Director MX (Inside Macromedia Series) / Edition 1

Director MX (Inside Macromedia Series) / Edition 1

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Cengage Learning

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Director MX (Inside Macromedia Series) / Edition 1

Tap into the power of one of today's most popular multimedia authoring tools for CD-ROM, Internet, and Intranet development! Unlike other books that try to incorporate every bit of information on every last feature, Director MX allows readers to focus on truly important, practical aspects of real-world multimedia development in order to strengthen their knowledge of useful authoring techniques. The 'learn-by-doing' approach has proven effective in classroom- and self-paced learning, providing readers with the skills they need to create leading edge, interactive presentations. Comprehensive instruction begins with the basics of Director's interface and tools, and moves swiftly to exercises that teach readers how to work with text, graphics, other media, and libraries. A companion CD-ROM, containing all of the support files for use in completing exercises in the book, equips users with everything they need to get started. Special icons also appear throughout the book enabling more experienced developers to access the information they need to take full advantage of new, exciting Director MX functionality when designing and building their own multimedia projects.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781401814779
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 08/20/2003
Series: Inside Macromedia Ser.
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 460
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.95(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contentsv
Chapter 1Getting Started with Director MX1
Guided Tour 1AOpening Director for the First Time3
Director's Metaphor7
An Overview of Director's Interface7
Restoring Director's Default Interface9
A Closer Look at the Interface Elements10
Guided Tour 1BDefault Panels and Inspectors20
Guided Tour 1CWorking with Panel Groups26
Chapter 2Working with the Tools Palette29
The Tools Palette30
Guided Tour 2AUsing the Tools Palette33
Practice Exercise 2-1Using Director's Basic Tools48
Chapter 3Opening, Playback, and Control of Movies55
Guided Tour 3AUsing the Control Panel56
The Cast61
Guided Tour 3BCast Member Properties61
Practice Exercise 3-1Multiple Casts64
Practice Exercise 3-2External Casts70
Chapter 4Working with the Score77
Frames and Channels78
Guided Tour 4AMarker Channel80
Guided Tour 4BTempo Channel83
Color Palette Channel86
Transition Channel87
Sound Channel87
Script Channel87
Playhead and Frame Numbers Channel87
Guided Tour 4CWorking with the Score88
Practice Exercise 4-1Working with Sprites91
Practice Exercise 4-2Adding User Interaction103
Chapter 5Creating Animation115
Animation Techniques116
Practice Exercise 5-1Real-time Recording117
Practice Exercise 5-2Step Recording123
Practice Exercise 5-3Tweening Recording128
Chapter 6Application Chapter: Front-end Splash Screen137
Application Exercise Objectives138
Application Project Overview138
Application Chapters139
Application Exercise 6-1Front-end Splash Screen140
Chapter 7Creating Graphics145
Graphic Formats146
Guided Tour 7AExploring the Paint Window147
Practice Exercise 7-1Paint Window181
Vector Graphics196
Guided Tour 7BExploring the Vector Window197
Practice Exercise 7-2Vector Window202
Chapter 8Working with Color209
Color Depth210
Changing the System Color Depth211
Color Palettes213
Guided Tour 8AExploring Color Palettes213
Guided Tour 8BWorking with the Color Palette217
Guided Tour 8CTransform Bitmap219
Alpha Channels221
Practice Exercise 8-1Alpha Channels221
Chapter 9Creating Visual Impact231
Designing Visual Space233
Guided Tour 9AVisual Space233
Practice Exercise 9-1Creating Raised and Recessed Objects234
Guided Tour 9BAlpha Channel249
Chapter 10Getting Started with Lingo251
Introduction to Event Handlers253
Guided Tour 10ASprite Scripts254
Guided Tour 10BCast Scripts258
Guided Tour 10CFrame Scripts259
Guided Tour 10DMovie Scripts260
More on Event Handlers262
Practice Exercise 10-1Using the Message Window265
Chapter 11Adding Interaction269
Script Examples270
Practice Exercise 11-1Working with Markers271
Practice Exercise 11-2Transitions285
Practice Exercise 11-3Working with Behaviors291
Movie in a Window (MIAW)298
Practice Exercise 11-4Working with a Movie in a Window301
Chapter 12Application Chapter: Building a Project Interface307
Application Exercise Objectives308
Application Exercise 12-1Building a Project Interface308
Chapter 13Application Chapter: Adding Functionality to the Main Menu313
Application Exercise Objectives314
Application Exercise 13-1Adding Functionality to the Main Menu314
Chapter 14Working with Text319
Creating Text within Director320
Guided Tour 14AExploring the Text Window321
Guided Tour 14BExploring Field Text327
Practice Exercise 14-1Using Editable Text Fields330
Practice Exercise 14-2Text Inspector and Hyperlinks334
Additional Options with Text340
Guided Tour 14CExploring Embedded Fonts341
Chapter 15Application Chapter: Creating a Help File343
Application Exercise Objectives344
Application Exercise 15-1Creating a Help File344
Chapter 16Including Sound in Your Application351
Obtaining Sound Files352
Prerecorded Music and Sound Effects353
Using Professional Talent and Studio353
Recording Your Own Sound354
Properties of Sound Files356
Importing Sound Files358
Director's Sound Channels and Cue Points359
Practice Exercise 16-1Working with Cue Points359
Using Lingo for Sound Control and Cue Points365
Puppet Sound366
Guided Tour 16AControlling Sound Volume367
Practice Exercise 16-2Sound Using Lingo368
Chapter 17Application Chapter: Adding Content about the Products373
Application Exercise Objectives374
Application Exercise 17-1Adding Content about the Products374
Chapter 18Including Digital Video in Your Application377
Obtaining Movie Files378
Recording Your Own Video379
Properties of Movie Files381
Delivering Enhanced Media382
Guided Tour 18AImporting Digital Video Files385
Using Lingo to Control Digital Video387
Practice Exercise 18-1Controlling Digital Video388
Chapter 19Real-time 3D399
Director's 3D Engine Capabilities and Limitations401
Concepts Employed within Director's 3D Engine401
Guided Tour 19AA First Look at 3D Using Lingo409
Guided Tour 19BInstalling the 3DPI Xtra412
Practice Exercise 19-1Using the 3D 3DPI Xtra413
Organizing Cast Members429
Chapter 20Application Chapter: Video Presentation431
Application Exercise Objectives432
Application Exercise 20-1Video Presentation432
Chapter 21Packaging Your Project435
Guided Tour 21ACreating a Packaged Project437
Guided Tour 21BProtecting Your Director Files440
Linked Media442
Include Xtras442
Stub Projector443
Cross-platform Issues444
Memory Management445
CD-ROM Delivery446

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