Dietitian's Cancer Story: Information and Inspiration for Recovery and Healing

Dietitian's Cancer Story: Information and Inspiration for Recovery and Healing



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Dietitian's Cancer Story: Information and Inspiration for Recovery and Healing by Diana Dyer

As a three-time cancer survivor as well as a health care professional, Diana Dyer offers unique perspectives on various complementary approaches to improve the quality of life in cancer patients. These approaches include lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, meditation, as well as other techniques which should be viewed not as alternatives to conventional medicine, but rather as complementary. Furthermore, these strategies may be of value not only during the active treatment of cancer, but also during the period of recovery. By becoming active participants in these lifestyle changes, as Diana has done, cancer survivors can better regain control of their lives and improve its quality. The information in this book should be valuable to cancer survivors and their families.

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ISBN-13: 9780966723830
Publisher: Swan Press
Publication date: 06/28/2010
Edition description: 8TH
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

About the Cover7
Preface to the Fourth Printing10
Preface to the Fifth Printing11
Preface to the Eighth Printing12
My Cancer Story16
Nutritional Guidelines to Reduce Cancer Risk19
Nutritional Components
What Counts as a Serving
How to Achieve Nine+ Servings/Day of Fruits and Vegetables without Chomping Carrots All Day Long!
Sample Menu
Tips for Integrating this Diet with a Family
Diana's Grocery List31
Diana's "SuperSoy & Phytochemical Shake"35
Nutrition and Cancer Fatigue Suggestions39
Additional Information about Fruits and Vegetables41
Culinary Herbs with Anti-cancer Activity43
Dining Out: How to Maintain and Anti-Cancer Diet44
General Guidelines for Low-fat, Plant-based Eating
Helpful Tips
Hidden Fat Traps and Vegetarian Concerns
Salad Bar Tips
Beverage Suggestions
Meal Suggestions for Restaurant Type
Middle Eastern
American, European, Bar and Grill
Pizza Places/Sub Shops
Delis/Bagel Shops
Fast Food
Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
Sample Menus
Travel Tips--Ideas for Eating on the Road or Bringing Your Own Food
My "Decision Tree" for Evaluating and Implementing any Alternative/Complementary Therapy59
Dietary Supplements61
How to Choose a Brand of Vitamin or Herb63
Additional Ingredients in my Healing Recipe66
Support Groups
Cancer Survivors' Network
Exercise, including T'ai Chi and Qi Gong
Guided Imagery
Feng Shui
Techniques and Tools Used by my Breast Cancer Support Group Members to Both Cope and Heal72
Facts, Figures, and Thoughts74
Characteristics and Skills of Cancer Survivors75
Closing Thoughts76
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ #1I have just been diagnosed with cancer. What steps do you suggest I take?
FAQ #2Do you ever "cheat" on your diet?
FAQ #3What do you eat for snacks?
FAQ #4Does sugar "feed" tumors?
FAQ #5Is your shake recipe really just one serving? Can I save it for later?
FAQ #6My blender won't blend the carrots. Do you have suggestions?
FAQ #7Can herbs interact with any of the chemotherapy drugs?
FAQ #8Which herbs might cause problems with blood clotting?
FAQ #9Is it better to drink decaffeinated green tea?
FAQ #10Are there environmental concerns about eating fish?
FAQ #11Do soy foods interact with Tamoxifen?
FAQ #12Are flaxseeds OK for women with ER+ breast cancer?
FAQ #13What can be done to relieve the fatigue I am still experiencing since my cancer therapy has been completed?
FAQ #14What are your thoughts about the use of supplemental antioxidants like vitamin C during my chemotherapy and radiation?
FAQ #15Is there any new information about the soy/breast cancer controversy?
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Cancer Treatments
Cancer Survivorship
Cancer and Nutrition
Internet Resources
Additional Books/Tapes
Sources for Recipes that I Have Used and Loved
Dining Out
Ordering Information for Additional Books111
About the Author112

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