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Diary of a Zombie Hunter, Book Two and Book Three (An Unofficial Minecraft Book

Diary of a Zombie Hunter, Book Two and Book Three (An Unofficial Minecraft Book

by Mark Mulle


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GENRE: Children's Adventure

(An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Age 9-12)

Book 2: Zombie or Griefers

Satisfy your cravings for some fun and entertainment as you join Rick the Zombie Hunter as he accepts another action-packed and adventure-filled mission!

In his new home in the Overwatch, another threat to the safety and harmony of the people arise. As per the order of the Commander of the Overwatch, Rick went on for another journey to track down and hunt the mythical 'Intelligent Zombie'.

This mission forces Rick to go to a place called Flooded Swamp - a filthy and disgusting swamp where the Intelligent Zombie was believed to be hiding.

But what if, things suddenly turn and, instead of finding what he was originally looking for, Rick finds himself going head-to-head against a new kind of enemy? What will he do to survive a battle in a strange place filled with dangerous monsters and weird swamp people?

  • Does Rick have what it takes to finish his mission?
  • Or, is it going to be the end of his career as a Zombie Hunter?

Join Mark Mulle now as he shares with us another entertaining story that will surely tickle your imagination and your love for Minecraft.

Grab your copy of this book today and fill your world with lots of and excitement brought to us by our new hero, Rick the Zombie Hunter!

Book 3: The Captain of Overwatch

Prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling adventure stories you'll ever read!

Get ready for the last installment of this Diary of a Zombie Hunter book series. Everything will end here... but how?

Everything has changed for Ricky - he's no longer a Zombie Hunter, as he just enlisted himself in the Overwatch army, finally becoming a real hero who has passion for protecting innocent people.

But, as the number of zombies continues to soar uncontrollably, Rick finds himself on a mission together with Captain Vanderhill and the rest of his scouts. Their objective? To capture as many zombies as they can to prevent the undead from invading the Overwatch.

However, as their mission comes close to an end, Rick begins to realize that the one person he's entrusting the mission to is plotting a dark conspiracy that will threaten everything he is fighting for.

How can Rick stop these evil plans?

Get this book now and be thrilled as you discover how the saga between Rick and the zombies will end!

This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.

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ISBN-13: 9781537121697
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/17/2016
Pages: 174
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