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Devil's Conviction

Devil's Conviction

by Rex Thomas


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Take a journey into the world of religion, God, and conscience to find out what makes a human wise, and how good sense can overcome depression and aggression.

A modern criticism of the Bible and a synthesis of observations and logical views are blended efficiently in Devil’s Conviction. A god does not ask you to worship, and what you do worship cannot be called God.

Your joy is your most positive element to drive you ahead. When bad meets good, bad happens; when good meets bad, bad happens; when bad meets bad, disaster happens; and when good meets good, great things happen. This is my theory of life.

The age-old debate over the birth of Jesus Christ and the cacophony of Christianity as the real and authentic religion has taken on serious introspection. The holy Bible has been spread all over the world, but the concept of Christianity has been lost in the trade of religion and the altar of brutality.

The belief that Christians are the most civilized community in the world may be somewhat true, but their domination over other religions is not acceptable. Being a good human has nothing to do with being a Christian, which is the theme of my book.

I consider any person who lives happily and makes others’ lives happy is a “real human.” I hope Devil’s Conviction will open a few eyes.

Rex Thomas grew up in a small village in Kerala, India. His primary education was in a non-English setting and he later earned an MBA. He owns his own English language academy in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is his second book.

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ISBN-13: 9781681814629
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 12/27/2016
Pages: 176
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