Developments in Karnataka: Challenges of Governance, Equity and Empowerment

Developments in Karnataka: Challenges of Governance, Equity and Empowerment


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ISBN-13: 9788171886197
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Publication date: 06/28/2008
Pages: 432
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About the Author

Gopal K. Kadekodi is a former director of the Institute for Social and Economic Change, a former research professor at the Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research–Dharwad, and a professor at the Institute of Economic Growth–New Delhi. Ravi Kanbur is the T. H. Lee Professor of World Affairs and Economics at Cornell University. He is a former senior staff member of the World Bank. Vijayendra Rao is a lead economist in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank. He is a coeditor of Culture and Public Action and the author of several papers on decentralized local development, gender inequality, and culture and economic behavior.

Table of Contents

List of Tables, Figures and Boxes     9
Editors/Contributors     13
Introduction and Overview
Assessing the "Karnataka Model of Development"   Gopal Kadekodi   Ravi Kanbur   Vijayendra Rao     17
Politics and Policy
Change in Karnataka Over the Last Generation: Villages and the Wider Context   James Manor     37
Political Leadership and Economic Development in Karnataka   G. Thimmaiah     63
Ideological Elements in Political Stability in Karnataka: Janata Dal in the Late 1990s   Pamela Price     87
To Be or Not to Be: Problems in Locating Women in Public Policy   Devaki Jain     107
Civil Society and Governance
Conceptualising NGO-State Relations in Karnataka: Conflict and Collaboration Amidst Organisational Diversity   Neema Kudva     127
Communication, Democracy and Evasive Silences: A Preliminary Report on the Public Sphere in Karnataka   Dattathreya Subbanarasimha     147
Corruption and Local Governance: Evidence from Karnataka   V. Vijayalakshmi     167
Dynamics of Local Governance in Karnataka   Kripa Ananthpur     197
Federalism, Urban Decentralisation and Citizen Participation   Ramesh Ramanathan     219
The Political Economy of Gram Panchayats in South India   Timothy Besley   Rohini Pande   Vijayendra Rao     243
Sectoral Perspectives and Interventions
Agrarian Reform for a Liberal Pattern of Society? Karnataka's Land Policy and Poverty Alleviation   Ronald Herring     265
ICT Sector and Economic Development: Evidence from Karnataka State   M.R. Narayana     291
Social Mobility in the Context of Occupational Health: The Case of Silk Reeling   Anand Inbanathan     323
Systematic Hierarchies and Systemic Failures: Gender and Health Inequities in Koppal District   Gita Sen   Aditi Iyer   Asha George     351
Choosing 'not' to Participate-Evidence from Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) in Chitradurga, Karnataka   Ananda Vadivelu     377
At Times When Limbs May Fail: Social Security for Unorganised Workers in Karnataka   D. Rajasekhar   J.Y. Suchitra   S. Madheswaran   G.K. Karanth     407

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