Diabetes-The Real Cause and The Right Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 8 Weeks

Diabetes-The Real Cause and The Right Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 8 Weeks

by John Poothullil MD


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If you have Type 2 diabetes, this book is a life changer!

Whether you were recently diagnosed or have had Type 2 diabetes for years, this book will open your eyes to new thinking about the real cause and an actual cure based on scientific thinking. If you think that diabetes is your destiny because it is in your family, this book will show you that this thinking is not true. The fact is, you can reverse high blood sugar and diabetes in as little as 8 weeks using the 8 steps in this book.

“Health professionals are misleading patients about the true cause of diabetes,” says Dr. John Poothullil. “The problem has become so severe that diabetes is now a national and international epidemic."

Diabetes affects more than 23 million people in the US. Most diabetics are treated with medications or insulin injections to “control” their diabetes, yet they still develop many complications from the condition. 1 in every 4 adults over age 65 has diabetes. Diabetes is considered to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.

Based on more than 20 years of research into the scientific literature on diabetes, Dr. John proves that diabetes cannot be caused by insulin resistance as is commonly thought. Rather, it is caused by the constant consumption of grains – including wheat, barley, rice, oats, corn, and products made with the flour of these grains. When people excessively consume grains, it fills their fat cells and eventually forces a normal body metabolism to go haywire, leaving glucose in the bloodstream. This causes high blood sugar—and when it continues for a long period of time, it results in diabetes.

Dr. John's explanation makes far more sense than insulin resistance. It explains why diabetes is spreading in nations as different as China, India, England, and the US —because in all these countries grain is a major portion of the diet. It explains why younger and younger adults, even teenagers, are developing diabetes, given their diets of pizza, sandwiches, snack foods, cakes, muffins, doughnuts and so many products that contain grain flour. It also explains why some pregnant women get gestational diabetes and shed it within days after giving birth.

Understanding Dr. John's explanation for the cause of diabetes opens the door to reversing it. The book provides an easy to implement 8 step program that will truly your lower blood sugar for good.

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Publisher: Over and Above Creative
Publication date: 07/16/2017
Pages: 206
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About the Author

John M. Poothullil, MD, FRCP, practiced medicine as a pediatrician and allergist for more than 30 years, 27 of which were in Texas. He received his medical degree from the University of Kerala, India in 1968. He holds certifications from the American Board of Pediatrics and The American Board of Allergy & Immunology. During his medical practice, Dr. Poothullil became interested in understanding the causes of hunger and weight gain. His interest turned into multi-decade research project that guided him to investigate the theory of insulin resistance as it relates to diabetes.

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There are times when existing science turns out to be wrong—and

the explanation for the cause of Type 2 diabetes is one of them.

I have been researching diabetes for more than 20 years, and it turns

out that the leading theory about its cause misses the real scientific

reason why people develop Type 2 diabetes. For nearly 80 years, it

has been accepted that high blood sugar is caused by “insulin resistance,”

a condition in which certain cells in the body are no longer

sensitive to the presence of insulin and therefore these cells stop

allowing glucose to enter.

According to this theory, insulin resistance is the cause of high

blood sugar and eventually Type 2 diabetes if the condition persists.

Moreover, patients often believe (and medical professional may lead

them to think) that such insulin resistance cannot be reversed once

it starts. This sets off a chain of results, starting with taking oral medications,

increasing their dosage, changing to stronger and stronger

medications, and eventually giving oneself insulin injections before

every meal.

However, you should be aware that the “insulin resistance” theory

has never been proven as biological fact. The theory has not been able

to explain why the loss of insulin sensitivity occurs, or by what biological

mechanism it takes place. The theory cannot explain why younger

and younger children are developing high blood sugar and diabetes.

It cannot account for why thin people as well as overweight people

develop diabetes. It fails to explain why some pregnant women can

develop gestational diabetes within 8 weeks of pregnancy and then,

within days after giving birth, their diabetes disappears. As you will

learn in this book, there are too many inconsistencies and logical leaps

of medical science for us to continue believing in insulin resistance.

After critically examining 20 years of research, I have developed

a new, more understandable explanation for the cause of high blood

sugar and diabetes. It answers the questions above about younger

and younger children developing diabetes, about thin and overweight

people equally getting it, and about some pregnant women

incurring gestational diabetes. My explanation for the cause of high

blood sugar and diabetes also sheds light on why diabetes is spreading

throughout the world, as millions more people are now developing it. As you will

learn in this book, there are too many inconsistencies

of medical science for us to continue believing in insulin resistance.

Table of Contents

Prologue ix

Part 1 Grains-The Real Cause of Diabetes 1

Chapter 1 The Link Between Grains and Diabetes 3

Chapter 2 The Old Theories about the Cause of Diabetes 17

Chapter 3 A More Logical Theory to Explain Why You Have Type 2 Diabetes 31

Chapter 4 Only the "Fatty Acid Burn Theory" Can Explain the Inconsistencies of Insulin Resistance 43

Chapter 5 Why Do Diabetes Medications Seem to Work if Insulin Resistance is Not the Cause? 53

Part 2 Grains-The Real Cause of Diabetes 67

Step 1 Eliminate Grains from Your Diet 69

Step 2 Reconnect with Your Authentic Weight 79

Step 3 Maintain Your Authentic Weight: Paying Attention to the Hunger Sensation 91

Step 4 Maintain Your Authentic Weight: Listening to the Signals of Satiation 99

Step 5 Overcome Your Tendencies to Overeat 105

Step 6 Take Control of Your Eating Habits 113

Step 7 Understand the Foods You Eat 127

Step 8 Eat and Enjoy with No Diabetes 141

Epilogue 165

Appendix 1 Comparison of Grains and Other Sources of Carbohydrates 173

Appendix 2 Adjusting Your Diabetic Medications as You Implement the 8 Steps 177

Appendix 3 The Real Role of Exercise in Your Health 181

End Notes 185

About the Author 187

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Diabetes-The Real Cause and The Right Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 8 Weeks 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
Diabetes: The Real Cause and The Right Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Your Diabetes in 8 Weeks states its main case right on the cover, clarifying the approach Dr. Poothullil takes in a book that maintains that diabetes is a curable condition: "Type 2 diabetes is not due to insulin resistance; it’s your diet. See how you can stop taking medication or injecting insulin." This perspective is especially intriguing for Type 2 diabetics because it focuses on a very different medical explanation for the cause and reversal of high blood sugar and diabetes than other diabetes books offer. It also places more control over the condition in the hands of readers who could change their lifestyle choices in order to eliminate the disease. The book is not for Type 1 diabetics, where the pancreas is actually damaged; but Type 2s will find it packed with specifics that contrast old theories about diabetes with the author's new perspective on its causes and why certain medicines only appear to work if insulin resistance isn't really the cause of the Type 2 diabetic's problem. The chapters make a strong case for eliminating grains from one's diet and taking better control of one’s eating choices. The 8 steps offer a relatively easy-to-implement program most will find easy to follow. Aware that such a simple program promoting a 'cure' could be seriously questioned, Dr. Poothullil addresses initial concerns right from the beginning ("If you think that diabetes is your destiny because one or both of your parents had it, you will learn that what you have inherited is only a potential. If you think Type 2 diabetes cannot be “cured,” this book will show a completely different picture."), advocating a self-help program that requires only a willingness to self-assess in order to prove successful: "To avoid Type 2 diabetes, your goal must be to take back control of your body and rediscover or reconnect with your authentic weight. You know when your weight is right for you because your brain knows when your fat cells are not full and your blood is not full of fatty acids and glucose." The book is a no-brainer must-read for any Type 2 diabetic who truly wants to change, and who is open to consider a new scientific equation for understanding their diabetes along with different approaches to not just control it, but eliminate it from one's life. All that's required is a willingness to change lifestyle choices.