Dietetics of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words

Dietetics of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words


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What we choose to eat is arguably the most important factor in producing and sustaining health. Many families today look to diet in working with diabetes, obesity, inflammation and nutritional health. Diet was a cornerstone for the early Naturopaths as they charted their course for health reform. Dietetics of Naturopathic Medicine reviews the writing of these early Naturopaths who scrupulously examined and documented the role of diet and food. As important today as when these pioneers first brought forward their discoveries into clinical practice, their dietetic knowledge is a precious resource for the modern Naturopath.

The Rare Book Room at National University of Natural Medicine houses the unique collection of journals published by Benedict Lust in the last century. Through fifty years of advocacy and patient care, this naturopathic champion wrote, collected, edited and published several thousand substantial articles on every conceivable naturopathic medical subject. Culling this rich landscape of seminal articles, Dr. Sussanna Czeranko, ND, Rare Book Room Curator, has created an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind resource called The Hevert Collection: In Their Own Words, a twelve book series that reintroduces the roots of the medicine to modern Naturopaths. Richly illustrated.

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ISBN-13: 9781945785023
Publisher: NUNM Press
Publication date: 09/12/2016
Series: In Their Own Words
Pages: 414
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About the Author

Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE, is a 1994 graduate of CCNM (Toronto). She is a licensed ND in Oregon. In the last twenty-two years, she has developed an extensive armamentarium of traditional naturopathic therapies for her patients. Especially interested in balneotherapy, botanical medicine, breathing and nutrition, she is a frequent international presenter and workshop leader. She is a monthly Contributing Editor (Nature Cure-Past Pearls) for NDNR and a Contributing Writer for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project. Dr. Czeranko founded The Breathing Academy and along with Dr. Karis Tressel The Nature-Cure Academy, both of which provide training and practicums for Naturopathic doctors, the former in the scientific model of Buteyko breathing therapy, and the latter in traditional Naturopathic modalities. Dr. Czeranko also founded Manitou Waters Clinic, Spa and Health Education Centre in Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of a pristine, highly mineralized northern lake.

Table of Contents

Kneipp Health Food • Benedict Lust
Olive Oil As A Remedy • Benedict Lust
Honey • Mgr. Sebastian Kneipp
Diet For Patients And Convalescents • Friedrich Eduard Bilz
Nut Foods • Benedict Lust
MiIk • Benedict Lust
Biscuits, Light Bread, Or Whole Wheat Bread? • F. J. Buettgenbach
Diet Treatment • Benedict Lust
Regeneration • In Praise Of The Onion In Medicine • Benedict Lust
Should We Drink? • Sophie Leppel
Diet • A Naturopathic Silhouette • Benedict Lust
Some Foods As Remedies • A. Scholta
The Naturopathic Kitchen: Non-stimulating Diet, Vegetarian Or Naturopathic • Benedict Lust
Modern Systems Of Healing: The Schroth Cure • John A. R. Gray
New Theory On Eating • About The Value Of A Good Gluten Graham Bread • Benedict Lust
The New Tuber Food • Benedict Lust, N.D.
The Nutritive Value Of Unpolished Rice • Otto Carqué
Adulteration Of Food • Samuel A. Bloch
Fruit And Nut Diet • O. Hashnu Hara
This Nation Suiciding • Cora G. Ives, D.O.
Green Salads And Vegetables As Medicine • Adam Clark
Cause And Cure Of Ailments According To Natur-Therapeutics • Benedict Lust
Diet For Corpulent People and Vegetarian Method of Life • Benedict Lust
Remarkable Discovery • John Harvey Kellogg
Why We Favor A Vegetarian Diet • Dr. Henry Lindlahr
The Simple Life In A Nutshell • John Harvey Kellogg
Why Peanuts Are Hard To Digest • Benedict Lust
Nutritive Value Of Oats • Author Unknown
The Practical Naturopathic Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooked And Uncooked Foods • Mrs. Louise Lust
Unbleached Flour • Charles Cristadodo
Substitutes For Meat And Their Values • Edwin C. Wilson
The Magnetic Properties Of Food • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
The Vegetarian Kitchen: Suggestions For Cooking Vegetables • Mrs. Anna Lindlahr
Raw Food Diet • Mrs. Anna Lindlahr
Standard Foods and Overeating • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
Drink At Meals • J. H. Neff
Care And Feeding Of Infants • Otto CarquÉ
The Food We Eat And The Food We Should Eat • Eugene Christian, F.S.
To Salt Or Not To Salt • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
California "LikeFresh" Fruits, Their Nutritive And Hygienic Value • Otto CarquÉ
A Plea For An Apyrotropher Society • Do You "Troph"? • Mrs. Helen Sherry
The Cruciferae • George J. Drews
Curled Dock • George J. Drews
Building Brain By Diet • Dortch Campell
Eugene Christian-The Food Science Doctor • Valdemar Blad
Edible Thistles • George J. Drews
How To Eat Dahlia Tubers • George J. Drews
Life And Death In Diet • Axel Emil Gibson
Scientific Dietetics-Fasting • R. Moershell
The Dasheen • Dulse As Food • George J. Drews, AI.D., D.C.
Milk For Apyrtrophers • Spring Suggestions • George J. Drews, AI.D.
My Diet Of Healing • Arnold Ehret, Dietist
The New Science Of Healing • Louis Kuhne
Cocoa Bread • Translated From German by David Ammann
Kitchen And Table, Menus For Purification • Mrs. Louise Lust
A Nut And Fruit Dietary For Brain Workers • Sophie Leppel
Healthful Eating • E. Howard Tunison
The Dietetic Cure Of Cancer • Augustin L. Evanzin, A.B., Ph.D.
The Cause Of Disease • Irving James Eales, M.D., D.O.
Fasting • William F. Havard, N.D.
Canning Without Sugar • Martha B. Opland, N.D.
The Curative Diet • William F. Havard, N.D.
Grits Versus Bread • Henry E. Lahn, M.D.
The Curative Diet (continuation) • William F. Havard, N.D.
Some Thoughts On The Value Of Vegetarianism And Raw Foods In
Health And Disease • Louise Lust, N.D.
The Life Worth While • Edwin J. Ross
Light On Dietetic Problems • Alex Emil Gibson
Cowless Milk • Alice M. Reinhold, N.D.
Foods And Nutrition • Dr. A. J. Kennedy

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