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Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective / Edition 1

Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective / Edition 1

by Philip McMichael


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ISBN-13: 9780803990661
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 03/28/1996
Series: Sociology for a New Century Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 310

About the Author

Philip Mc Michael grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, and is an International Professor of Development Sociology at Cornell University. His book Settlers and The Agrarian Question: Foundations of Capitalism in Colonial Australia (Cambridge University Press, ©1984) won the 1995 Social Science History Association's Allan Sharlin Memorial Award. He has also edited The Global Restructuring of Agro-Food Systems (Cornell University Press, ©1994), Food and Agrarian Orders in the World Economy (Praeger, ©1995), New Directions in the Sociology of Global Development (Emerald, ©2005), and Contesting Development: Critical Struggles for Social Change (Routledge, ©2010). He has served as Director of Cornell University's International Political Economy Program, as Chair of the American Sociological Association's Political Economy of the World-System Section, and President of the Research Committee on the Sociology of Agriculture and Food for the International Sociological Association. And he has recently worked with the FAO, IATP and UNRISD, the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty, and the international peasant coalition, La Vía Campesina.

Table of Contents

About the Author     xi
Foreword     xiii
Preface to the Fourth Edition     xv
A Timeline of Developmentalism and Globalism     xviii
Acknowledgments     xxi
Abbreviations     xxiii
Development and Globalization: Framing Issues     1
What Is the World Coming To?     1
The Global Marketplace     5
Commodity Chains and Development     6
Global Interdependencies     9
The Lifestyle Connection     13
The Development Lifestyle     16
The Project of Development     20
The Development Project (Late 1940s to Early 1970s)
Instituting the Development Project     25
Colonialism     26
The Colonial Division of Labor     31
Social Reorganization Under Colonialism     33
Decolonization     37
Colonial Liberation     38
Decolonization and Development     41
Postwar Decolonization and the Rise of the Third World     43
Ingredients of the Development Project     46
The Nation-State     46
Economic Growth     47
Framing the Development Project     48
National Industrialization: Ideal andReality     49
Economic Nationalism     51
Import-Substitution Industrialization     51
Summary     53
The Development Project: International Relations     55
The International Framework     56
U.S. Bilateralism: The Marshall Plan     57
Multilateralism: The Bretton Woods System     58
Politics of the Postwar World Order     61
Remaking the International Division of Labor     64
The Newly Industrializing Countries (NICs)     65
The Food-Aid Regime     69
The Public Law 480 Program     70
Food Dependency     70
Remaking Third World Agricultures     73
The Global Livestock Complex     74
The Green Revolution     76
Antirural Biases of the Development Project     81
Summary     83
From National Development to Globalization
Globalizing National Economy     87
Third World Industrialization in Context     88
The World Factory     89
The Strategic Role of Information Technologies     92
The Export Processing Zone     93
The Export Processing Zone     93
The Rise of the New International Division of Labor (NIDL)      95
From the NIDL to a Global Labor Force     100
Agricultural Globalization     106
The New Agricultural Countries (NACs)     109
Global Sourcing and Regionalism     110
Summary     115
Demise of the Third World     117
The Empire of Containment and the Political Decline of the Third World     118
The New International Economic Order     120
Global Finance     123
The Offshore Money Market     123
Banking on Development     125
The Debt Regime     128
Debt Management     130
Reversing the Development Project     132
Challenging the Development State     138
State and Society Restructuring     141
Summary     144
The Globalization Project (1980s-)
Instituting the Globalization Project     149
The Globalization Project     151
Global Governance     154
Liberalization and the Reformulation of Development     157
GATT and the Making of a Free Trade Regime     166
The World Trade Organization     167
The Agreement on Agriculture (AoA)     169
Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs)      172
Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs)     174
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)     178
Regional Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)     182
The Globalization Project, World Bank Style     186
Summary     189
The Globalization Project in Practice     191
Outsourcing     192
Displacement     200
Labor: The New Export     205
Informalization     210
Global Recolonization     219
Summary     227
Rethinking Development
Global Development and Its Countermovements     231
Fundamentalism     232
Environmentalism     236
Sustainable Development     240
Earth Summits     241
Managing the Global Commons     242
Environmental Resistance Movements     245
Feminism     249
Feminist Formulations     250
Women and the Environment     254
Women, Poverty, and Fertility     256
Women's Rights     258
Cosmopolitan Activism     260
Food Sovereignty Movements     266
Summary     270
Development for What?      273
Development as Rule     273
The Microfinance Revolution     278
The Ethics of Empowerment     279
Legitimacy Crisis of the Globalization Project     281
The Latin Rebellion     283
The "Emerging Markets" of China and India     285
The Ecological Climacteric     288
Notes     293
References     307
Glossary/Index     331

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