Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India

Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India

by Devesh Kapur
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Princeton University Press
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Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India

What happens to a country when its skilled workers emigrate? The first book to examine the complex economic, social, and political effects of emigration on India, Diaspora, Development, and Democracy provides a conceptual framework for understanding the repercussions of international migration on migrants' home countries.

Devesh Kapur finds that migration has influenced India far beyond a simplistic "brain drain"—migration's impact greatly depends on who leaves and why. The book offers new methods and empirical evidence for measuring these traits and shows how data about these characteristics link to specific outcomes. For instance, the positive selection of Indian migrants through education has strengthened India's democracy by creating a political space for previously excluded social groups. Because older Indian elites have an exit option, they are less likely to resist the loss of political power at home. Education and training abroad has played an important role in facilitating the flow of expertise to India, integrating the country into the world economy, positively shaping how India is perceived, and changing traditional conceptions of citizenship. The book highlights a paradox—while international migration is a cause and consequence of globalization, its effects on countries of origin depend largely on factors internal to those countries.

A rich portrait of the Indian migrant community, Diaspora, Development, and Democracy explores the complex political and economic consequences of migration for the countries migrants leave behind.

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ISBN-13: 9780691125381
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: 08/19/2010
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables ix Acknowledgments xiii Chapter 1: The Missing Leg of the Globalization Triad: International Migration 1
Chapter 2: Analytical Framework and Research Methodology 23
Chapter 3: Selection Characteristics of Emigration from India 50
Chapter 4: Economic Effects 84
Chapter 5: Social Remittances: Migration and the Flow of Ideas 124
Chapter 6: International Migration and the Paradox of India's Democracy 162
Chapter 7: The Indian Diaspora and Indian Foreign Policy: Soft Power or Soft Underbelly? 185
Chapter 8: Civil or Uncivil Transnational Society? The Janus Face of Long-Distance Nationalism 210
Chapter 9: Spatially Unbound Nations 253
Appendix I: Survey of Emigration from India (SEI) 273
Appendix II: Survey of Asian Indians in the United States (SAIUS): Methodology 281
Appendix III: Survey of Asian Indians in the United States (SAIUS): Questionnaire 287
Appendix IV: Database on India's Elites (1950-2000) 293
Bibliography 297
Index 315

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