Digital Photography Visual Quick Tips

Digital Photography Visual Quick Tips

by Gregory Georges



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ISBN-13: 9780470083079
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/05/2006
Series: Visual Quick Tips Series
Pages: 192
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Gregory Georges is the author of the best-selling first edition of Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks, as well as 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques, 50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques, and 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques. He has been an active photographer for over 25 years and a Photoshop expert since the early releases of the product. Over his career, he has taken pictures with medium format, 35mm, and digital cameras - resulting in a collection of over 15,000 images. Georges is also a contributing writer for eDigitalPhoto Magazine, which is a new sister publication to shutterbug magazine. Additionally, he has written articles for other magazines and content for a variety of vendors and Web sites to be used to promote his books.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Get ready to Take Photos.

Select Good Photo Opportunities.

Know Why You Are Taking Photos.

Master Your Camera to Get Great Photos.

Choose the Image File Format to Suit Your Needs.

Set the Image resolution and Compression Level.

Control Your Camera's Light Sensitivity with the ISO Setting.

Improve Color with the White Balance Setting.

Shoot for Digital Editing.

Pack for a Successful and Enjoyable Shoot.

Chapter 2. Choose Good Light.

Pick Good Light for Better Photos.

Shoot in Haze or Fog.

Silhouette your Subject.

Learn When to Shoot with a Built-in Flash.

Reveal Detail with a Fill Flash.

Reveal Detail with a Fill Flash.

Reveal Detail with a Fill Flash.

Add a Catch Light to Your Subjects' Eyes.

Prevent Red Eye.

Add Natural Light with a reflector.

Shoot Close-ups with a Macro Ring Light.

Illuminate Portraits with Window Light.

Take Advantage of the Golden Hour.

Chapter 3. Control Exposure.

Understanding Exposure to Get the Photos That You Want.

Discover Different Exposure Modes.

Choose an Appropriate Metering Mode.

Using the Histogram to get the Exposure That You Want.

Improve Exposure with Exposure Compensation.

Avoid Blown-Out Highlights.

Understanding Dynamic Range.

Combine two Photos to Get a Full Dynamic Range.

Chapter 4. Control Focus and Depth of Field.

Achieve Sharp Focus Using a Tripod.

Control Focus with Focus Point Selection.

Show Action Using a Slow Shutter Speed.

Add Drama by Panning with the Subject.

Control Focus Creatively with Manual Focus.

Control Depth of Field.

Create Cool Effects with Depth of Field.

Understanding Focal Length.

Control Background with Focal Length and Aperture.

Chapter 5. Take Better Photos.

Assess Shooting Conditions.

Consider the Possibilities.

Compose for Maximum Effect.

Shoot Photos Based on a Theme.

Work to Develop Your Style.

Shoot Details to Create Interest.

Compose for Final Print Proportions.

Learn to Shoot Better by Studying EXIF Data.

Get Better Photos with Patience, Practice, and Effort.

Chapter 6. Try Creative Photo Techniques.

Focus Attention On Your Subject.

Shoot Color For Dramatic Photos.

Show Movement With a Neutral Density Filter.

Control Reflection with a Polarizer.

Shoot Photos for a Panorama.

Shoot Photos with a "Wow!" Factor.

Shoot Scenes with Low Contrast.

Shoot When Seasons Change.

Shoot Patterns and Shapes.

Shoot with a Plan to Edit Digitally.

Experiment to  Create Unique Photos.

Shoot in Low Light for Rich Colors.

Chapter 7. Make Photographic Prints.

Understanding color Management.

Crop a Photo to a Specified Size.

Make a Large Print.

Sharpen a Digital Image.

Precisely Position Photos on a Page.

Print Multiple Photos on a Page.

Order Prints Online.

Create and Order a Photo Book Online.

Chapter 8. Complete Digital Photo Projects.

Organize Your Digital Photos.

Share Digital Photos with AOL Instant Messenger.

Archive Your Digital Photo Collection to a DVD.

Create a PDF Slideshow.

Create a Digital Photo Album.

Create a Web Photo Gallery.

Create a Video Slideshow.

Create a Photo Calendar.

Create a Photo Greeting Card.

Create a Photo Montage.

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