Dimensions of Social Welfare Policy

Dimensions of Social Welfare Policy

by Neil Gilbert, Harry Specht
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Prentice Hall


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Dimensions of Social Welfare Policy

Social workers and family therapists need a guide that updates them on the very latest developments in American social policy, including the new Welfare law and new concepts of civic community and privatization. This updated edition does that and more. This book has set the standard for social policy books that provide an analytical focus. The authors, in writing the new edition, have incorporated data and analysis on the newest social welfare legislation and trends into "dimensions" or decision-making alternatives. Market: Social workers, family therapists, and those concerned with the state of our welfare system.

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ISBN-13: 9780132144865
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 01/01/1974
Pages: 208

Table of Contents

1The Field of Social Welfare Policy1
Institutional Perspectives on the Study of Social Welfare Policy2
Evolving Institutions and the Welfare State12
Analytic Perspectives on the Study of Social Welfare Policy14
Political Perspectives on the Study of Social Welfare Policy18
Why Policy Analysis Is Relevant to Direct Service Practitioners21
Emerging Issues: Feminist Perspectives on Social Welfare23
2The Modern Welfare State29
The Evolving Welfare State29
Theories of Welfare Growth38
Is America Exceptional?40
Today's Welfare State41
Welfare Scope43
Welfare Realms45
Emerging Issues: Renegotiating the Boundaries52
3A Framework for Social Welfare Policy Analysis55
Benefit Allocations in the Social Market and the Mixed Economy of Welfare56
Elements of an Analytic Framework: Dimensions of Choice60
An Example: The Transformation of Social Services63
Application of the Framework69
Distributive Justice in Public Assistance70
Individual and Collective Values in Public Assistance77
Theories, Assumptions, and Social Choice80
Emerging Issues: The Search for Equity83
4The Basis of Social Allocations89
Who Shall Benefit?89
Universality and Selectivity in Income Maintenance93
Child Support and Asset Building Proposals97
Social Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness99
Another Perspective on Allocation: A Continuum of Choice108
Allocative Principles and Institutional-Residual Conceptions of Social Welfare112
Operationalizing the Allocative Principles113
Eligibility Versus Access118
Emerging Issues: Generational Equity120
5The Nature of Social Provision126
Basic Forms: Cash Versus In-Kind126
Alternative Forms: An Extension of Choice132
Vouchers: Balancing Social Control and Consumer Choice134
Substance of the Social Provision137
Social Provisions as Reflections of Policy Values141
What Is Not Provided?144
Cash, Kind, and the Cycles of Public Assistance147
Emerging Issues: Choice for Whom?149
6The Design of the Delivery System154
Privatization and Commercialization in Service Delivery155
Promoting Coherence and Accessibility: Service Delivery Strategies163
Unsettled Questions178
Selecting Strategies180
Emerging Issues: Services Rationing and Managed Care186
7The Mode of Finance: Sources of Funds195
Sources of Funds196
The Philanthropic Contribution198
Contributory Schemes and Fee Charging211
Public Financing: Not Entirely a Public Matter214
Emerging Issues: Financing Social Security227
8The Mode of Finance: Systems of Transfer234
Centralization, Decentralization, and Their Ideologies235
How the Money Flows238
How Transfers Are Conditioned243
Devolving Public Welfare249
Emerging Issues: Immigrants, Social Policy, and the States267
9Who Plans? Choices in the Process of Policy Formation273
Planning Models273
Individualist and Collective Approaches to Planning278
The Planner's Role280
Planning in Model Cities281
Conceptions of the Public Interest283
Competing Values: Participation, Leadership, and Expertise286
Shifting Power to City Hall290
Social Welfare Planning: Drift or Design?292
Emerging Issues: The Rise of Experimental Design in Policy-Oriented Research293

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