Diet-Free Me: How to Stop Struggling, Lose Weight, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Diet-Free Me: How to Stop Struggling, Lose Weight, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

by Pamela Burke


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Say it loud - diet-free me from fad diets, living off of salads, and feeling deprived!!

If that made you feel better, then you will want Diet-Free Me: How to Stop Struggling, Lose Weight, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle because...

When it comes to losing weight, you know the drill. Don't eat this. Don't eat that. Do this. Don't do that.

And you know that the word on the street is that if you want to lose weight, then diet and exercise. Duh.

Is it really that simple though? Heck, is it simple at all?

I do believe I heard a resounding, NO!

Losing weight is not easy.

You probably know first hand that it is a struggle. You struggle to lose it. You struggle to keep it off. You struggle with knowing what to eat and when to eat it. You struggle to find time to exercise. You have possibly tried every diet known to man and end up with the same results. It is a struggle.

What if you knew how to manage those struggles?

What would happen if you thought differently about losing weight?

Differently? Yes, differently.

That is, becoming a diet-free you.

That is what Pamela Burke (you can call her Pam), author of Diet-Free Me: How to Stop Struggling, Lose Weight, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle encourages all of us struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good to do.

Forget the diets.

Get to understand what put you in the place of needing to diet in the first place. That, my friend, is where the change begins. That is how you change your life.

Discover more by getting Diet-Free Me: How to Stop Struggling, Lose Weight, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle.

In it you will:

  • Get an understanding of why you do what you do when it comes to eating.
  • Get an understanding of your relationship with food.
  • Be introduced to tools that will help you monitor what you eat and be knowledgeable about what you are eating.
  • Be provided with resources to help know what to eat, even if you hate cooking.
  • Learn about a tool that will have you grocery shopping like a pro with your health in mind.
  • Be well prepared for the temptation occasions.
  • Be prepared with what to say and do when people are pushing you to not eat healthy.
  • Learn how to find time to workout.
  • Be living and thinking healthier.

As for those struggles, Pamela provides you with comprehensive suggestions for handling your struggles, challenges, and what to do when life happens.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692782637
Publisher: Pamela Burke
Publication date: 10/05/2016
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Pamela Burke grew up as a DK - a deacon's kid. She was not like horror story DK's or Pks - a preacher's kid - who did completely the opposite of their parents. She was, however, obediently rebellious. That meant Pam respected her parents, did what her elders told her to do, and respected authority, but if she felt contrary to them she put her foot down and did what she wanted to do how she wanted to do it.

Pam took the same approach to losing weight. While some in the weight loss industry and food industry make it their mission to sell consumers on quick fixes, losing weight fast without exercising plans, and fooling people into believing that sugar laden food products are healthy by plopping words like "All natural", "Low fat", or "Organic" on the package, Pam refused to fall prey to such misleading tactics.

She lost a significant amount of weight being obediently rebellious. She rebuked the notion of quick fixes and false advertisement while being obedient to making losing weight a priority in her life. Pam did it by being consistent, being an informed consumer, and understanding why she gained weight in the first place.

Pam uses her experiences and knowledge to help others follow the same path. She shares what she knows via her blog,, a website dedicated to sharing advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helping people change their mind, attitude, way of life, and body. Pam strives to get people to live a can-do attitude in every area of their lives, thus allowing them to change their self-doubts, fears, circumstances, and struggles into positive opportunities.

Pam is also a speaker. She speaks on topics such as creating opportunities, changing mindsets, and living a healthy lifestyle, and to parents and students about the messages they are missing related to attending college. In addition to speaking to young people about college and education, she also serves as a mentor and provides scholarships to college students.

For the record, Pam does all of the above as her side hustle. She has worked in corporate America for twenty-five years. Always willing to sit on a panel or speak on creating opportunities with work colleagues, she has been graced with the unofficial title of "Good Corporate Citizen." Her daily functions also include helping others, but by way of helping technically with devising more efficient processes and providing data solutions.

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