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Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1949

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1949

Germany's Bear Family is well known for its stellar box set reissues of country, rock, and rhythm & blues recordings, as well as for single titles by deserving if not necessarily remembered American artists. Their mastering, production, and packaging set the industry standard for excellence. The six-volume Dim Lights, Thick Smoke series was released on CD in


Germany's Bear Family is well known for its stellar box set reissues of country, rock, and rhythm & blues recordings, as well as for single titles by deserving if not necessarily remembered American artists. Their mastering, production, and packaging set the industry standard for excellence. The six-volume Dim Lights, Thick Smoke series was released on CD in December of 2008 and covered the years 1945-1950, a strange and wonderful time in country music history born from of the end of the War Department's restrictions on shellac and the end of the recording ban, all near the end of the second world war. These discs all contain either 27 or 28 tracks, and are lavishly annotated with historical essays and track by track annotation by the esteemed Colin Escott, and contain with photographs of performers and record sleeves where available. The 1949 volume in the Bear Family's Dim Lights, Thick Smoke series is one of the strongest. Country music became a true hotbed of activity as the '40s ended, with labels both major and independent recording and manufacturing titles in record numbers. The music on this 28-track set offers a small example of the wealth that was flooding jukeboxes, small independent radio stations, and even ending up in record shops across the nation. Some of the selections here, such as "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Vaughn Monroe, and Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" are equaled by those of Leon McAuliffe's "Panhandle Rag," Bill Nettles' "Hadacol Boogie," and Johnnie & Jack's "What About You." Leon Payne's brilliant,. "I Love You Because," and Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Mule Train" are here as well. None of these cuts are necessarily rare, but placed in sequence like this makes for an amazing mix reproduced in almost uniformly excellent sound quality. Highly recommended.

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Bear Family


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lester Flatt   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Monroe   Mandolin,Tenor (Vocal)
Earl Scruggs   Baritone (Vocal)
Ralph Stanley   Banjo,Tenor (Vocal)
Eddy Arnold   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Little Jimmy Dickens   Guitar,Vocals
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Vocals
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle,Mandolin
George Morgan   Guitar,Vocals
Hank Thompson   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Floyd Tillman   Guitar,Vocals
Vaughn Monroe   Leader,Vocals
Leon McAuliffe   Steel Guitar
Pee Wee King   Accordion,Leader
Ken Curtis   Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar
Leon Payne   Guitar,Vocals
Ernest Tubb   Guitar,Vocals
Shot Jackson   Steel Guitar
Jimmie Skinner   Guitar,Vocals
Johnnie Wright   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Roy Ayres   Steel Guitar
Billy Byrd   Electric Guitar
Don Costa   Guitar
Johnny Cuviello   Drums
Bud Duncan   Steel Guitar
Charles Randolph Grean   Bass
James Hall   Fiddle
E. Johnson   Piano
Millard Kelso   Piano
Cal Maddox   Rhythm Guitar
Cliff Maddox   Mandolin
Don Maddox   Fiddle
Fred Maddox   Bass
Henry Maddox   Mandolin
Rose Maddox   Vocals
Ernie Newton   Bass
Roy Nichols   Guitar
Danny Perri   Guitar
Jack Pleis   Piano
Wayne Raney   Harmonica,Vocals
Eldon Shamblin   Electric Guitar
Ralph Smith   Piano
Carter Stanley   Guitar,Vocals
Howard Watts   Bass
Hank Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Jack Wills   Bass,Drums
Joe Zinkan   Bass
Joe Holley   Fiddle
Dean McKinney   Vocals
Evelyn McKinney   Vocals
Ocie Stockard   Banjo
Jack Anglin   Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Woody Carter   Fiddle
Milton DeLugg   Accordion,Leader
Lowell Frisby   Bass
Ernie Hunter   Fiddle
J.D. Standlee   Steel Guitar
W. Brown   Choir, Chorus
Tommy Magness   Fiddle
Jack Shook   Guitar
Harold McDonald   Drums
Wesley Webb West   Steel Guitar
Pat Brady   Bass
Alton Delmore   Guitar,Vocals
Rabon Delmore   Vocals,Guitar (Tenor)
Lonnie Glosson   Harmonica
Hopkins   Guitar
Bill Nettles   Mandolin,Vocals
Bob Nolan   Guitar
Lloyd Perryman   Guitar
Bob Shivers   Fiddle
Willie Thawl   Bass
Hal Smith   Fiddle
Louis Innis   Rhythm Guitar
Thomas Lee Jackson   Fiddle
William Edward "Zeb Turner" Grishaw   Guitar
William Edward "Billy" Liebert   Accordion
Joyce "Red" Murrell   Guitar
Ralph "Lefty" Nason   Steel Guitar
Clyde Baum   Mandolin
Bill Drake   Guitar
Robert Berg   Fiddle
Eddie Kird   Rhythm Guitar
Charlie Lewis   Piano
Robert "Bobby" Sumner   Fiddle
Darrell "Pee Wee" Lambert   Mandolin,Baritone (Vocal)
James C. Grishaw   Electric Guitar
Lonnie "Pap" Wilson   Rhythm Guitar
Hugh Farr   Fiddle
Karl Farr   Guitar
Frank Juricek   Steel Guitar
Ray "Curly" Lunsford   Mandolin
Cecil "Gig" Sparks   Guitar
Chuck Wiginton   Guitar
Shorty Boyd   Fiddle
J.T. "Tiny" Smith   Bass
Sol Gamboa   Drums
Leo Herbert Raley   Mandolin
Herbert L. "Herb" Remington   Steel Guitar
Beecher "Pete" "Bashful Brother Oswald" Kirby   Steel Guitar
Robert Kiser   Guitar
Murel Wayne Johnson   Saxophone
James "Jimmy" Riddle   Harmonica
William Ellsworth "Alex" Brashear   Trumpet
Thomas Elmer "Tommy" Duncan   Vocals
H.O. "Jack" Loyd   Bass,Vocals
Luther Jay "Luke" Wills   Bass
Clyde Carl Baum   Mandolin,Baritone (Vocal)
Dorris Paul Warren   Fiddle
Jack Kelly   Piano
Buck Lambert   Fiddle
Theodore Nathaniel Adams   Bass
E. Braghittoni   Violin
Troy Jack Drake   Bass
Howdy Edwards   Guitar
E. Humma   Violin
Lee C. Keith   Trumpet
R. LaSala   Trumpet
W. Mustard   Trombone
Euell Nettles   Guitar
Loyce Nettles   Bass
William Brannon Robinson   Steel Guitar
Eugene Schuler   Banjo
Clifford G. Snyder   Bass
Henry Ellis "Redd" Stewart   Fiddle,Vocals
Oscar Sullivan   Mandolin
J. West   Saxophone
Ivan LeRoy Wiggins   Steel Guitar

Technical Credits

Bill Monroe   Composer
Eddy Arnold   Composer
George Morgan   Composer
Hank Thompson   Composer
Floyd Tillman   Composer
Merle Travis   Sound Effects
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Leon McAuliffe   Composer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Leon Payne   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
Ernest Tubb   Composer
Cindy Walker   Composer
Jimmie Skinner   Composer
Johnnie Wright   Composer
Art Satherley   Producer
Paul Cohen   Producer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Cliff Friend   Composer
Fred Glickman   Composer
Henry Glover   Composer,Producer
Charles Randolph Grean   Producer
Hy Heath   Composer
Walt Heebner   Producer
William D. Holford   Engineer
Don Law   Producer
Doug Pomeroy   Metal Transfers
Wayne Raney   Composer
Fred Rose   Producer
Carter Stanley   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Clarence Williams   Composer
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys   Composer
Lee Gillette   Producer
Jack Anglin   Composer
Michael Brooks   Metal Transfers
Stephen H. Sholes   Producer
Jesse Kaye   Producer
Alton Delmore   Composer
Rabon Delmore   Composer
Lonnie Glosson   Composer,Harmonic Arrangement
Bill Nettles   Composer
Tim Spencer   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Dave Sax   Illustrations,Metal Transfers
Matt Cavaluzzo   Metal Transfers
Kevin Coffey   Illustrations
Herbert M. Paige   Contributor
Tommy Sutton   Composer
Red Fortner   Composer
W.S. Barnhart   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Johnny Lange   Composer
Brenda Colladay   Illustrations
Steve Nelson   Composer
Stan Jones   Composer
Ed Nelson   Composer
Bartlett   Composer

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