by Andrew Galmer


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Diseases have a history, and understanding that history helps us understand how best to treat and control disease today. Today's students are confronted with a panoply of often-frightening illnesses and afflictions - the Biographies of Disease series provides students with the information that they need to understand the origin of various maladies, how they impact contemporary society, and how doctors and researchers from around the world are fighting to devise treatments to alleviate or cure these diseases. This volume, Diabetes, covers a disease that has been a common affliction from the beginning of recorded history, but has been increasing in its impact because of changes in diet and exercise, especially among the young.

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ISBN-13: 9781440835919
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/30/2008
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

ANDREW GALMER is a freelance writer who currently studies at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

Table of Contents

Series Foreword     xi
Preface     xiii
Introduction     xv
The Birth of Diabetes     1
Ancient Egyptians: Documenting Medical History     3
Ants and Urine     5
Ancient Greeks     5
Balanced Medicine     7
Arabic Medicine     8
The Rebirth of Science     10
What Is the Liver?     13
What Is the Pancreas?     14
Animal Research and Findings     15
The Discovery of Insulin     17
The Discovery of Sulfonamides     21
Fundamental Principles     23
The Cell: The Basic Unit of Life     25
The Fate of Food     28
The Duality of the Pancreas     29
Insulin's Roots and Routes     31
Glucagon     39
How Sweet It Is: Hyperglycemia     40
Dissecting Diabetes: A Closer Look     43
Type 1 Diabetes     43
Hyperglycemia     46
Type 1 Diabetes: Risk Factors     49
Type 2 Diabetes     51
Obese vs. Nonobese Type 2 Diabetes     53
Presentation     54
Diabetes in Pregnancy     55
Complications     58
A Vision Impaired: The Diabetic Eye     58
Kidneys in a Crisis     61
Making Sense of the Nerves     63
A Vessel of Cardiac Complications     66
Ketoacidosis     68
Watch Your Step: The Diabetic Foot     69
Testing and Treatment     73
Detective Work     73
Treatment Options     75
A Tasty Solution     76
Fitting Activities     77
Today's Tablets     78
Focusing on Insulin     81
Alternatives to Conventional Diabetic Care     85
Diabetes in America and Abroad     91
The Cultural and Socioeconomic Ramifications of Diabetes     91
A Diabetic's Perspective     92
A Costly Matter     97
Discrimination     101
Outcome of Income     103
Direct and Indirect Costs     104
Diabetes in America     106
International Interpretation     111
The Future of Diabetes     115
FDA Approval of New Drugs     116
Pharmaceuticals Available Today     118
New Methods of Insulin Delivery     122
Modern Monitoring      126
Transplants     128
Stemming Out to Stem Cell Research     130
Surgical Solutions     132
Clinical Trials     134
Conclusion     136
Timeline     137
Glossary     141
Bibliography     147
Index     155

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