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Digital Transformations in Turkey analyzes the genesis, dynamics, and operations of different communication contexts in relation to digital transformations in Turkey. The contributors tackle such topics as the impact of social networking channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and the changing dimensions of social, cultural, and political ideologies. Akdenizli offers a multifaceted and balanced discussion of the role and impact of communication technologies in a country with questionable and blatant freedom of expression violations. This collection will appeal to scholars of communication, new media, and technology in emerging markets.

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ISBN-13: 9780739191187
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 03/20/2015
Pages: 346
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Banu Akdenizli is associate professor of communication and head of the Department of Public Relations and Publicity at Yeditepe University.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Culture, Society and the Individual

Chapter 1: A Multidimensional Privacy Orientation Scale: Development and Validation with Turkish Twitter Users
Lemi Baruh, Haluk Mert Bal and Zeynep Cemalcılar

Chapter 2: New Media, Everyday Life, and the Poor: An Ethnographic Inquiry
Hakan Ergül, Emre Gökalp and İncilay Cangöz

Chapter 3: Online Games and the Spirit of Capitalism: An Analysis of Youngsters and Clash of Clans
Billur Ülger

Chapter 4: “To be a Child in the 1980s” in Turkey: Construction of Generational Memory and Nostalgia Through Cyberspace
Demet Lüküslü

Chapter 5: cingeneyiz.blogspot.com.tr: A Case of Representing the Gypsy Identity on the Internet in Turkey
Özlem Akkaya

Part 2: Industries, Design and Practice

Chapter 6: Changing Power Perceptions: Public Relations Practitioners and Social Media
Ebru Uzunoğlu, Burcu Öksüz and Merve Genç

Chapter 7: Integrating New Media into Higher Education: A Turkish Case in Transmedia, Convergence and Gamification
Erkan Saka

Chapter 8: Every Now And Then: Journalists and Twitter Use in Turkey
Banu Akdenizli

Chapter 9: Communicating Social Responsibility: A Look at Turkish Corporate Websites
Banu Bıçakçı

Chapter 10: Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Labors, Our Rights:The Socialist Feminist Collective and The Feminist Politics
Berrin Yanıkkaya

Part 3: Insitutions, Governance and Democracy

Chapter 11: In Quest for Democracy: Internet Freedom and Politics in Contemporary Turkey
Aslı Tunç

Chapter 12: “#WeAreErdoğan”: The Justice and Development Party’s Social Media Campaign during the 2011 General Elections
Mutlu Binark, Tuğrul Çomu, Aslı Telli Aydemir, Günseli Bayraktutan, Burak Doğu, Gözde İslamoğlu

Chapter 13: The Politics of the Digital Technoscape in Turkey: Surveillance and Resistance of Kurds
Burçe Çelik

Chapter 14: The Revolution Will Be Hacktivated: Turkish Marxist Hacker Groups
Murat Akser

Chapter 15: Using Social Media Dialogically?Political Parties in Turkey and the 2014 Local Elections
Banu Akdenizli and Nazlı Çetin

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