Diane D In The Headlines: Volume 2 - Part 2

Diane D In The Headlines: Volume 2 - Part 2

by Doris Miller

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This story involves two male hospital employees, one white and one black, who work the night shift. One night during the night shift, the two male hospital employees are working inside a dimly lit isolated clinic hallway as they eavesdrop outside one of the closed clinic room doors secretly listening on Diane D’s private conversation while Diane D is alone inside the clinic room talking on the telephone. The two male hospital employees hear Diane D about to leave the room. They quickly back up away from the door and quietly race back down the other end of the hallway going around the corner. As the two male hospital employees hide around the corner, they hear Diane D leaving the room shutting the door behind herself. They go to take a peak around the corner and accidentally make a loud noise! They fear that the loud noise has attracted Diane D’s attention, blowing their cover! They then hear slow footsteps coming so they quickly turn and sneak down the stairwell into the lower level of the clinic area. They then hide and bend behind some boxes in the dimly lit hallway on the lower level. They then see Diane D in the distance coming from around the dark corner. They secretly watch Diane D from the distance and see her strange eerie behavior as she looks around the dimly lit hallway as if looking for someone. They then see her go from locked clinic room door to locked clinic room door trying to open each door. They then witness Diane D do something so strange and so frightening that they become shocked and frozen in fear! They can't believe what they just witnessed her do! They frighteningly have their backs leaned against the wall with their mouths and eyes wide open not able to move! Diane D then angrily goes into a storage room. While she is inside the storage room, the two male hospital employees manage to break loose from their fear! They quickly sneak away and frighteningly run back down the hallway out of the area! They then turn around the corner and race towards the stairwell! They reach the stairwell door and run back into the stairwell! Once inside the stairwell, they run right back up the stairs, not looking back!

This story also involves Diane D’s eerie and frightening performance in Germany which causes several thousand spectators in a German park to scream and run in fear!

This story also involves, the Dianettes’ back stage attack on another well-known female singer who wanted to perform and collaborate on stage with them and Diane D at a shopping mall. Again, the Dianettes will not hear of it! They later chase down the well-known female singer and her husband behind the shopping mall inside the parking lot. They catch up to the well known female singer and her husband and knock them down to the ground! They then attack the well known female singer and her husband! All six of the Dianettes are then arrested over the beat down! The well-known female singer and her husband both had to be hospitalized which causes the well-known female singer’s upcoming concert in New York to be canceled! While the Dianettes’ are in police custody, they overhear that the two well-known Latin female duo who tried to perform and collaborate with them and Diane D before are outside the police station secretly talking to Diane D. The Dianettes then bust out the back door of the police station! They charge after the two well-known Latin female duo! The two well-known Latin female duo turn and have to run for their lives!

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BN ID: 2940046519822
Publisher: Doris Miller
Publication date: 01/03/2015
Series: DIANE D , #4
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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