Development and Uses of Biofortified Agricultural Products

Development and Uses of Biofortified Agricultural Products


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Although ending world hunger remains the most important goal, increasingly the focus is on simultaneously improving world malnutrition. Paradoxically, nutritionally important trace elements essential for human health are both deficient and over-abundant in soils in many regions of the world. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Development and Uses of Biofortified Agricultural Products provides new strategies and techniques for the production of biofortified agricultural products from different soils.

Seventeen contributors from twelve countries explore the effects of environmental and biological factors on the accumulation and speciation of nutritionally important trace elements in agricultural products. They explore novel strategies regarding the functional foods and animal feed and other forms of biofortified agricultural products. The text addresses alternative biosources and bioproducts produced from phytoremediation processes as well as the bioavailability and the effects of bioproduct compounds.

The editors comprehensively synthesize the ever-mounting body of new information on biofortification, including theoretical, practical, and practiced agricultural-based strategies in micronutrient management and improvement in different types of soils. The book provides a unique and useful platform to further the understanding of nutritionally important trace elements in the context of biogeochemistry, food chain transfer, and health-related issues.

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ISBN-13: 9781420060058
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/22/2008
Pages: 320
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Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA

Table of Contents

Impact of Trace Elements From Plants on Human Nutrition: A Case for
Biofortification, S.S.G. Bonsmann and R.F. Hurrell

In The Food Chain,
and Use of Selenium and Phyto-Compounds in Risk Reduction and Control of
Prostate Cancer, G. Lyons, Y. Genc, and R. Graham

Uptake and
Accumulation of
Selenium In Plants In Relation to Chemical Speciation and
Biotransformation, Z.-Q.

Phytoremediation of
Selenium-Contaminated Soil and Water Produces Biofortified Products and
Agricultural Byproducts, G.S. Bañuelos

Soil and
Crop Management for
Improving Iron and Zinc Nutrition of Crops, F. Zhang, M. Fan,
X. Gao, C.
Zou, and Y. Zuo

Effects of
Soil Management On
Zinc Uptake and Its Bioavailability In Plants, R. Schulin, A.
Koshgoftarmanesh, M. Ayuni, B. Nowack, and E. Frossard

Practices and Crop
Quality: Implementation On Feed And Diet Quality, T.Q. Zhang and Y.T. Wang

Effects of
Long-Term Cattle
Manure Applications on Soil, Water, and Crops: Implications for Animal and
Human Health, M. Batista Benke, X. Hao, and C. Chang

How Does
Aerobic Rice Take Up
Zinc from Low Zinc Soil? Mechanisms, Trade Offs, and Implications for
X. Gao, T.W. Kuyper, F. Zhang, C. Zou, and E. Hoffland

Breeding for
Enriched Rice, G.B. Gregorio, T. Htut, and G.S. Cabuslay

In A Food Chain
Approach for Rice in China, M. Slingerland, F. Zhang, T.-J
Stomph, X. Gao,
J. Liang, and W. Jiang

Expression of Pea Seed Ferritin cDNA in Indian Mustard: Nutritional Value and Oxidative Stress
Tolerance of the
Transformants, N. Nirupa, M. N. V. Prasad, and P. B. Kirti

Progress in
Understanding the
Molecular Regulation of Fe Uptake in Strategy I Plants, H.-Q.
Ling, J. Du,
and N. Wang

Identification of Genes for
Biofortification: Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Mineral
Accumulation in Arabidopsis
and Other Plant Species, M.G.M. Aarts and
J. Wu

Uptake of
Trace Elements By
Soybean in Typic Quartzipsamment Soil Treated with Different
Fertilizers in Brazil, F. Nildo da Silva, A.E. Furtini Neto,
and A.C. Chang

Determination and Importance of
Trace Elements in Chinese Medicinal Herbs Used For Healthcare and
Treatments, C.-Y. Chen, L. Zhang, and G. Huo

Perspective: Soil
Nutrition/Biofortification As the Root of Human Health and Well-Being, A.B.


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