Diary Of A Teenage Fairy Godmother: A Contemporary Teen Fantasy Romance

Diary Of A Teenage Fairy Godmother: A Contemporary Teen Fantasy Romance

by Kathleen Baldwin, Andrea Sisco


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Award-winning author Kathleen Baldwin teamed up with actress mystery writer Andrea Sisco to write a fun contemporary YA fairytale, an adventure suitable for any age. This teen fantasy romance contains strong emotions, some kissing, but no sex.

"...a story that girls and women of all ages can love ... a magical world you want to explore even after this story has ended." -Bestselling Author, Suzanne Ferrell, 5 stars

*Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother*

A Fairy Godmother is not some overgrown pixie in a pink tutu. She's a guardian and a warrior specially trained to protect Cinderella's descendants. Lilliana Skye is undercover at a Texas high school on her first assignment to save one of Cinderella's troubled great-granddaughters. But everything goes terribly wrong.

Who wouldn't want their very own Fairy Godmother?

Jess Harrison, that's who. She doesn't believe in fairytale magic or happily-ever-afters. The death of her oldest brother nuked her world. Grief sucks. Jess is tough, angry, and so intelligent it's scary. If she ever did see a mythical fairy she would probably stomp it into oblivion with her army boots.

Fortunately Jess has another brother, but when Jake meets the new girl he falls hard. In Jess's universe that means trouble. Her shields go up. Code red. Weapons loaded.

Their oldest brother's tragic accident turned Jess and Jake's parents into emotional zombies. They avoided grieving and buried themselves in work. Jake is the only real family Jess really has left and she's fiercely protective. She can't let her brother fall in love with a dangerous lunatic who claims to be a Fairy Godmother.

That's fine with Lilliana. Falling in love with a human is forbidden, not to mention ... deadly.

And maybe, just maybe, if she didn't have to protect Jake and Jess she might be able to keep her wayward heart in check. But someone from the fairy realm is trying to kill all three of them and Lilliana has to find out why before it's too late.

_"I was hooked. This is a fast, fun read with more than enough world-building for fantasy fans" -Yvonne, 5 stars_

_"I liked the fantasy mixed with high school angst in this romance/action blend." - PA, 5 stars_

*Book Club Discussion Guide:*
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This book is suitable for girls, women, guys, anyone who loves a modern fairytale. The two of us are particularly fond of the YA fairytales by amazing authors: Shannon Hale, Gail Carson Levine, Marissa Meyer, and Diana Wynne Jones. But our book is a magical adventure that takes place right here, right now, in our world.
We set this book in a contemporary world because we believe there is a kind of magic all around us, inside each of us, just waiting to be revealed. Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother is a paranormal tale of finding hope, discovering truth, and learning to love.

_"I love this book so much!!! I didn't want it to end." Dancer Girl, 5 stars_

Dancer Girl, please contact us. We want to send you a prize for being our all time favorite review. Short, sweet, and perfect, your words made so happy we twirled for joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781484038918
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/03/2013
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Kathleen Baldwin is an award winning author and illustrator. Her Regency romantic comedies have garnered critical praise and multiple awards. Andrea Sisco is cozy mystery author, actress, and all around fun person. Andrea acted out this story and Kathleen wrote it down.

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Diary Of A Teenage Fairy Godmother, A contemporary Teen Fantasy Romance 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Rob_Preece More than 1 year ago
Fairy Godmothers help the offspring of Cinderella and now it's Lilliana Skye's turn. Her particular Cinderella, Jessica Harrison, hasn't come to terms with her brother's death in a car wreck and is taking her anger and frustration out on everyone around her. One thing Lilliana knows... she doesn't dare let herself fall for a human--that was the mistake her mother made, a mistake that cost her mother's life. With the help of her guardian and the special textbook on being a good fairy godmother, Lilliana feels confident she can do the job, saving Jessica and maybe the whole world. Jessica lost one brother and she's promised herself she won't lose another. And Lilliana looks exactly like the kind of girl her brother fell for... the girl who pushed him too far, who led him to his deadly wreck. When she sees her surviving brother, Jake, falling for the pretty fairy... who seems almost a clone of her late brother's girlfriend, Jessica vows she'll do whatever it takes to keep Jake and Lilliana apart, even if it means adopting underhanded methods. It seemed so easy in the textbook, but Lilliana runs into constant roadblocks as she tries to adjust to human life. In Biology, they're supposed to dissect bullfrogs, some of whom may have been Lilliana's friends. Lilliana's attempts to wear "ordinary" clothes to let her fit in fail--and she earns the envy of most of the other girls in the school. Then there's her guardian's advice, which seems almost designed to ruin her plans rather than help her. Fairy godmothers are supposed to help their Cinderella's Offspring, not the other way around, but only by working together can they confront the real threats they face. Authors Kathleen Baldwin and Andrea Sisco deliver a charming story. Lilliana, a fairy trying to survive in a Texas High School, is simultaneously quirky and innocent, unable to understand why others react so strongly to her choices. Jessica believes her life has been ruined and is willing to fight anyone to save what's left of it... no matter what the costs. The interplay between these characters drives the story forward as they gradually come to understand one another and learn that they have a chance to accomplish a lot if only they can work together. The magical showdown, complete with fairy monsters, dragons, and Jessica's top-secret sonic cannon, is a lot of fun. The romances (between Lilliana and Jake and between Jessica and Mark) add to the girls' character development but don't overtake the story. Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother is a lot of fun. I'm happy to recommend it.
MomcatKL More than 1 year ago
My daughters know I have a weakness for fairy tales, especially Cinderella tales so they handed this one to me after they finished. Part of the fun for me is to see what the author does to the story to make it unique. In this book, instead of Cinderella needing help from her fairy godmother it is her descendants many generations later that need help from a fairy godmother. Definitely an interesting premise. I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys young adult fairy tales. Lilliana is a fairy godmother-in-training. In order to graduate she must complete her first mission successfully. She is assigned to help one of Cinderella’s descendants, Jessica. Jessica is sophomore in high school. She is still grieving from the death of her oldest brother the year before. She is angry and defiant. She is also brilliant and capable of inventions to help or harm people. To add to Lilliana’s challenges, Jessica has another brother who falls for her. It is against the rules for Lilliana to even get emotionally involved with humans, let alone fall in love with one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"A Fairy Godmother is a guardian and a warrior, not a giggling pixie in a pink tutu." This is not your mama's fairy tale. Sent on a mission to help a Cinderella offspring, Lilliana has much to learn. . . about being a Fairy Godmother, and how teenagers think and act, and about how easy, and dangerous, it is to fall in love. Lilliana tries to learn all she can on her first mission. She is willing to give her all, even die, to see her mission through. It should be simple, she's read the rule book and followed the directives. Should be a dance at the ball. The one thing she hasn't prepared for is deceit and danger. The story is directed at young adults, but will be enjoyable for all ages. Friendsip, romance, action and a bit of mystery, it's a well written, smartly crafted story about a little understood group of beings. The book is delightful.
M-Miles More than 1 year ago
Such a fun book! This is so much fun. I loved the story and the characters. Lilliana is a fairy godmother who has been assigned Jess, a teen who has lost her brother in a horrible car accident. Jess thinks Lilliana wants to sink her claws in her older brother, Jake, and tries to explain to Jess she’s here to help him. Both Lilliana and Jake try to ignore their feelings for each other but find it difficult. And when an evil fairy godmother threatens to destroy Lilliana and her friends, they all band together to fight her. Loved the book! It’s a very sweet, romantic story teen girls will really enjoy. If you have a 13-14 year old, I highly recommend.