Dirty Dining: An Adventurer's Cookbook

Dirty Dining: An Adventurer's Cookbook



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Dirty Dining: An Adventurer's Cookbook by Lisa Thomas

For the last 14 years, Lisa and Simon Thomas have been living on the road, traveling the world, camping, and cooking and sharing with new friends. Their supplies come from local markets and what they can carry in Lisa’s kitchen, which is one of the aluminum motorcycle panniers on her BMW adventure touring motorcycle.

Sometimes fresh food is plentiful, other times it’s scarce. There’s fresh fish in Senegal, fresh veggies in Uzbekistan, and more beef than you can eat in Argentina. But they’ve traversed the Altiplano at 15,000, the Sahara Desert at 112 degrees, and struggled through sodden tundra fighting elephant sized mosquitos. They’ve been broke and exhausted in areas where the only “fresh” food is shriveled potatoes and onions, trying to work out what to eat. Most of the time this means getting creative with that tin of tuna, the packet of curry paste, and other basic items that Lisa has tucked away, “just in case.”

In all these years of traveling Lisa has figured out how to pep up an often monotonous diet with variations like marinades, sauces, and roasted vegetables you can get almost anywhere. She counts on her stock of staples, and particular herbs, sauces, and spices. You’ll find out what utensils and cooking equipment you need to pack—she’s honed them down to the bare necessities by now. The right knife, cutting board, vegetable peeler, stove, saucepans, skewers, and other tools can make all the difference in a long day of traveling.

Each recipe comes with clear instructions, exact measurements, and plenty of ideas for substitutions. Tinned and dried food come in handy when you’re traveling off the beaten track, and Lisa shows you how to make do when there is nothing much around to eat.

Whether you’re on an extended, round-the-world journey or just heading off on a short adventure, you need to stay healthy, too. This book not only shares lessons Lisa has learned from her time traveling the world but from her background as a health and fitness professional—the life she left 14 years ago and has continually drawn upon to keep herself and Simon heathy all these years. She shows you how, with just a small selection of basic foodstuffs, it is possible to produce quick, tasty and nutritious meals.

From comfort food and exotic dishes to sweet and gooey guilty desserts, adventurers and armchair travelers alike will appreciate each recipe’s simplicity and ease of preparation, along with the photographs and the tales of adventure that accompanies each one. Make your journey taste better by learning the secrets of Lisa’s kitchen and enjoy inspiring stories and lush photography from around the world, too.

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ISBN-13: 9781945703065
Publisher: Misadventures Media
Publication date: 07/15/2017
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Lisa Thomas is considered the world's foremost female adventure rider, having ridden longer and farther in a single journey than any other female motorcyclist in history. Lisa's occasionally lavish but often tough and extraordinary life is the stuff of legend. She has dined with Maasai warriors, business moguls, and presidents. She is an International Ambassador for global brands like BMW Motorrad and is on the advisory council for the Ted Simon Foundation. She is food lover, cook, keynote speaker, motivator, writer, photographer, and musician.

For the last 14 years, Lisa and her husband Simon Thomas have been living on the road, traveling the world, camping, and cooking and sharing with new friends. Their supplies come from local markets and what they can carry in Lisa's kitchen, which is one of the aluminum motorcycle panniers on her BMW adventure touring motorcycle.

The youngest of three sisters, Lisa experienced the nomadic lifestyle from an early age. After her birth in Darlington (UK) in1962 the family moved back to their hometown of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire for a few short months prior to leaving relocating to the German town of Gilenkirchen. On returning to the UK Lisa spent the rest of her childhood in Cheshire and her teenage years in Buckinghamshire.

She finished her O levels in 1978 and earned a diploma with the violin in classical music. Prior to attending college Lisa began her first of many motorcycle trips across Europe, this time as a pillion on a Honda CBX 500.

In 1980, Lisa began her working life with the Inland Revenue. However, she kept her music career alongside her office life. By doing this she was soon able to afford her first motorcycle, a Honda C90.

Alongside the music came the introduction to the Jane Fonda 1980s fitness revolution and Lisa decided that she would also become a qualified fitness instructor. After working for many years for the inland revenue whilst also teaching exercise classes and playing for dances most weekends, Lisa made a major career change by making a permanent and full-time move to the health and fitness industry.

After many years of owning and running a successful health and fitness centre, Lisa's first marriage came to an end and she began a career marketing and promoting health clubs. It was during this time that Lisa and Simon first met.

Around the same time Lisa made the decision to return to full-time education. She commenced a 4-year degree course at the age of 35 and successfully obtained a first class BSc honours degree in Computing and Information Systems.

In 1998 Lisa's father underwent a quadruple heart bypass. Lisa also suffers from cardio complications and for these reasons is today trying to raise funds and awareness for the British Heart Foundation.

For over a period of 26 years Lisa has in some way been involved with motorcycles and, if she's not riding or modifying her bike, she's got her head buried in her dozens of maps and books deciding on the next place to explore.

Simon Thomas is recognized as a leading authority in the motorcycling and adventure world. As a self-confessed thrill seeker, professional photographer, writer, speaker and motivator, Simon has spent years leading by example, inspiring audiences around the world to push past their comfort zones and to determine their own futures.

For the last 14 years, Simon and his wife Lisa Thomas have been living on the road, traveling the world, camping, and cooking and sharing with new friends. Their supplies come from local markets and what they can carry in Lisa's kitchen, which is one of the aluminum motorcycle panniers on her BMW adventure touring motorcycle.

After starting his British-based career in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and manager, Simon went to success working with a marketing firm working around the UK on assignment. In the early 90s Simon's sales career took off and, weeks after joining a specialist sales force, he became the highest-earning salespersons in the UK, whilst also being the youngest.

Simon's bright career was brought to a brutal halt after a serious motorcycle accident almost severed his lower right leg. Following five lengthy surgeries to save his ankle and foot and 18-months of bed ridden recuperation, learning to walk again was Simon's next big challenge.

With a bleak long-term prognosis, Simon focused on proving the doctors wrong and within two years he wasn't just walking again but had completed a marathon, climbed in Yosemite, and completed what should be a three-day hike in the Grand Canyon in a single day.

In the mid-90s, whilst recuperating, Simon investigated a variety of business opportunities, honing in on the booming telecommunications industry and quickly identifying its tremendous potential. Soon after he became CEO of his firm, supplying bespoke solutions to companies, institutions and government agencies around the UK. With the success of his first business, other ventures were soon following suit.

With the success of his companies settled, Simon began looking for his next challenge. Combining his passion for adventure, motorcycling and travel he and Lisa looked to take on the world, planning an unprecedented global motorcycle adventure, that would encompass 122 countries and 7 continents.

Fourteen years later and Simon's optimistic and buoyant personality is winning him friends around the world, and whilst he is accredited with helping to define the world's fastest growing motorcycle genre, that of 'Adventure Motorcycling', Simon remains genuinely bemused by the accolades. Simon lists one of his favorite quotes below...

"You are more than you appear to be - Life is greater than you have ever known it - The best is yet to come." Ernest Holmes

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION 12 The pantry 14 The gear we use 19 HEALTH & SAFETY 24 LEAVE NO TRACE 26 BULIDING A CAMPFIRE 28 MEASUREMENTS 30 STORIES & RECIPES 32 A Fishy Tale in Senegal 36 GRILLED FISH 38 Tarafa Special 40 SPANISH CHICKEN 42 Argentinian Flavour 46 ROASTED RED PEPPERS 46 Flames in Mali 46 QUICK CHILLI CON CARNE 50 The Basics in West Africa 46 SARDINE SPAGHETTI 54 Mexican Morsels 46 HOW TO PREPARE A PINEAPPLE 48 PINEAPPLE PRAWN PICKS 58 The Spice of Life - India 46 LISA’S CIKANA KARI 64 Bush Tucker - Outback Australia 68 ORANGE PORK 70 Rice Karma - Nepal 46 COOKING RICE 74 Meals In Mongolia 46 MAKE-DO MONGOLIAN STEW 78 Stewing In Pakistan 46 LAMTIL STEW 82 A Taste of Home 88 CREAMY MUSHROOM PORK 88 Sipping On Everest: Nepal 90 Spanish tortilla 92 New Zealand: South Island 96 Simple stir fried rice 98 India: The Great Thar Desert 100 Thai green vegtable curry 102 Succulent Slices in Argentina 104 Meat-fest asado 106 Tajikistan: Easy Meals 110 Omelette 112 Italian Flavours In Bolivia 114 Caprese salad 116 Uzbekistan A Taste of Home 118 Italian soup 120 Moroccan Main Course 122 Couscous 124 A Banquet In Baja 126 Simon’s tunmato sauce 128 Getting Saucy In The Gobi 130 Tasty BBQ sauce 132 Lemony Snikets 134 Lemony-garlic sauce 136 Carnivores Alchemy 138 Mustard glaze 140 Africa’s Sweet Ride 142 BAKED BANANAS 140 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 146 BUY OUR PHOTOGRAPHY 148 PUBLIC SPEAKING EVENTS 150 CONNECT WITH US 152 JOIN US ON A RIDE 154

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