Dinosaurs On The Ark

Dinosaurs On The Ark

by David Larsen
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Dinosaurs On The Ark by David Larsen

T-Rex on Noah's Ark? Right! How did Noah feed him without being fed to him? Not only does this book address the issues of Creation and evolution from scientific and biblical perspectives, it also chronicles the author's personal journey to discover and document the remains of Noah's Ark (1997, '98, '99, 2000, '01, '03, '05) and discusses the overwhelming significance of potential discovery. For anyone educated in American schools (especially secular colleges and universities), the topics, such as those addressed below, will be both challenging and eye-opening.
Discover compelling answers to these questions:
• What if the story of dinosaurs existing millions of years ago is a myth designed to bolster belief in an evolutionary process, but completely devoid of actual evidence?
• What if dinosaurs were brought onto Noah's Ark along with all other air-breathing land animals and survived a global flood?
• What if the various (and varying) accounts of "Ice Ages" on Earth are fictitious and have spiritual roots linked to the belief in evolution?
• What if the remains of Noah's Ark were found in the upper reaches of Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey?

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NoraOsganian More than 1 year ago
Dinosaurs on the Ark is an honest and thorough examination of the available data as it pertains to such creation/evolution issues as the fossil record, the scientific age of the universe, the roots of evolution theory, and the geology and significance of the Noahic flood. It also includes a fascinating account of the author's personal quest to locate the remains of Noah's ark atop Mt. Ararat, and elucidates the immense significance of such a find. David Larsen has done a remarkable job of explaining how the available scientific data fit with the biblical account of history, and he exposes many of the myths we have been taught in schools for what they are. It has become all too common in schools and universities today for administrators and teachers to ignore the available data, or prevent it from being presented, in deference to tradition or fear of reprisal, thereby hindering students from examining the evidence for themselves. The author's love for the Truth and his desire to reveal it are clearly evident in the pages of Dinosaurs on the Ark. I highly recommend it to anyone open-minded enough to take an honest look at the historical and scientific data available to us.