by Carlos Alberto Rojas Caldera/n
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And so, as the sun snails across the skies, the dreary moon slowly following behind in it's endless chase, Blue Lightning waits. He waits for Syndrai to come back, ready to change his ways. But it was more than not likely he would return. That changed on one rainy day three years later.---- Due to the pouring rain, Blue Lightning had to leave work early. He was soaked to the core, shivering and wet. His wings were wet also, so he half-flew and half-stumbled down to ponyville. When he got there, something knocked his head to the pavement and he passed out. Blue Lightning woke in a cell. Oh no! Had the gaurds find out what he did last sunday?! He realized the gaurds would've taken him to court, not knock him out and stuff him in a cell. Blue Lightning attempted to move his hooves, but realized they were wrapped in metal chain. Who would DO that? "Hello, softie.." no. It couldn't be him! Out of all the ponies in Equestria, not him. Syndrai was back!! The follower of Discord strode out of the shadows, wearing.. was that Blue Lightning's lab coat? "He must've took it when i was knocked out.." he muttered under his breath. "Oh, what? This? Hah! You wont be needing this anymore once i tell your pony friends your dead! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!" Strange. He had a very high pitched voice now. Blue Lightning could only shout curses at Syndrai as the demonic pegasus trotted away.------- Blue Lightning's throught was starting to hurt from yelling when speedwings and beats came and freed him. "Ah! Finally, that position hurt. Lets go kick some tail!"-------- Syndrai was finally dead. Dead, after three years. What a waste. He could've done something much amaze. But no. What a sad ending to a sad life.<p> Now im done.