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Deutschmeister Marches: All Time Favorite German Marches

Deutschmeister Marches: All Time Favorite German Marches

by Deutschmeister KapelleDeutschmeister Kapelle


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In an example of creative licensing at work, Deutschmeister Marches is a budget compilation of Austrian "Hoch und Deutschmeister" band music from Kado Music, a company that hails from Florida and distributes German, Irish, and other "world music"; sound effects records; Christmas compilations; and the like. Although these marches are credited jointly to Die Original Deutschmeister Kapelle under Julius Herrmann and a group identified as "Die Grosse Regimentsmarchekapelle: Military Tradition", listeners are not told who plays what. Listening from track to track, there are clearly two different sonic perspectives and one group is a relatively small band, whereas the other is a standard regimental unit. Professor Julius Herrmann is a known quantity; he revived Die Original Hoch und Deutschmeister Kapelle in October 1945 and led it until his death in 1977; likely, these recordings were made in the 1960s or early '70s. They are a little muffled and fuzzy-sounding here and obviously do not represent the absolute best-recorded options one could have of such music -- it's such a vast field that it would be hard to say what the "absolute best" one would be -- but there is an upside to Deutschmeister Marches. The performances are wonderfully relaxed, completely true to the idiom, and played in the slightly higher pitch observed by most traditional Austrian bands; helicon tubas are used as well. All of the musical selections are well within the Austro-Hungarian military band tradition and many will prove familiar to those conversant in such music. If you are throwing an Oktoberfest party and are looking for appropriate music to set on auto-repeat, or have an older relative who takes a fancy to Austrian march music yet whose hearing doesn't handle the high end too well, then Kado Music's Deutschmeister Marches will easily meet such requirements. Sometimes "creative licensing" is not such a bad thing after all.

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Release Date: 07/05/2005
Label: Kado
UPC: 0827605500472
catalogNumber: 20047
Rank: 4408


  1. Hoch und Deutschemeister Marsch
  2. Abschied der Gladiatoren (The Gladiators' Farewell), march for band, Op
  3. Wien bleibt Wien, march for band
  4. Frei weg, march for band
  5. Egerländer Regimentsmarsch, march for band
  6. Mir sein die Kaiserjäger Marsch
  7. Hoch Tirol, march for band
  8. Vindobona, march for band
  9. Mussinan Marsch, march for band
  10. Jetzt geht's los!, for voice & piano, Op. 17, V. 61
  11. Gruß an Böhmen, march for symphonic band
  12. 47th Regimental March, for symphonic band
  13. Zum Stadtel Hinaus Marsch
  14. Alpenlieder Marsch
  15. O du mein Österreich, march for orchestra (or band)
  16. Stets munter, march for band
  17. Schönfeld-March for orchestra, Op. 422
  18. Mit Sack und Pack Marsch, for military band
  19. Fliegermarsch, for band (from "Der fliegende Rittmeister")
  20. Die Zauber des Montour Marsch, Op. 493
  21. Felsenfest fürs Vaterland, march for band
  22. Radetzky-Marsch, for orchestra, Op. 228
  23. Unter dem Grillenbanner, march for band
  24. Hoch Hapsburg Marsch, march for military band, Op. 83

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