The Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man's Solution

The Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man's Solution

by M.D. Creekmore


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The standard survival retreat advice has always been to find a remote place in Idaho or Montana, with at least 20 acres, a 2,000-square-foot log cabin and a bunker underneath, a barn, pastureland, and a stream running through the property. But how many of us can afford such a spread without a crippling mortgage? If you can't make the hefty payments on your survival retreat, the bankers will evict you, leaving you worse off than those who failed to prepare in the first place.My motivation for finding a building a low-cost survival retreat/homestead was the need to live on a lot less money after I lost my job and got divorced. I started living in a travel trailer, parked on two acres I'd bought a few years back to use as a campsite and bug-out location, never dreaming I'd be living there fulltime. However, I called the travel trailer and property home for nearly five years and was content.During that time I lived cheaply and saved money until I had enough to buy a house on three acres of land that I now call home. The Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat can be a permanent living arrangement or one to use temporarily while you save money for buying or building your perfect survival homestead.Living off the grid in a travel trailer isn't for everyone. But if you are looking for a way to own a debt-free home-and enjoy the security that comes with it-here's the my dirt-cheap plan for finding suitable land; buying a used trailer; securing it against the elements and intruders; providing alternative power sources; dealing with water and waste issues; maximizing your space; and establishing a workable storage system for food, water, medicine, tools, and other equipment.The good news is that the author has done the hard part for you.

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ISBN-13: 9781983810596
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/13/2018
Pages: 92
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About the Author

M.D. Creekmore is one of America's foremost experts on survival, emergency preparedness, and self-reliance. He has dedicated his life to learning the skills needed to stay alive in an increasingly dangerous world. Since its inception in 2007, his blog ( ) has grown into one of the most popular preparedness sites on the Web. A few years ago, he got sick of being another rat in the rat race, so he bought two acres of land off the grid for $2,000 and parked a 26-foot travel trailer on it—this is now his full-time home and survival retreat. He is a black belt in Shotokan karate, gunsmith, survivalist, homesteader, and all-around nice guy.

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