel Boggs   Steel Guitar
Rose Lee Maphis   Guitar
Wade Ray   Fiddle
Cliffie Stone   Bass,Leader
Jimmy Wakely   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Louis Armstrong   Bass
Bobby Bruce   Fiddle
Edward Mitchell   Steel Guitar
Thurl Ravenscroft   Bass (Vocal)
Dick Stubbs   Steel Guitar
Jack Turner   Drums
Doug Weston   Guitar,Steel Guitar
Earl Joaquin Murphey   Steel Guitar
Harold Hensley   Fiddle
Eddie Kirk   Guitar,Leader
Pat Patterson   Bass
Wesley Webb West   Steel Guitar
Jimmie Widener   Bass
Tex Atchison   Fiddle
Vic Davis   Piano
Paul Sells   Organ,Accordion,Leader
Fiddlin' Kate Warren   Fiddle
Fred Whiting   Bass
E.A. "Highpockets" Busse   Accordion
Clarence "Bud" Dooley   Bass
William Edward "Billy" Liebert   Piano,Accordion
W Wardle   Piano
Charlie Linville   Fiddle
Don Poole   Bass
Raymond Thomas Hagen   Drums
Phil F. Marx   Steel Guitar
Neil Kenneth Levang   Guitar
John Paul Gerardi   Fiddle
Jack Rivers Lewis   Guitar
Gwyn Merle Nichols   Drums
Herb Sargent   Guitar
Paul Stambaugh   Piano
Agapito "Pete" Martinez   Steel Guitar
Tommy Romersa   Drums
Vincent Terri   Guitar

Technical Credits

Roy Rogers   Contributor
Gene Autry   Composer
Billy Hill   Contributor
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Red Foley   Composer,Contributor
Sonny James   Contributor
Maddox Brothers & Rose   Contributor
Skeets McDonald   Contributor
Tex Ritter   Contributor
Merle Travis   Duet
Jerry Colonna   Contributor
Bobby Charles   Contributor
Larry Collins   Contributor
Freddie Hart   Contributor
Stuart Hamblen   Contributor
Hank Penny   Contributor
Ernest Tubb   Composer,Contributor
Johnny Bond   Composer
Minnie Pearl   Contributor
Tex Williams   Contributor
Spade Cooley   Contributor
Eddie Dean   Contributor
Gail Davis   Contributor
Buddy DeSylva   Contributor
Jimmy Dean   Contributor
Rose Maddox   Contributor
Johnny Mercer   Contributor
Ken Nelson   Producer
Jay Ranellucci   Metal Transfers
Fred Rose   Composer
Ray Whitley   Contributor
Lee Gillette   Producer
Art Wenzel   Contributor
Harold Hensley   Contributor
Anderson   Contributor
Jenks "Tex" Carman   Contributor
Mickey Clark   Contributor
Lorrie Collins   Contributor
Arlie Duff   Contributor
Norman Hedges   Contributor
Texas Jim Lewis   Contributor
Paul Sells   Arranger
Shirley Adams   Contributor
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
E.A. "Highpockets" Busse   Contributor
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Ray Cline   Contributor
Marion Z. "Pee Wee" Adams   Contributor
Lee Blastic   Composer
Ekko Whelan   Composer
Alex Jarvis   Contributor
Bill Sutton   Contributor
Frank Liddell   Contributor
Herman "The Hermit" Snyder   Contributor
Hank Caldwell   Contributor
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Packy Smith   Liner Notes,Biographical Information
Cottonseed Clark   Contributor
Wesley Clark   Contributor
Marilyn Tuttle   Illustrations,Duet
Eddie Cletro   Contributor
Brownie Reynolds   Contributor
Betsy Gay   Contributor
Phil F. Marx   Contributor
Leo Carillo   Contributor
Guy Cherry   Contributor
Smudge Cidroni   Contributor
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E. Rainald Schuman   Illustrations
Quincy Snodgrass   Contributor
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Larry Sunbrock   Contributor
Sunbrock's Cherokee Indians   Contributor
Tuttles   Contributor
Bill Wagnon   Contributor
West Virginia Slim   Contributor
Paul Cohen   Contributor
Helen Field   Contributor
Frances Kane   Composer

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