Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds and Pearls

by Jennifer Ullmen


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This is a factional story, based on true events. It relates to an unsolved Murder/Mystery in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.

Mary Mullen was an only and lonely child. Born and brought up in the West end of Glasgow Scotland. Mary's mother died when Mary was five years old. Her father was a Merchant Seaman and a staunch Catholic. Mary's upbringing was left to her two Aunts who believed she was a spawn of the devil, due to her rebellious nature.

Mary was born in nineteen twenty six. She married in nineteen forty five and had eleven children. Six to her husband Joe and five to her first love Peter. Her father thought that when she got married she would settle down.

Not Mary. Mary would not conform to what society expected of her as a married woman. Mary wanted to be treated as an equal to her husband. Her rebellious character became even stronger than when she was a teenager. Mary harboured a dark secret that she spoke of to her closest friend Isa. Isa as promised to Mary, kept this secret until after Mary's death

Mary met an untimely death. Despite her misfortunes in life,
people that knew her always saw her as a cheery chirpy character.

The detectives investigating her death could not understand who would want to kill her.

Or why?

Was it matricide or just a simple twist of fate?

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ISBN-13: 9781493663347
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/22/2013
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Ullmen was born in Partick, Glasgow, Scotland in 1954. Jennifer left school in 1969 with no formal qualifications. Jennifer married in 1970. The same year her first child was born. She had 2 more children. Life for Jennifer was tough, she had slept on the street when her father was evicted from his home, as he could not pay his rent, due to losing his job in the shipyards at John Browns in Clydebank. A time when thousands of men who worked on the Clydeside lost their jobs

After 18 years of marriage, she divorced. Harry is now a changed man. Harry and Jenny are now on amicable terms. In later years Harry told Jenny, unfortunately it took him to lose everything that he loved to change.

Jennifer's education came later in life. Jennifer started up her own business that was a success. Due to personal circumstances and personal heartache she sold her business. She went on to obtain a University Certificate in Health and Social Care. She did a writers course and is now also a qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language and Business English.

Jennifer has learned a lot from her experiences in life, most of all to have empathy with others and never to be judgmental. She would like others to be encouraged, not to give up when they have feelings of despair.

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