Devils & Thieves (Devils & Thieves Series #1)

Devils & Thieves (Devils & Thieves Series #1)

by Jennifer Rush


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A thrilling new urban fantasy filled with magic and motorcycles from Jennifer Rush, author of the Altered saga—perfect for fans of Beautiful Creatures.

Eighteen-year-old Jemmie Carmichael is surrounded by magic in the quiet town of Hawthorne, New York. In her world, magic users are called "kindled," and Jemmie would count herself among them if only she could cast a simple spell without completely falling apart. To make matters worse, she was recently snubbed by Crowe-the dangerous and enigmatic leader of Hawthorne's kindled motorcycle gang, the Devils' League.

When the entire kindled community rolls into Hawthorne for an annual festival, a rumor spreads that someone is practicing forbidden magic. Then people start to go missing. With threats closing in from every side, no one can be trusted. Jemmie and Crowe will have to put aside their tumultuous history to find their loved ones, and the only thing that might save them is the very flaw that keeps Jemmie from fully harnessing her abilities. For all her years of feeling useless, Jemmie may just be the most powerful kindled of all.

Sexy and suspenseful, Devils and Thieves delivers on the bewitching combination of magic and motorcycle gangs.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780316390897
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Series: Devils & Thieves Series , #1
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Jennifer Rush is the author of Devils & Thieves and the Altered Saga. She currently lives in Michigan with her family, where the winters make her grumpy and the summers make her forget the winters. When not writing, she can be found curled up with a good book or out wandering, either by foot or by car. She dreams of seeing the world someday (as long as it's not winter).

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Devils & Thieves 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
2.5 stars I had been looking forward to this story for the longest time and it breaks my heart to rate this so low. I liked Jemmie well enough. She’s got some issues with her magic and because of that, she spends the first half of the book getting drunk. The other half of the book is her figuring things out and the entire time she’s obsessing over Crowe. Plot wise, it was interesting, but I was so bored so quickly. Things do happen, but there wasn’t any sort of urgency until the last 50 pages. And it doesn’t seem like Jemmie has any growth. She goes from not being able to use magic, to having loads of power and it felt clunky to me. She even makes a comment about needing to practice, but goes home and takes a nap. My main complaint is that there is a lot a lot a lot of information. There are a loads of characters and like 12 different types of magic and it was a lot to try to keep track of. So, yeah, most of the time I didn’t know who had what magic or what it could do or what club they were from. Overall, it was an interesting concept and had an awesome ending. I will probably read the next one out of sheer curiosity. **Huge thanks to Little, Brown for providing the arc free of charge**
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
This was an entertaining read! As soon as I read the description for this book, I knew that it was one that I would have to read. Motorcycle gangs and magic...yes, please! It took me a while to read this book but that had everything to do with my personal life and nothing to do with the book. One I really had the chance to sit down with the book, I ended up reading the final 2/3 of the story in a single day and really enjoyed the experience. Jemmie lives in a world filled with magic. It can be hard for her sometimes because she does not want to use her magic and being around magic makes her feel ill at times. She has never really worked to hard at learning to control and use her own magic and has instead focused on self-medicating to cope with being around magic. Jemmie has ties to the Black Devils group through her best friend, Alex, and her brother, Crowe. A gathering of the different groups has tensions at a high. Things get even more intense when several people go missing and nobody knows who to trust. Jemmie finds herself at the center of the mystery and is determined to help Crowe find out what is happening before it is too late. There is a bit of a love triangle in this book. Jemmie and Crowe seem to belong together from the very start of the story even though they don't seem to realize it. There is another guy that seems to want a chance with Jemmie but I never really felt like he was a serious contender. Jemmie and Crowe do seem to have a lot of chemistry and I can't wait to see more of them together. I would recommend this book to others. I thought that the world was rather interesting and the mystery was pretty exciting. I wouldn't say that this book ends in a cliffhanger but it did leave me pretty eager for the next book so that I can see what happens next. I definitely plan to read more from Jennifer Rush soon. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers via
Van_shortandsweetreviews More than 1 year ago
Disclosure: I won a review copy through NOVL newsletter giveaway, all opinions are my own. Devils and Thieves is what you’d get if you mixed Sons of Anarchy and The Covenant. Has anyone seen the show or movie? It’s pretty good. I loved the SOA show and all things witches, so I was more than eager to read this new series. But to be honest, I had some trepidation before starting Devils and Thieves. There were more negative reviews than positive, and I had such high hopes for this new book…I mean, come on, magical biker gangs?! How awesome does that sound? The world of Devils and Thieves is comprised of multiple motorcycle gangs, all with their own powers that’s past on from one generation to the next. The ability ranges from locating/hiding animate and inanimate objects, controlling peoples’ feelings and thoughts, talking to animals, visions and communicating with the dead, to changing peoples’ perception, etc. The world set-up was interesting but it was poorly developed and executed. There were twelve different types of magic and the author just rattled them off and went in to a very basic and brief explanation of each which left me lost and confused for half of the book. The author tried to distinguished each set of magic with smells and colors, which can only be seen by Jemmie…but all of it still got lost in the shuffle. Another issue I had was there were way too many characters. With the annual kindled festivities, all the MCs came into town and it was difficult to remember which person belonged to which charter. I think the information would’ve felt less chaotic if there were only 1-3 types of magic and charter, because sometimes less is more. Jemmie took awhile to grow on me, it wasn’t until the end that I found her less annoying. She came off as whiny and clingy at the start of the book. And for the majority of the time she was constantly moping about Crowe; all because they shared one kissed and he dismissed her right after. It’s been a year…she should of moved on. But she didn't. Jemmie isn’t the greatest of female leads, but she definitely redeemed herself in the end. Many also complained about a love-triangle in the book…I’m not a fan of those either. However, it oddly didn’t bother me like it normally does. Probably because it wasn’t really a love-triangle. There was never a doubt who Jemmie loved and wanted to be with. Sad to say but other guy was just a rebound/distraction, she barely interacted with him beside face-timing and seeing him at the festival for 3 days. Devils and Thieves is a flawed New Adult (not sure why it’s labeled as YA since the characters are 18 and over) but it still provided a quick, engaging and good read. For the most part, I enjoyed it. Yes, the romance aspect was predictable, but the mystery surprised me. The kidnapper in the book was the last person I’d suspect! The ending was a game changer and has me curious to see what happens next with Jemmie and Co. With that said, it you like witches, or the show SOA; I suggest checking out Devils and Thieves…you might enjoy it!
taramichelle More than 1 year ago
Devils & Thieves was such a fun read! I’ve really been into urban fantasy lately so when I saw a YA book that promised motorcycle gangs and magic, I was so excited. This one ended up being a really fast-paced light read that was entertaining. Jemmie was an interesting protagonist. She spends the first half of the novel drinking heavily and being immature and indecisive. Despite that, I found her relatively easy to relate to because the author did a good job of portraying Jemmie’s issues with her magic, her self-confidence, and her family. She was a deeply flawed and imperfect character and I liked her because of that. I wasn’t a huge fan of the romance but I adored her friendship with Alex. The plot was an intriguing mix of motorcycle gangs, family feuds, and magic. The first half of the novel served as an introduction to the world while the second half contained a majority of the action. This led to pacing that was a bit weird but the entire book was fast-paced enough that I never got bored. In general, the plot was pretty predictable but I still enjoyed watching everything unfold. There was a lot of information about the various gangs and types of magic to keep track of in this book. I’m not sure if it was information overload or poor world-building but I found it really hard to keep track of who belonged to which gang, what magic they had, and how they related to the plot. However, I do think that there was a lot of promise in the world and secondary characters in general but they needed to be developed more. Devils & Thieves is a really fast and fun light read. It draws heavily upon YA tropes and the world-building could use a bit more work but overall this book is a very entertaining read. I’ll definitely be reading the next one in this series. After that ending, I think that book two is going to be a lot darker! *Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush Book One of the Devils & Thieves series Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Publication Date: October 3, 2017 Rating: 4 stars Source: ARC sent by the publisher Summary (from Goodreads): Eighteen-year-old Jemmie Carmichael has grown up surrounded by magic in the quiet town of Hawthorne, New York. In her world, magic users are called "kindled," and Jemmie would count herself among them if only she could cast a simple spell without completely falling apart. It doesn't help that she was also recently snubbed by Crowe, the dangerous and enigmatic leader of the Black Devils kindled motorcycle gang and the unofficial head of their turf. When the entire kindled community rolls into Hawthorne for an annual festival, a rumour begins spreading that someone is practising forbidden magic. Then people start to go missing. With threats closing in from every side, no one can be trusted. Jemmie and Crowe will have to put aside their tumultuous history to find their loved ones, and the only thing that might save them is the very flaw that keeps Jemmie from fully harnessing her magic. For all her years of feeling useless, Jemmie may just be the most powerful kindled of all. What I Liked: It has been forever and a day since we got a new Jennifer Rush novel! Well, not that long, but her last book, Reborn, published nearly three years ago. I loved the Altered series so much. Altered remains one of my favorite Young Adult books of all time. When I saw that Rush was publishing a new book, I knew immediately that I wanted it. I didn't even need to know what it was about. As it would turn out, it's about magic and motorcycle clubs and it was AWESOME. Jemmie Carmichael has always been surrounded by magic. She is one of the "kindled", magic users who live among non-magic users (drecks). Jemmie is a locant, like her father, but she hasn't been able to cast a spell in years. Jemmie feels like an outsider in the kindled world, and especially among the Black Devils, the kindled motorcycle club of the town of Hawthorne. Her best friend Alex is the daughter of the former president of the Devils, and the sister the of current president, Crowe. Crowe took over when his and Alex's father died of an accident that Crowe is convinced was not an accident. Crowe is dangerous and ruthless, and all of the kindled know it. The entire kindled community comes to Hawthorne for the annual festival of the kindled, which is hosted by the Black Devils this year. But something strange is happening; people from each MC club goes missing, and tensions start to rise. All fingers point to Crowe, but someone else's magic is at work. Jemmie and Crowe will have to uncover who the traitor among them is, before it's too late. Does this book sound kickbutt? It really was. I love stories that are set in modern contemporary times, but involve magic. There is something about this type of supernatural/paranormal story that appeals to me. Throw in a motorcycle club, and I'm sold. As an adult romance reader, I LOVE romance novels involving a guy in a motorcycle club. Maybe it's something about him being patched in, and she isn't, and he has to protect her but also stay loyal to his club. Read the rest of my review on my blog, The Eater of Books! - eaterofbooks DOT blogspot DOT com :)