Women's Tales from the New Mexico WPA: La Diabla a Pie

Women's Tales from the New Mexico WPA: La Diabla a Pie

by Tey Diana Rebolledo, María Márquez

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At the height of the Great Despression of the 1930s, the administration of U. S. President Franklin Roosevelt instituted a Federal Writers Project as part of the larger Works Progress Administration (WPA), massive national undertakings aimed at getting the nation back to work. Many people participated in compiling a series of state-by-state guides to the country. Other writers’ projects included the gathering of folk songs and oral narratives by still-living ex-slaves.
New Mexico was among the states participating in this effort, and the project workers there included two women interviewers, Lou Sage Batchen and Annette Hesch Thorp, who in their work placed particular emphasis upon gathering Hispanic women’s stories, or cuentos. The two interviewed many native ancianos, gathering folktales as well as capturing narratives and gleaning vivid details of a way of life now long disappeared. Professors Tey Diana Rebolledo and María Teresa Márquez have combed through long-lost archives to recover these invaluable first-hand accounts, and have prefaced the whole with an introduction delving into some of the problematic cultural issues surrounding these records.

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ISBN-13: 9781611925999
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
Publication date: 11/30/2000
Series: Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Series
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

MARÍA TERESA MÁRQUEZ is Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico’s Center for Southwest Research. Among her other activities, she founded and moderates ChicleNet, a Internet-based discussion network devoted to Chicano literature.

Table of Contents

Part IAnnette Hesch Thorp
1.Stories. December 17, 19402
2.Catalina Viareal. September 17, 19404
3.Cesaria Gallegos. September 23, 19407
4.Tita. October 19409
5.Chana. October 8, 194012
October 15, 194014
October 22, 194016
October 29, 194018
November 5, 194020
The Resador. November 12, 194023
The Curandera. November 19, 194026
Remedios. November 26, 194028
Chana. December 3, 194031
6.Unknown Informant (possibly Antonio Vigil) Casorios. December 10, 194034
7.Antonia Vigil
Nuestra Senora Del Rosario. December 10, 194037
Witch Stories. The Story of a Headache39
8.Lina. December 31, 194041
January 7, 194143
January 14, 194145
Not dated47
February 4, 194149
Partera. February 25, 194151
March 11, 194153
The Pie and the Plate. Not dated57
Partera. Midwife. March 18, 194159
Remedios. March 25, 194162
9.Barbarita Nieto
Velorio. February 11, 194164
Velorio. February 18, 194166
Mortaja. Shroud. February 25, 194169
Satan and the Girl. April 1, 194170
Fabiana. April 1, 194171
Fabiana. April 8, 194173
11.Vicenta. April 15, 194175
April 22, 194178
April 29, 194180
May 6, 194182
May 13, 194184
Manuela. May 20, 194187
Manuela. May 27, 194190
Manuela. June 3, 194193
Amalia. June 17, 194196
Amalia. June 24, 194198
Amalia. July 1, 1941101
Part IILou Sage Batchen
1.Placitas. August 13, 1938106
2.Placitas Folklore. August 27, 1938
Dona Tomasa--the Witch Nurse111
Tesoro De la Ciruela113
El Abuelo--the Whipping Man114
Francisco and His Saint115
3.Folklore. September 17, 1938
Petra's Faith116
The Brave Little Shepherd117
The Coyotes Send the Warning118
Eufemia's Sopapillas119
Quiteria Outwits the Witch Nurse120
The First San Antonio De Las Huertas120
4.Las Huertas. October 11, 1938122
5.Tales of the Towns Settled by Las Huertasanas. Ojo De La Casa. November 12, 1938126
The Peace Plot. November 26, 1938131
El Inocenton132
El Ojo133
Luz De La Luna134
Legend of Montezuma Mine134
Gold Fever in Ojo De La Casa135
La Madera. The Timber. December 17, 1938138
The Good Samaritan of La Madera139
La Cita De Las Brujas. Rendezvous of the Witches140
El Misterio. The Enigma141
El Hombre Alegre. The Jolly Man142
La Madera, Part II. Luxuries Come to La Madera. January 6, 1939144
The Snow Bride145
The Burial of Old Jose148
Tejon (Badger). January 20, 1939149
The Naming of Placitas154
Old Houses of Placitas. February 10, 1939155
Life in the Old Houses: Part I. Josefa and Her Sons. February 24, 1939159
Life in the Old Houses: Part II. The House That Juan Built. March 17, 1939165
Life in the Old Houses: Part III. The Story of Nestor and Maruja Pais. April 7, 1939172
Life in the Old Houses: Part IV. Interwoven With the Story of Francisco Gonzales. May 5, 1939177
Life in the Old Houses: Part V. Sports and Pastimes. May 19, 1939183
Life in the Old Houses: Part VI. Hunts of the Old Days. June 9, 1939188
Life in the Old Houses: Part VII. Gabrielita and Placida. July 5, 1939194
Life in the Old Houses: Part VIII. Fiesta Days. July 21, 1939201
Life in the Old Houses: Part IX. August 11, 1939207
Life in the Old Houses: Part X. Fiesta Days. September 1, 1939212
7.Life and Play of the Children in the Old Houses: January 5, 1940217
8.Folktales. January 26, 1940
The Wise Donkey223
Capitan Grande, Agua225
The Phantom Raiders227
Ricardo's Deer229
9.The Trader of Ojo De La Casa. March 1, 1940230
10.The Terror of Ojo De La Casa. March 15, 1940234
11.El Bandolero De Las Placitas. April 5, 1940239
12.Felicia La Bruja. April 19, 1940243
13.An Old Native Custom.
Guadaloupe's Transgression. May 5, 1840248
El Indio Viejo. May 19, 1940251
Madrecita Piedad. June 3, 1940255
El Pelon Y La Pelona. July 20, 1940259
The Fall of Paquita261
La Curandera. August 5, 1940 to August 19, 1940269
A Tale of Witchcraft. September 12, 1940277
Camila. February 12, 1941281
Senor Flores Comes to Las Placitas. March 12, 1941286
The Cruel Moon. April 9, 1941290
14.Community Work. November 20, 1940294
15.Clotilde and Francisca. The Story of an Indian Raid. January 29, 1941298
16.Los Pedlers. April 23, 1941309
17.Easter Tide. June 18, 1941313
18.The Year It Rained Tortillas. February 13, 1942317
19.How Juan Brought Art to Las Placitas. February 27, 1942321
20.Antonia and Her Saints. March 13, 1942324
21.El Cajon Bonito. April 10, 1942328
22.How Senora Petra Clothed Her Family. April 24, 1942332
23.La Cuna Y La Muneca. June 5, 1942336
24.El Horno. July 3, 1942341
25.La Era. The Threshing Floor. July 17, 1942344
26.El Platero. August 14, 1942349
27.El Vestido De Venado Cuero De Juan. August 28, 1942352
28.La Tinaja De Lemita. September 11, 1942355
29.Mateo Y Raquel. October 9, 1942358
30.La Orquesta Antigua. October 23, 1942365
31.La Cosecha De Maiz. November 6, 1942369
Appendix (Batchen)
1.Juan of Tecolote. September 25, 1940374
2.Over the Santa Fe Trail in 1868. (No date, possibly March 9, 1941)390
3.The Panic of 1862. March 16, 1941396
4.Out of Bondage. May 7, 1941402
5.Juan Y El Oso Ladron. May 21, 1941407
6.The Fury of 1869. June 4, 1941412
7.Dos Hombres Sabios De Las Placitas. June 30, 1941417
8.Salvadoro, El Constructor De Arado. March 27, 1942422
9.Miguel Y Su Carreta. May 8, 1942425
10.Nicolas Goes to Market. June 19, 1942428
11.The Rope Maker. July 30, 1942431
Selected Bibliography437

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