by Christine Manzari


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Being a Sophisticate of the Program seems like it'd be a pretty sweet deal: a little genetic alteration and anyone can be smarter, faster, and stronger. It's a dream come true. All you have to give up is your freedom.

Cleo is a Sophisticate and she has a bright future in the Program. But she has a secret. When she gets upset, bad things happen. Explosive things. Things she can't control.

When her secret is discovered, she's sent to the Academy to train in the military branch of the Program. She's destined to be a human weapon in the war that's been going on since Wormwood occurred nearly 30 years ago. She soon learns that although her ability is unique, there are others like her - other Sophisticates with lethal skills and odd code names like Archerfish and Mimic Octopus.

Immersed in a dangerous game of supernatural powers and dubious motives, Cleo doesn't know who to trust. Ozzy, the annoyingly attractive cadet who has perfect aim in weapons class and deviant lips behind closed doors, begs her not to use her powers. He's the golden boy of the Program, but can she trust him? Or will she find herself a target, caught in his crosshairs?

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ISBN-13: 9781492128922
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/15/2013
Pages: 438
Sales rank: 1,103,518
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The first thing Christine does when she's getting ready to read a book is to crack the spine in at least five places. She wholeheartedly believes there is no place as comfy as the pages of a well-worn book. She's addicted to buying books, reading books, and writing books. Books, books, books. She also has a weakness for adventure, inappropriate humor, and coke (the caffeine-laden bubbly kind). Christine is from Forest Hill, Maryland where she lives with her husband, three kids, and her library of ugly spine books.

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Deviation 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
MiasPointOfView More than 1 year ago
Deviation is a spectacular novel with suspense and strong adventurous and romantic elements. The Sophisticates Series consists of an amazing story and powerful characters which make the series as attractive and addictive as it can be. Furthermore, Christine Manzari is a talented writer whose words flow beautifully and whose creativity knows no bounds. Deviation is an amazing book and a perfect first book for a book series. It intrigues the readers and provides just the right amount of information to attract them not only to this book but the entire trilogy! ( Yes, the series consists of 3 books; the second book was released few months ago and the third book is currently written!)  The beginning of the book was also excellent! We get to know Cleo’s character very well. In fact, we get to absolutely love her from the very beginning!! She is a rebel, a brilliant rebel, that is; she’s also loyal and strong and funny! She’s actually the best friend anyone could have hoped to have in their lives! She always puts everyone else ahead of her wants and needs, which makes her admirable. She always have a witty retort ready to unleash to her “victims” , which makes her irresistible. She is aware of herself and her abilities in a very humble and decent way, which makes her approachable. She is an excellent character to build a series on! Funny. Brilliant. Beautiful. Selfless. Cautious and a Rebel. A Good Friend. A Witty Girlfriend. That’s our Cleo! As excellent as the beginning is, nothing compares to the ending! We get an unexpected twist which works as an introduction to the second book. It’s mysterious, dangerous, intriguing and absolutely addictive! Deviation has a spectacular ending and Conviction gets a perfect pre-introduction! The rest of the characters is brilliantly created, as well. There are so many different characters with different personalities and secrets, which make the story even more mysterious and interesting!! I don’t mention any spoilers or details regarding the story or the characters, because 1. this book is amazing and you just have to read it and 2. the book has so many twists and turns that I couldn’t possibly mention them or even their summary. Deviation is a SPECTACULAR read that you MUST NOT MISS!! It’s undoubtedly one of the best books in the genre and one of my favorite book series ever! Huge Congratulation to the author Christine Manzari for her amazing debut (yes, Deviation is her debut novel!!) !!! We can’t wait to read more about Cleo! Note: How wonderful it would be, if they turned it to a tv show or a movie!! So, 5 Huge Golden Sparkling Stars go to Deviation (The Sophisticates #1) which will steal your sanity and blow your minds!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and couldn't wait to read the second in the trilogy! From the very beginning it grabbed my attention, moved well and I love the characters and their interactions! As soon as I was done with this one, I immediately moved on to Conviction! I think will appeal to many age ranges! I'm in my late 40's, and my teen daughter, who doesn't read much, read both books in three days! Now were both dying for the 3rd to see what happens to everyone! Like family members!
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
DEVIATION features the Sophisticates, genetically engineered humans who were created as a direct result of the terrorist action, called Wormwood, which occurred over 30 years ago. The Sophisticates are property of The Program, taken from their parents as infants and raised to emphasize their modifications: increased intelligence, stamina, strength, and speed. However, there are some Sophisticates out there who are even rarer. Cleo and her best friend Cassie have been friends their entire lives. When Cleo sets her room on fire, she’s sent away from her school (on the former University of Maryland College Park campus) and from Cassie to the Academy. The Academy is the military branch of The Program and Cleo knows she doesn’t belong here. What she doesn’t realize is there are others here who, like her, have been given an extra genetic bonus. She and her fellow deviations have been created as human weapons in the ongoing war. DEVIATION is a great story featuring genetically modified teenagers growing up in a dystopian world. Sure, there have been a lot of these kinds of stories over the years, but I truly enjoyed how different DEVIATION is from the rest. The plot is tight and well-developed, as well as the characters, who all stand out. I always enjoy a story set near where I live, so it added an element of familiarity to the story for me. I am looking forward to finding out what happens to Cleo and her friends in the next book in this series. Give DEVIATION a try – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Deviation is a rare gem, the kind of book that you only find a few times a year, tops. Even though it’s indie-published, it has all the qualities of a mainstream novel: excellent writing, quality editing, and an enjoyabe, intriguing, fast-paced story. The story starts out by introducing us to Cleo, a Sophisticate. She’s part of the Program, their “property” as they so eloquently call her in their email to her when she tries to hack into one of their programs to try and find out the identity of her real parents. Sophisticates are genetic alternations. They’re faster, stronger and smarter than ordinary human beings, but in exchange for these abilities, their lives belong to the government. They have no freedom and are raced in government-controlled facilities and trained to become either a Vanguard – who stand out because of their intelligence – and the Mandates, who are strong, and capable, and who work in the military and help destroy terrorists. Cleo’s life has always been pretty straightforward: she’ll be a Vanguard. Not much choice in that. But then, she gets so upset at the email proclaiming her to be the government’s property that she somehow makes just about everything in her room explode: her computer, TV, you name it, it’s gone. Although her best friend Cassie tries to rationalize what’s going on, Cleo knows better: there’s something wrong with her. And when the Dean ships her off to St. Ignatius, an academy for the Mandates, her entire future has been erased and changed in the blink of an eye. She now has to train for the military branch of the Program. Luckily she becomes fast friend with Sterling, an extremely fast runner, and Arabella, who has a new hairstyle just about any day. They’re two outcasts at the academy, but boy, are their fun to be around. They have an excellent sense of humor and are adorable secondary characters with their bickering back and forth. Unfortuately Cleo also makes her share of enemies, in particular Quinnie, who seems to want to target Cleo at every move. And then there’s Ozzy, one of the most attractive guys Cleo has ever met, but at the same time he’s also annoying and even stalkerish, and Cleo has no idea why he goes out of his way to talk to her, except that her new friends warn her not to trust him. I don’t want to give any more away, but trust me on this one: Deviation is awesome. The plot is amazing, and I absolutely loved it. Cleo and her friends are kick-ass awesome characters, in particular Ozzy (swoon). All secondary characters have their own personality traits and together they form an intriguing bunch. I definitely wouldn’t mind befriending them! If you read one dystopian this year, then pick this one. I can throw superlatives at you until tomorrow morning but that still won’t explain how awesome this book is. I’m officially hooked. Next book in the series? Yes, please! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Slim_Cat1 More than 1 year ago
Chloe is a Sophisticate in The Program. Sounds like a sweet gig right...genetically altered to be faster, smarter, stronger. The only thing you have to give up is your freedom of are told what to do, how to do, and when to do. For Chloe it isn't so much fun, especially when she finds out she has an explosive temper...literally. One night she is so angry she sets her dorm room on fire! When The Program finds out about her abilities she is sent to another school. Where she is to train with the Military branch of The Program. Once there she finds out she isn't the only one, and the Golden Boy proves to be a distraction. Chloe doesn't know who to trust and who to be wary of. I wasn't so sure about this one at first. Until Chloe set her room ablaze! Then Holy Moses did the fun start. Catty girls, secrets, mysterious boys, strange abilities, the list is endless. The characters are so well created and funny, witty, just all around awesome. They are friends that you wouldn't mind having at your back. They are all strong, loyal, and a little rebellious. Christine Manzari did a bang up job for her debut novel, and I for one cannot wait for the second book. Hopefully like the first there are many twists and turns to battle through. I think most of the YA genre and even Sci-Fi genre book readers will fall for this book/author. *Reviewer for Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
After an awful terrorist attack, the government responds by hand picking couples to have genetically engineered children. These children become property of the Program and are super intelligent and gifted physically. A small sample of these children have discovered extra abilities - ones they can't understand and don't know where they came from. Cleo is one of these children.  Deviation was quite an adventure. We start out somewhat in the dark - just as Cleo is - and discover some pretty incredible things. There are also some pretty incredible people - one of which is names Ozzy. He seems to be everything she hates about the Program, but she can't seem to stay away from him either. He's too perfect and she can't get him off her mind. He ends up being right in the middle of all the drama going on around her, so she can't trust him.  All of the characters in this book were amazing. They were easy to identify with and fun to read about. I even loved the ones I hated, which is hard to do. I really wanted to be the one code names Mimic Octopus - such a cool person. The relationships between these people also develop and go in so unexpected ways.  There was only one scene near the end at the roller skating rink that I got really confused and had to read several times before I understood what was going on. It was a chaotic scene to begin with, but some of the cues to what the character was seeing weren't quite enough for me to get it right away.  *This book was received in exchange for an honest review* 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deviation by Christine Manzari is an amazing book. Although it’s intended as a young adult book, I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction with a dystopian theme. The ending completely surprised me and I couldn’t put the book down. I cannot wait to read the next book. This one is definitely a series I’ll be reading all of. Book provided for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this novel! It was so beautifully written that I felt like I was apart of the adventure. Definitely a new favorite. I cannot wait to read the sequel!
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite In the world in Christine Manzari’s Deviation, terrorism has a huge impact on American society. The development of Sophisticates is purposely done as a protection against terrorists’ threats. Clementine ‘Cleo’ Dracone is a Sophisticate and she has a bright future in the Program. Being a Sophisticate means you are genetically altered to be smarter, faster, and stronger. The catch? One has to give up his or her freedom. Cleo is genetically modified while in utero, and raised without parents or donors, as the Program refers to them. Therefore, for the Sophisticates, their friends are their families.  I like the way Manzari creates the world system of the Sophisticates. Cleo is classified as a Vanguard, an intellectual that will eventually work for the Program in one of their headquarters. Communications and computer programming are Cleo’s main strengths, which also lands her in trouble with the higher-ups as she tried to hack top-secret files about her parents at the start of the story. The intimidating Dean Younglove tells Cleo that she would be transferred to St. Ignatius immediately. It is a surprising move, considering that the academy is for Mandates or Sophisticates who are specialized as fighters. No doubt Cleo’s unique ability to make things explode when she’s upset is the key to her Mandate identity. The plot just keeps getting more interesting as she arrives at St. Ignatius, and also with the introduction of Quinnie, Ozzy, Arabella, Sterling and other characters. Simply put, Deviation is a splendid read and a great debut for its series.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite Deviation, the first book in the Sophisticates series, is the story of Clementine Dracone and her struggle to come to terms with the fact that not only is she genetically superior, but is also one of 12 members of the program known as the deviant dozen who display powers and abilities more powerful and dangerous than their classmates. The heroine is a very likable teenage girl. Clementine is part of a government program started in the wake of "Wormwood," a terrorist attack some time in America's near future that will make 911 seem like the work of angry amateurs. The idea behind this program is simple but potent. The best way to defend American interest and fight terrorism is to create a corps of genetically superior people with skills and abilities that will be more than a match for anything the enemy has. There are a lot of Young Adult science fiction novels out there dealing with the subject of teenagers or children with unusual powers. Deviation by Christine Manzari is one of the best I've read and I can easily picture Deviation as a popular TV series or movie. It has all the right dramatic elements for success. Christine Manzari does a great job of laying out the history and reasons for the program’s existence as well as showing the horror and confusion of young Clementine, who just wants to be a normal girl. The writing is good. The characters are realistically portrayed and very easy to sympathize with.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lisa Jones for Readers' Favorite Deviation by Christine Manzari is about a group of teenagers who are genetically programmed from the foetus stage to become the experiments of a program. The story is told through the eyes of a teenage girl named Clementine Dracone, or Cleo as she likes to be called. She struggles to cope with the fact that she has never known her birth parents and, when her anger becomes too much, she begins to display a rather scary characteristic. It is because of this that she is moved to St Ignatius where she makes new friends and a lot of enemies. As the story unfolds, her hidden anger makes her able to do things that she can't explain and the world in which she lives is far from what she thought it was. Christine Manzari shows much promise with her novel Deviation. It hosts a wonderful plot which changes from page to page and I especially liked the connection between Cleo and Ozzy. I would describe it as on par with The Hunger Games and although it may greatly appeal to the younger generation, I, for one, can confirm that the older generation will also enjoy the story. Each individual character was well developed and the structure of the plot was cleverly done. The concept of the characters being modified from birth is fascinating and each special ability has been well thought out and researched. There are some fantastic twists that I was not expecting and which were a welcome surprise. I am excited for book two in this series. I therefore recommend this book to all as Deviation is such an exhilarating read.
MarMar25 More than 1 year ago
Oh my sweet bearded Lincoln socks! This book is awesome, seriously awesome, like the “Darkest Minds” meets “Dark Angel”, I was not sure at the beginning of the story but then it just captivated me, it kept me interested, excited, and just completely fascinated into the story of Cleo, or Clementine, like the orange… hahaha  There was a lot of sarcastic and smart mouth commentaries from the characters they were really funny thought especially the interaction between Sterling and Cleo and then Sterling and Arabella, then Ozzy showed up, I wouldn’t mind some bokken private classes from him….  Hahahaha…  Cassie and the Homework Harpies were in the story as part of memory flashbacks,  more of Cassie; Cleo really cares for her, and I cannot wait to read the second book to read more about her. Cleo isn’t the perfect fit for St. Ignatius, she immediately clashed with Quinnie in an electrifying way, very shocking confrontation. Sterling and Arabella are to Cleo like family to her and she truly cares for them. Cleo is very astute, smart, and overprotective, also righteous but she lets her feelings cloud rightness. Ozzy is like “Four”, the hero that can’t save himself, his background story is truly moving.  I really like those two together, and cannot wait to know more about their love story.. What I am dying to know is about Wesley and Cassie, what was that, and are Sterling and Arabella together, together??? And will Theo ever get Quinnie’s ravenous rage after the Autumn formal video gig?.... This story was very exhilarating and truly captivating, I cannot wait for the next, thank you, thank you!! Oh my! that cliffhanger, scratch that…. Oh my! even better than that those last chapters and the ending!!! I would like to thank the group” We ♥ YA Books!” And the author Christine Manzari for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.
RunZoe More than 1 year ago
A super fun read. Honestly, I had my doubts going into this book but ended up loving it.  Sure it has a some of the typical plots points seen in other dystopian YA novels, but the characters were well developed, the story kept me interested from beginning to end and I’m really looking forward to book #2.   Cleo is a genetically modified teen who finds that she is part of a secret project where a select group of subjects are given further genetic modifications resulting in super powers.  Cleo is not happy with her life as government property and is forced to figure out who can be trusted while she is trained to become a weapon of the military.   I liked the cast of characters and found them to be well developed while still leaving some mystery.  I enjoyed the romance between Cleo and Ozzie.  Ozzie’s knowledge of her was a little creepy, but not enough to turn me off.   I also look forward to finding out more about the other characters, especially Sterling and Arabella’s history. I definitely recommend this book.  Solid 4 stars!   I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you Christine for allowing me to read this!