Director 7 for MacIntosh and Windows

Director 7 for MacIntosh and Windows

by Andre Persidsky



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201353983
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 04/26/1999
Series: Visual QuickStart Guide Series
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

CHAPTER = About This Book.
1. Director Basics.
About the Stage. About Cast, Score, and Stage Interaction. About Sprites and Cast Members. About Director Windows. About Director's Inspectors. Getting Started. Customizing Director. Creating a Movie. Updating Movies. Working Faster.

2. Assembling Casts.
Creating Casts. Importing Cast Members. Managing Casts.

3. Building a Score.
Using Frames and Channels. Working with Sprites. Changing Sprite Properties. Changing the Score View. Setting Markers.

4. Animating Sprites.
Tweening. Step Recording. Real-Time Recording. Building Animated Sequences. Making Film Loops. Animating Color Cursors. Imported Flash Movies.

5. Playing & Refining Movies.
Using the Control Panel. Setting Movie Tempo. Comparing Target Tempo vs. Actual Tempo. Locking Playback Speed. Setting Pauses in a Movie. Using Scene Transitions.

6. Using Paint Tools.
Getting Started. Selecting and Moving Images. Making Shapes and Lines. Painting. Using Ink Effects. Using Color and Pattern. Painting with Gradient Inks. Adding Text. Applying Effects. Using Ink Masks. Onion Skinning. Applying Image Filters.

7. Drawing Vector Shapes.
Creating Vector Shapes. Editing Vector Shapes.

8. Drawing on the Stage.
Drawing Lines andShapes. Making Buttons. Creating Text. Setting Colors.

9. Managing Color.
Color Depth. Color Mode. Color Choices. Color Palettes. Custom Color Palettes. Tactics for Limited Color Displays.

10. Adding Digital Video.
Importing Movies. Importing Animated GIFs. Incorporating Video. Editing Video. Changing the Playback Area.

11. Adding Text.
Creating and Editing Regular Text. Importing Text. Embedding fonts. Creating Field Text. Setting Text for Users to Change. Setting Text for Hyperlinks .

12. Adding Sound.
Importing Sounds. Placing Sounds in the Score. Matching Sound to Actions. Compressing Sounds. Using Streaming Shockwave Audio. Recording Sounds in Director (Mac).

13. Creating a Projector.
Setting Projector Options. Making a Projector. Creating a Flexible Projector. Protecting Movie Files.

14. Making Movies for the Web.
Setting Up. Creating Shockwave Movies. Making Streaming Shockwave Movies. Playing a Shockwave Movie. Converting Multiple Movies.

15. Using Xtras.
Installing Xtras. Using Xtras. Adding Casts Member Xtras. Including Xtras in Distributed movies. Using Activex Controls (Windows).

16. Adding Interactive Behaviors.
Assigning Behaviors. Using the Behavior Inspector. Adding Behaviors. Modifying Behaviors.

17. Scripting Lingo.
Understanding Handlers, Messages, and Events. Writing a Script. Making Sprites and Cast Members Interactive. Scripting Navigation.

Appendix A. Glossary.

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