Dinosaur Memories II: Pop-cultural Reflections on Dino-Daikaiju & Paleoimagery

Dinosaur Memories II: Pop-cultural Reflections on Dino-Daikaiju & Paleoimagery


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Within Dinosaur Memories II's thirty-eight chapters, Allen A. Debus (a name familiar to dinosaur aficionados and daikaiju fans) presents a selection of his many fanzine writings, stemming from the 1980s through recent time. Although a 'sequel' of sorts, it may be read independently of 2002's "Dinosaur Memories: Dino-Trekking for Beasts of Thunder, Fantastic Saurians, Paleo-people, Dinosaurabilia and other Prehistoria." Today, it would be difficult, time-consuming (& rather expensive) to track down the material presented in this new compilation, scattered among many different fanzines.

Presenting edited zine' articles, culled from the pages of Prehistoric Times, G-Fan, Scary Monsters and other fanzines, "DM II's" chapters are organized, following a Preface, into eleven major sections covering the bases of pop-cultural paleontology and dino-monsterology: LOST HORIZONS; CHICAGOLAND DINOSAURS; PALEOIMAGERY vs. PALEOART; SCIENCE FICTIONAL DINO-MONSTERS; STATUESQUE DINOSAURS; UNSUNG PALEO-MONSTERS; MYTHIC MONSTROSITIES; PLANET OF APES vs. DINO-MONSTERS, ASTRO-PALEONTOLOGY; BELLICOSE BEHEMOTHS; and PERSONAL PETROGLYPHS. The book melds nostalgic, personalized perspective with science and fiction of our beloved prehistoric monsters! Particular chapters offer further elaboration on topics introduced in the author's "Paleoimagery: The Evolution of Dinosaurs in Art" (2002), "Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction" (2006), and "Prehistoric Monsters" (2009).

This is Allen's 8th book overall, five of which were previously published by McFarland Publishers. This createspace platform book was edited for publication by Kristen L. Dennis of Full Proof Editing in 2017. Both an Index, and Foreword by kaiju expert Mike Bogue are included.

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About the Author

Allen A. Debus has written articles for journals and a variety of fanzines--the latter including 'Prehistoric Times,' 'G-Fan,' 'Mad Scientist,' 'FilmFax' and 'Scary Monsters'--usually intertwining science fiction and paleontology. During the 2000s he was a contributing editor of Fossil News: Journal of Avocational Paleontology. Besides Dinosaur Memories II (2017), Allen has also written other paleo-themed books (several available through McFarland Publishers or via amazon), emphasizing prehistoric animal popular culture and imagery. He's a self-taught sculptor, selling numerous resin prehistoric animal sculptures during the 1990s through his Illinois company named Hell Creek Creations, and a retired environmental chemist.

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