Dilemmas of Educational Ethics: Cases and Commentaries

Dilemmas of Educational Ethics: Cases and Commentaries

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ISBN-13: 9781612509334
Publisher: Harvard Education Press
Publication date: 05/17/2016
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Meira Levinson is a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and former middle school teacher in the Atlanta and Boston Public Schools. Jacob Fay is doctoral student and member of the Early Career Scholars’ Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Table of Contents

Introduction Metro Levinson Jacob Fay 1

1 Promotion or Retention? Meira Levinson 9

Square Pegs, Round Holes: The Need for Reform Melissa Aguirre 14

Toward Pragmatic Educational Ethics Jal Mehta 18

Humanism and Standards Sigalben-Porath 22

Promotion, Retention, and the Rights of the Child Willie JR Fleming 26

The Pedagogical Implications of Case Study Structure Brendan W. Randall 30

Systems, Not Individual Saviors, for All Students and Schools Toby N. Romer 34

2 Rocky Choices: Scientific Inquiry, Discipline, and Mental Illness at Rivers Elementary Meira Levinson Sigal Ben-Porath 39

Navigating Rocky Choices with Practical Wisdom Joshua Wakeham 44

Educational Justice in the Inclusive Classroom Jaime Ahlberg 49

Preparing Teachers for Complex Decisions Elisabeth Fieldstone Kanner 54

Academic Engagement as Classroom Management Seth Andrew Natalie Gould Miriam Joelson 58

Promoting the Values of Inclusion, Learning, and Expertise in Complex Situations Diana Hess 62

From Interests to Membership Jacob Fay 67

3 Stolen Trust: Cell Phone Theft in a Zero-Tolerance High School Kailey Burger Meira Levinson 73

The Challenge of Responding to Injustice Tommie Shelby 79

Thinking Creatively in a Bind Jeffrey Smith 83

No Just Outcome Elizabeth Anderson 88

Agency, Bias, and Imagination in Doing Educational Justice David J. Knight 93

Three Frames for Good Work Howard Gardner 97

Whom Can You Trust When Everyone Is the Police? Mary Pattillo 101

4 Inflated Expectations: How Should Teachers Assign Grades? Meira Levinson liana Finefter-Rosenbluh 107

Putting School Mission First Rebecca E. Yacono 113

Three Ways to Grade Rob Reich 117

Grade Inflation as a Tragedy of the Commons Jennifer Hochschild 122

Inflated Expectations in a World of Hypercredentialing Peter Demerath 127

Grades Miss the Mark Deepa Sriya Vasudevan 132

Protect Teacher Integrity Doris A. Santoro 137

5 Is Pandering Ethical Policy? Power, Privilege, and School Assignment Meira Levinson 143

Can Pandering Promote Equality of Opportunity? Andrée-Anne Cormier 151

Don't Pander, Go for Growth! Michael J. Petrilli 155

School Assignment Lotteries: What Should We Take for Granted? Jennifer M. Morton 160

Pandering in a Context of Limited Choices and Costs Andres A. Alonso 165

Means and Ends: Practical Considerations for Equitable School Reform James E. Ryan 170

From Principles to Practice and the Problem of Unintended Consequences Christopher Winship 175

6 How, If at All, Should Charters Be Compared to Local Districts? Meira Levinson 179

The Trouble with Universality Frederick M. Hess 186

Compromising Charter Schools' Efforts to Serve Disadvantaged Youth Harry Brighouse 190

The Need for Equity-Based Policy Pedro Noguera 194

Not Perfect for All, But Perfect for Some Ayo Magwood 198

Charter Schools, Education Markets, and Democracy Lawrence Blum 202

Schools for All Our Children Patricia D. Jehlen 206

7 Engaging with Dilemmas Jacob Fay Meira Levinson Elisabeth Fieldstone Kanner 211

Notes 225

Acknowledgments 241

About the Editors 243

About the Case Study Contributors 245

Index 247

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