Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase

Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase

by John Picha

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Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase by John Picha, Grant Gardiner, Bard Constantine, Jack Philpott

This action-packed ePulp Anthology unleashes four new noir tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. Blazing brawls and gritty adventure awaits dieselpunks, nostalgians, die hard or pulp-curious fans. Hope you can take a punch, because these two-fisted tales hit hard!

For young hoods, the Aether Age streets of mob-plagued Chicago present a world of opportunity. And Mack and Mickey are headed straight for the top in "That Sort of World: a Tale of the Aether Age."

It's class-warfare in Citadel City as Pandora Driver and her Car of Tomorrow deliver rough justice to the elites and a douche named the Gooch in "Who are the People in your Neighborhood?"

"The Wise Man Says" introduces Mick Trubble: a hard drinking, chain smoking charmer who bites off more than he can chew... then chews like hell. The Troubleshooter takes the grit and slang of a hardboiled detective and drops it in a dystopian setting that mixes Fedoras, trench coats, flying cars and android policemen.

The dirty streets of Roanoketown were his home and his only family. Until he met HER. Now he'll follow HER into hell, tamahaak held high, and fight as a proud Indian against the Anglo Oppressors. He'll wager his life to be a true "A Friend of Spirits."

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BN ID: 2940016285283
Publisher: John Picha
Publication date: 02/18/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,062,840
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Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
matthew davies More than 1 year ago
The Diesel Punk e-Book showcase is a fantastical collection of four stories rooted in the gritty reality of the pulp tradition. Drawing inspiration from the hard-boiled suspense tales of that era, these sagas mix a retro flavor with depictions of dystopian societies mirroring our own turbulent present. As art imitates life, and as history repeats itself, so does pulp rise again to titillate our darker natures with graphic depictions of vice and graft, not from the dime novels of yesteryear, but from the depths of the internet. In the first offering in the showcase, "Tales of the Aether Age", the USA has disintegrated into rival factions, the Union is broken, Prohibition is fueling gangsterism, and wise guys everywhere are looking to score. Jaded and world-weary, but looking to make a name for themselves, two crooks take on a big job. They are guarded street toughs, and constantly challenged to think three steps ahead of the game to sift through the layered hierarchies of allegiances and machinations of power. "Pandora Driver" harkens back to a pre-WW2 America populated by colorful immigrants chasing the American dream. One unlucky shopkeep draws the attention of a ruthless gangster looking to muscle his way into some prime real-estate, only to draw the ire of a idealistic vigilante bent on protecting the powerless from exploitation. With her strange car, stunning physical prowess and commitment to dispensing street justice as she sees fit, Pandora Driver is a pulp heroine with a dark side of her own. The waters of justice are further muddied in the third offering, "The Troubleshooter". Neo-feudalism produces a brand of slippery characters known as "Troubleshooters" after the disintegration of society in a great Cataclysm. Operating outside the law, the torch from one to the next is about to be passed, but not without some twists and ambiguity. Gritty noir and futuristic technology drive the tale of Mick Trubble through this tale of shaky allegiances and pliable morality. In the "World of Manana" stark power play and spiritual psychedelics are just part of the amalgam of swirling archetypes and juxtaposed cultural constructs. Part Aurthurian grandeur, part Castenadian psycho-spiritual intrigue,  this genre bending tale pans the landscape of human experience. Yearning for a purpose higher than himself, a young man searches for his place in dystopia. From the subjectivity of family to the intertwined yin-yang of good and evil, "Manana" has something to scratch every pulp itch.  
TheOrangutan More than 1 year ago
A grand collection of dieselpunk inspired stories that really encapsulate the era and ideals of dieslpunk. If you like early to mid 20th century history but spun off in a slightly differnt direction, then this is for you. Neatly and compellingly written, the tales are well researched, cleverly put together and intriguingly different.   Each of the authors who has added a story to the collection brings a different style, all of them wonderful. A grand melange of history, pulp, alt. history, thriller, science fiction, gritty action and humour, the authors have produced a dieselpunkfest guaranteed to delight fans of the genre.   Four grand stories pit the age of jazz, the private dick, Sam Spade, and the tommy gun toting mean streets of America's tough cities against alternative history and the authors varied and wonderful imaginations. Nanobots and fedoras, androids and jewish bakeries, bullet-proof women and hired muscle, Model T Fords and dystopian alternative futures, it's a veritable festival of dieselpunk.      Great characters, great scenarios, great dialogue and great writing, all punked. What more could you ask for?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like your stories in handy bite sizes, then this is the book for you. There are four different ones to digest: Tales of the Aether Age, Pandora Driver, Trouble Shooter and World of Manana. I’m not entirely familiar with Dieselpunk but I guess I would describe it as futuristic simplicity. At first glance, it seems as though you’re stepping into an ordinary world but not everything is from that era. Think of Boardwalk Empire, only more technologically advanced. I particularly liked Trouble Shooter. It reminded me a little of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series. If you’re familiar with the series, you will know what I mean when you read that particular story. The story is more detective than cowboy, but the essence of the two is the same. The other stories are different enough to engage you as are the voices in which they’re told. Each one was easy to follow and brimming with action. My suggestion? Dive right in. You never know. You might discover your new favourite author.
Ducheau More than 1 year ago
From the first trench coat pocket packed with dynamite, to the last draw off a spent gasper, this ePulp collection cuts a wide, interesting swath across the Dieselpunk genre: 'That Sort of World' wanders the dirty back alleys of prohibition Chicago like a Tarantino nod to the Mobster genre, while 'Pandora Driver' cracks heads as a gas-powered, Frank Miller-penned, New Deal avenging angel. 'The Wise Man Says' channels Raymond Chandler through a high-tech, heist filter, as 'A Friend of Spirits' falls like a sunset over Hemingway's pre-Castro Cuba. This ePulp Showcase goes a long way to demonstrating the solid thematic foundations of the dieselpunk genre and raises the bar for the sub-sub-genre at least a few notches closer to the mainstream.