Dirty Filthy Rich Men

Dirty Filthy Rich Men

by Laurelin Paige
4.7 30

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Dirty Filthy Rich Men 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not sure what to say about this story....bizarre is one wordto describe it. Not sure why authors cannot put the whole story in one book....frustrating! Doubt I buy the conclusion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really loved those two!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh boy this was an amazing story. Lovely, sexy and scarry in parts. Not a mystery but had mystery and intrigue. It was also pretty intense. I can't believe it left us as a cliff hanger. That being said can't wait for the next book. Marianne Mitchell
Anonymous 5 months ago
Was good enough to make me want to read the conclusion. Got tired of the woman continually being a doormat and making excuses to condone terrible behavior. But, whatever. Was a decent enough read.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This book was a random for me...i mean i do love this author but wasnt sure about the book. I'm so glad i bought both books...it was different i can say but also so amazing. Id definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone for sure!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm picky about erotic literature and this was my first time reading a book by this author, but now I'm so frustrated I have to wait for the next one. I would highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Love all of Laurelien Paige books and this one did not disappoint. It is a really quick read. Donavan is so complicated. I want to know more about him. Can not wait for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the book! Can wait for the next book
Naughty_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
If ever there was a book boyfriend who was going to LEGIT drive me to drink, it's Donovan Kincaid. He is the kind of guy you would want to marry, screw AND kill but you'd have a hard time deciding which one you wanted to do first. The man is SO INFURIATING! His hot and cold, back and forth gave me whiplash. His special brand of crazy had me feeling like I was two steps away from a trip to a white padded room. The story is written in Sabrina's POV....until you get to the last chapter! Finally, a clue! Just when I think I can't love Laurelin Paige any more than I already do, she goes and proves me wrong. She has the unique ability to make me uncomfortable with sensitive subject matter yet has me desperately intrigued at the same time. Dirty Filthy Rich Men will have all your senses on high alert. It's mysterious and intoxicating with a sexual tension so thick, even a chainsaw isn’t going to cut it!
CeeCee0 More than 1 year ago
OMG!!!! Dirty just doesn’t cover what this book is. It’s so much more and not enough at the same time. Beautifully written, it pulls you in from the first word until the last page. Fair warning though, you won’t like what you find there. I know I did, but only because I wanted more. More dirty, more filth, more men, well, man, singular. Donovan! Holy hell, what a man. Hot, sexy, arrogant to a fault. Domineering, dastardly, commanding. But damaged. So, so damaged and he thinks he is the root cause of the damage. Donovan met Sabrina ten years ago, when she was a freshman at Harvard, he was a T.A. Her T.A. But it didn’t stop him having her, then letting her go, or so she thought. When her father died suddenly just after her first time with Donovan, Sabrina had to go home, not just for the funeral but to care for her young sister, she lost her scholarship for Harvard, and was unable to return. She meets Weston ten years later and after a weekend together he offers her a job with his firm, Reach. She thinks he’s joking but 3 months later she discovers he wasn’t and finally she’s there! In the type of job she always desired. Weston wants to pick up where they left off, but before they have a chance, Donovan interrupts and throws everything up in the air. But, most off all he proves to Sabrina that she was never looking for Weston even though she obsessed over him in college. Sabrina is a strong woman, who thinks she knows what she wants… and doesn’t want. Until she is back in the web that Donovan creates. She will fight for what she wants though, but will it be enough. When she discovers the truth behind what she knows about the man she is trying so hard to understand, can she really forgive what he has done? These two characters fit so well together, but I have to admit, they were frustrating at times. Mostly Donovan, of course. THAT man! Soo stubborn he refuses to bend. Refuses to see his relationship for what it really is. Poor Sabrina, she tried so hard, I felt so sorry for her each time she took his heart and then he stomped on hers. This is the first book in the Dirty duet. It’s freaking awesome, but… It left my head spinning with the what if’s. And now I have to wait until September to read the next part. Arrrggg!!! I don’t want to wait.
MBurton 5 months ago
This was the perfect dirty filthy little novella! It made me so happy that Laurelin Paige crossed series in this. We got Nathan Sinclair from the Dirty Duet series and Trisha from the Fixed series. Trisha lives two lives, one as the professional Executive Assistant to Hudson Pierce and the other a masked woman who goes to the Open Door parties. At the Open Door, Trisha fulfills all her sexual fantasies with out being tied down to one person. She even gets a secret thrill over seeing some of the men from the parties who are also clients of Hudson Pierce. Since she always wears a mask, the men do not realize who she is...until Nathan Sinclair. Nathan shows up to the Open Door one night and finds that he just can't take his eyes off the masked woman who is the center of attention. She gives him the slip that night only to find her again two days later in the office of Hudson Pierce. This was such a fun story. I equally enjoyed both Trisha and Nathan. Trisha has such a phobia of commitment but just couldn't resist Nathan. It's so rare to see the heroine be the elusive catch vs. the Hero. I want to see more of that! And Nathan, man I loved how he handled Trisha. I found myself smiling a lot in the book. This makes me inpatient for the next Dirty Duet series! ARC provided by Author.
BookReview4you 11 months ago
Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige is Book 1 in the "Dirty Duet" series. This is the story of Sabrina and Donovan. This does end with a cliffhanger to start the next book in the series called "Dirty Filthy Rich Love". Sabrina thinks she in love with Weston King who is about the same age as her in college and he sleeps around allot. But she goes to his parties to just watch him. Sabrina mother died at an early age and she just has a younger sister so she doesn't know much about dressing up and goes around with loose cloths and a pony tail. So she thinks he wouldn't be interested in her. While watching him wit another girl, Donovan confronts her and this starts their rocky interactions. Sabrina starts to think more about Donovan but he is sometimes nice to her but takes it back and says hurtful things right after. Sabrina's father has a heart attack and she ends up having to leave school and we fast forward to a few years later where she meets up with Weston again then this leads to meeting Donovan again. Donovan is starting to treat her again like he wants her but then goes back and does something total awful. I totally enjoyed their story. This does have some trigger issues since it is a dark romance, so beware if this is a problem for you. Dirty Duet Series:, Book 0.5: Dirty Filthy Rich Boys, Book 1: Dirty Filthy Rich Men, Book 2: Dirty Filthy Rich Love, "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Kayla_Davis More than 1 year ago
Laurelin has done it again! Dirty Filthy Rich Men is absolutely genius! It brought out a new side to Laurelin's writing and I love it! This book was is intense, dark and purely erotic! A twisted and deliciously filthy fight to love. I couldn't stop reading this book. The plot quickly sucks you into its web of suspense. The characters are developed flawlessly and you adore them instantly! Sabrina Lind worked as strategy and marketing manager at Now Inc in LA. It wasn't her ideal job but she was fairly happy. But always pictured herself doing something bigger. When her past collides with her future for a wild weekend in NY Sabrina's life is about to drastically change. A job offer from Weston King was too tempting for Sabrina to resist. Get ready for your next book boyfriend! Donovan Kincad completely steals my heart in this book. Hes so intense and commanding! His dominance is everything the name promises, dirty, filthy and erotic! His mystery consumes you up to the very last page! The ending to this book is down right explosive and all consuming. It leaves you completely stunned and your jaw dropped. Holy cliffhanger indeed! If your looking for a book that consumes you with a intense, dark, fight for love this is it! I wish I could rate this 10 stars because its just that good! *I voluntarily read a advanced copy!* (less)
marincheto007 More than 1 year ago
Scorching Hot!!! Oooohhh, Donovan!!! There are very few books nowadays that glue me to my seat until the last word. But Dirty Filthy Rich Men is one of those books. The story is intriguing and captivating. It is DIRTY, it is FILTHY and it is scorching HOT. It is also heartbreaking and romantic. And at times even funny. It is one of the best and sexiest books I've read recently. From the moment I read Dirty Filthy Rich Boys, I knew that Donovan and Sabrina's story will be a page turner. And I was definitely not disappointed. There are twists and turns in the plot that were definitely unexpected but what made the story incredible, was the emotional struggle of the characters. Both Sabrina and Donovan have a past that left them with skeletons in their closets. And in Donovan's case a fear of love and commitment. The relationship between the two is not easy and often with every step forward, they make two backwards. But the chemistry between the two lovers is undeniable and it is something none of them can resist. There is a lot more I can say about this incredible book, but I don't want to spoil it for you. I will only add that you definitely need to meet Donovan and experience his dirty filthy mouth, hands and other parts on you and in you ;) I so can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series so I can find out what will happen next. But unfortunately I will have to wait until December :( This review was originally posted at Living In Our Own Story Book Blog. I received an ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. It’s the first book to keep me up all night reading in a very long time. I really enjoyed it, and cannot wait for Dirty Filthy Rich Love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book!!!!
Teewee125 More than 1 year ago
OMG this book was amazing. All I can say is I NEED BOOK 2 now. Donovan and Weston are great. Sabrina was made for Donovan. There are times when I wanted to strangle Donovan. Always sending mixed signals to Sabrina. Just when you think he is going to open up to her with his feelings he "shuts the door" So frustrating. But soooooo goooood. What a story. Ending so good. Makes me wish for the Fall when Book 2 is being released. Donovan is so complex. But with good reason. He tells her it is just sex but she can't help but fall for him. He always has an excuse for his good deeds regarding her, but Sabrina is so afraid to hope that maybe he does have feelings for her. He keeps denying it, but as they say actions speak louder than words.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have NEVER been a book binge reader but this book will do it for you. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down or get it off my mind. All I can say this is a MUST read for 2017 and I desperately want the next book!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait until September for part two of Donovan && Sabrina!
Gracieb More than 1 year ago
A real page turner. Ms. Paige keeps us in suspense to the very last word. Loved it and can't wait for the next book.
Angie_H80 More than 1 year ago
You know the way I know a book is going to be one I remember, one that I will think about over & over, one that I know I will tell my friends about....when it gives me tingles, good & bad...when I feel my own cheeks burning red with emotion!! This book gave me all those tingles & feels. I have my thoughts about each guy, my thoughts about Sabrina, but the entire story is more than the characters!! It's gut wrenching, an emotional roller coaster, angsty, passionate, and fury inducing...in both a good and bad way!!! I have come to find this is common with Laurelin, and I love every single second of it. My only complaint is that part 2 is so damn far away!!!!!
SexyVixenReader More than 1 year ago
Hell yeah, this is what I love about Laurelin, she brings it. I gobbled up this book and the prologue and now want the summer gone so I can get the next installment of the Dirty Duet.
FS_Meurinne More than 1 year ago
Laurelin Page created a world I don’t want to leave, she dragged me in and I want more. Donovan and Weston, hot alpha intriguing males, with hot sexy scenes that you will catch fire. Sabrina is the lucky girl, or perhaps not, as she needs to choose between them. The chemistry is off the charts; the seduction and their domineering ways will trap you. You will need to clear your schedule, as you won’t be able to put this down. Next book can’t get here fast enough!