Dirty, Reckless Love

Dirty, Reckless Love

by Lexi Ryan


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From New York Times bestselling author Lexi Ryan comes a sexy new standalone romance about a woman torn between two men from her past, searching for missing memories that could hold the key to her future.

I'm in love with a man who tried to kill me. At least that's what they tell me . . .

Six weeks ago, paramedics found me unconscious in my own home. Beaten. Bruised. Hardly breathing. When I woke up, I couldn't remember the last three years or anything about my life in Jackson Harbor. They tell me my fiancé, Colton McKinley, is on the run for what he did to me. They tell me I'm safer if I stay away.

I don't care if my memories ever come back. I want nothing to do with those missing years . . . until a sexy stranger with angry eyes shows up on my doorstep and demands I stop ignoring him.

Levi Jackson is my fiancé's best friend, but seeing him sparks something inside me. As the truth unravels in my mind, I know they're wrong about Colton. My own secrets are far more dangerous than the man I was engaged to.

I return to Jackson Harbor to search for answers and find myself running from a faceless boogeyman and seeking refuge in Levi's arms. And in his bed.

I can't deny my feelings for Levi. But as the pile of lies between us grows, I realize that sometimes the truth can't set us free. Sometimes, it's the very thing that can destroy us.

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ISBN-13: 9781723227141
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/03/2018
Pages: 396
Sales rank: 403,778
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.88(d)

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Dirty, Reckless Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #3) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was skeptical when I first started this book thinking how could it be as good as the last two... well I was just as amazing!!!! As always. Each book keeps you drawn in wanting to keep reading til the end and wanting to read more. Exceptional job on this collection so far!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly recommended.. Really enjoyed reading it....!!!!!!!!
BBBGirlsBlog More than 1 year ago
So happy that I am one of the chosen ones to have been given an advance copy to review. Lexi Ryan has out did herself with Dirty, Reckless Love, Levi and Ellie's story is the best one yet in the "The Boys of Jackson Harbor" series. This story from the beginning takes you in and shows you a whole another side of Jackson Harbor, a more seedy and darker side of this town. If you have read the other books in the series than you know they have been full of romance, sweet chemistry, and of course with unrequited love, BUT Levi and Ellie's story has all that and much more. Their story starts off instantly with crazy incident that turns the town upside down, in the mix of all this you begin to understand everything that has happened throughout the years between Ellie, Colton and Levi. You thought you knew these characters but you are shown a whole other side of them that will have you not wanting to put this book down. Secrets are reviled in this book, you truly are going to have an eye opening experience with some characters that were introduced in Jake and Ava's story. ON top of all this you understand more why Levi has been in love with Ellie and why they never were able to be. Your heart goes out to Levi, you feel his pain and respect his loyalty to Colton. Lexi also ties this story with another book series that she has written, which I am also a fan of, I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was such an awesome way to combine the two book series without making it seem far fetched. I will patiently wait for the next installment of the Jackson boys, I can't wait to see what Lexi has in store for us. Reviewed by: Glori I.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!!!
avidezliteraria More than 1 year ago
“As the pile of lies between us grows, I realize that sometimes the truth can’t set us free. Sometimes, it’s the very thing that can destroy us.” Impossible to stop reading. This is the first phrase I think of when I remember Dirty, Reckless Love. Even for those who have not read the previous books of the series, it is possible to perfectly follow the story of Ellie, the ex-shop seller of an art gallery, trapped in a complicated plot of intrigue involving her boyfriend Colton, his best friend Levi Jackson and her future father-in-law, Nelson. The facts are told in three parts: before, during and after the incident of the prologue and the reunion of Ellie with Levi, who brings revelations to both. Ellie needs to rebuild and rediscover the pieces of her life in the small town of Jackson Harbor. A life that she no longer recognizes but at the same time longs and fears to know. Burglaries, robberies, forgery, disappearances, violence, drug addictions and gambling appear not necessarily in that order. The plot has a thriller, narrated non-linearly, that unfolds in the right rhythm to catch the reader's attention, as it accompanies Ellie's journey in assembling this puzzle. And it almost makes you forget you're reading a novel. Each chapter is a discovery. Totally different from the previous book, which gets to be a bit monotonous in some parts, Ellie's trajectory is dramatic and electrifying. Like a motocross circuit. A twist with amazing revelations and a final, fair, romantic and fun. As every good book should have.
HeatherLM More than 1 year ago
Well, well, well. I never would have suspected that Levi’s story would be like this. I honestly wasn’t sure how this story could play out in a way I was ok with. In the first two books in this series we know that Levi is in love with his best friend, Colton’s girlfriend, Ellie. I couldn’t imagine how their story would end in a way I would be happy with. Dirty, Reckelss love was full of twists and turns and I devoured every word. Lexi Ryan outdid herself with this book. I would say that this book is my favorite in the series and I can’t imagine the following being any better. I love a little suspense with my romance and this story was full of it. Levi was freaking amazing and Ellie was very relatable. I even still like Colton. It was also nice to see how everyone else in Jackson Harbor was scoring. I highly recommend this book and this series to everyone!
HeatherLM More than 1 year ago
Well, well, well. I never would have suspected that Levi’s story would be like this. I honestly wasn’t sure how this story could play out in a way I was ok with. In the first two books in this series we know that Levi is in love with his best friend, Colton’s girlfriend, Ellie. I couldn’t imagine how their story would end in a way I would be happy with. Dirty, Reckelss love was full of twists and turns and I devoured every word. Lexi Ryan outdid herself with this book. I would say that this book is my favorite in the series and I can’t imagine the following being any better. I love a little suspense with my romance and this story was full of it. Levi was freaking amazing and Ellie was very relatable. I even still like Colton. It was also nice to see how everyone else in Jackson Harbor was scoring. I highly recommend this book and this series to everyone!
BookDragonGirl More than 1 year ago
The third book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor Series surprised me, and delighted me with it gradually revealing mystery, it’s nerve wracking suspense, and of course it swoon worthy Jackson Boy and his protective and loving, sweet, sexy ways. Levi Jackson and Colton McKinley have been best friends for a long time. Both thrill seekers, both getting into trouble. But Colton went further and got into pain pills, and became addicted. Then along came Ellie. Colton met her first, but they were both in love with her. Levi, though loving his friend, backed off. But it went on for years. She was the first girl Colton ever took seriously. He was trying to cleanup his drug problem for her and everything. Three years after Ellie met the boys, she is found in her apartment unconscious. Beaten. Bruised. Hardly breathing. She was in a coma for a while. And then when she wakes up she can’t remember anything from the last 3 years. Levi, Colton, Jackson Harbor where she lived. On top of all that Colton and his father both have gone missing. The first person that is familiar to Ellie is Levi. She has little clips of memories of him. Plus she just has this feeling about him. So when she starts to remember and decides to go home to Jackson Harbor and solve the case of what happened, where’s Colton and his father, are they dead? She decides to turn to Levi for help. The mystery and suspense in this book are really well done!! With all the twists and turns, you aren’t sure what to think! I thought Lexi did a beautiful job with this! And as usual, the love story part of it was so beautiful! Levi is one hell of a guy!!! He is such a protective, sweet, kind, thoughtful, gentleman....until he gets the green light and then he’s a real alpha in the bedroom, in the shower, and almost in the kitchen (someone interrupted). Levi loves his family. He’s loyal. How can you not love Levi?! I loved this book! Another 5 Star in this Series!! I can’t wait for book 4!
DavaDora More than 1 year ago
I love reading a romance that I can picture in my head as a movie or TV series. Dirty, Reckless Love reminded me of an entire season of one of my favorite shows, HTGAWM, and I absolutely loved it! This is an emotional romance with a deadly mystery involved and the suspense had me glued to my seat, reading nonstop all the way to the HEA end. The writing was amazing, going from the present and past and back again; told in dual POV, all to resolve a mystery that had me guessing right up until it was resolved. This story is chockful of secrets and yes, there’s a triangle involved; so beware those of you who have qualms about this subject and don’t like reading stories that involve cheating. Just know you’ll be missing out on a great story! This is the third book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor I’ve read and, so far, it’s my favorite. I say so far because there are many more Jacksons in the family I want to read about! Do yourselves a favor and read them in order, book two has a little insight on Levi, Ellie and the McKinley family. “I’ll earn the life we planned together.” When Ellie Courdrey woke up from a medically induced coma, she couldn’t remember the last three years of her life, in Jackson Harbor. Retrograde amnesia was the cause, probably due to the beating she received in her home that left her for dead; the doctors think she’ll eventually begin to recall her memory and those lost years. She was told by the police and medical staff she had suffered a miscarriage, too. Ellie’s fiancé, Colton McKinley, was wanted by the police; he was the prime suspect and hadn’t been seen since. Her mother’s been keeping everyone from her past away from Ellie but if she wants to know what happened, she knows she’ll have to go back to Jackson Harbor and find out for herself. “I’d become invisible to him, but you always saw me. From the beginning.” Levi Jackson has loved Ellie for as long as he can remember; probably from the first night he met Colton’s new girlfriend. Colton was his best friend, and there was a time Levi was his partner in crime; both literally and figuratively. Now that Ellie’s back in town, Levi’s going to make sure whoever wanted her dead doesn’t finish the job. And to try to get her back, now that Colon’s out of the picture. “I never stopped loving you. Even when you told me to. Even when you chose him.” Gawd, these two! I loved them and wanted them to desperately realize it was always supposed to be just the two of them! For so long Levi stood by, supporting Ellie and Colton, until he just couldn’t anymore. “My kryptonite. My undoing. My every exception.”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I stayed up until 5 am reading this. It will not disappoint
Kelly_BTCBlog More than 1 year ago
Pure, raw emotions cascade from the pages of this book! In complete honesty, I had no idea what this book was about before diving into it. I had read the previous books in The Boys of Jackson Harbor Series (which were amazing!), so reading this book was a no-brainer. Expecting equal parts heart and sizzling heat from the storyline, I was blindsided with a more emotional and heartachingly anst-filled love story. Dirty Reckless Love highlights the excruciatingly painful and tormenting side of love, and the tragic and disturbing actions taken to ensure secrets and lies are kept hidden. A more suspenseful read verses the previous books in the series, Dirty Reckless Love centers around Colton, Ellie and Levi and their quite complicated “love-triangle” relationship. After an assault leaves Ellie with no memory of the past 3 years, she doesn’t know who attacked her or why it happened, let alone who Levi even is. But for a chance that her memories might return, she must rely on Levi and the unexplainable connection she feels when with him. But with missing memories comes the question: is Colton the one responsible? This book was a mysterious and dramatic romance, featuring chilling, devastating, and heartbreaking details that layered the storyline with complexity. Told from dual POVs with multiple flashbacks, Ellie and Levi were exceptionally intricate characters. The more you learned about their entangled past as the timeline jumps from present to past, you become more invested in their lives and finding out the real reasons behind all the unknowns in the story. But as the focus was more on Ellie and her recovery, I couldn’t help but commiserate with Levi. The friend, the third wheel, the rebound guy, his own emotions and unrequited love was what truly hit me right in the feels. His unrelenting love and devotion for Ellie was unquestionably heartfelt and completely selfless. He stole my heart from page one. Love shows no bounds when it comes to this story, and just how dirty and reckless it can be. An undeniable must read, Dirty Reckless Love will leave you breathless, with a newfound appreciation for unconditional love. 4 Stars!
Andrea-M More than 1 year ago
Wow I just loved this book so much. I'm in love with the Boys of Jackson Harbor more and more with each book. This one was really good for me,amazing actually. Ellie and Levi were amazing couple.I honesty didn't expect for their story to be this intense and mysterious.Their story really consumed me,and I just could't stop reading it.The story-line was so good,I totally didn't expected that ending.The way past and present mingle in this book bringing back memories to our heroine,and us to some shocking revelations is simply great. I honestly couldn't even guess who attacked Ellie.The author packed this story just in the right way,I was questioning everything that I read in the previous book. The romance in this book is beautiful.The way Levi loves Ellie is so extraordinaire.To me it was addictive and beautiful.The way he loves her and cares for her.It's just so sweet and amazing. I so can't wait for the next book,and I absolutely recommend The Boys of Jackson Harbor series to anyone.It's absolutely AMAZING.
Chloe Trivelpiece More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this series! Jackson Harbor....whew, wow.... Dirty Reckless Love is the story of Levi, Ellie and Colton. It's a story about love...the many different facets of love. Love of family, love of friends and the love of your life. This story is gonna grab you from the get go.  It's starts with a bang and it will keep you reading until the very end.  I love the bit of mystery in Ms. Ryan's stories.  You think you know what's going on, but then, like a slap upside the head, Lexi takes it in another fantastic direction. The characters in this book are amazing, so real, so gritty and raw.  I loved revisiting past characters in previous books in this series.  It's like a reunion on sorts. I was torn at the end of this book, I was delighted with the ending, but also sad for the character left behind.  I so hope that he will get his happily ever after too, he so deserves it! You can totally read this book as a stand alone, but to get the full experience, I suggest you read all of the books in this series.  You won't regret it....(Wink, wink)....
cookie614 More than 1 year ago
When you see someone for the first time sometimes you know deep down inside that .. that person might be your one and only love !! When Levi sees Ellie for the first time he feels it and he know by the look on her face Ellie feels it too .. but when you’re best friend .. Colton steps up and wraps his arm around her he knows he will take a step back .. But the words No Regrets will always live deep down in his chest. Jackson Harbor is the home Ellie found when she just had to get away and she loved it but when her past comes to surface she knows she needs to get out of her job until something bad will happen and you know us woman we are always right, so when she find her self not remembering the last two years after her accident she needs the help of her friends more than her real family. She need to find out what happened to her on her own so her family can stay safe because she doesn’t know what she might be walking it and she knows Levi will help her but she doesn’t know why or why she feels this pull to him ? But she feels it .. Does she really love Colton or is this thing this feeling she feels for Levi it ?? The drama The unknown The betrayal The friendship and The love in this Jackson Brothers installment is out of this world !! The anxiety makes you want to turn the pages faster and faster !! Loved it !!
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Ellie Coudray wakes up in a hospital with little to no memory of her life for the last three years, and those are the memories that are most important right now. The doctor tells her that she has been beaten severely, lost her unborn child, and has amnesia, and all the evidence points towards her fiance Colton, but unfortunately she doesn't remember any of the details, nor much about this fiance. During her recovery she begins to pick-up bits and pieces from her past, and some of those memories bring another man into her life, Levi Jackson, her fiance's best friend, and her one time lover. Now she finds herself at the mercy of her memories, her heart craving the love of two men, and danger lurking at every turn. With danger constantly lurking around Ellie, Levi is determined to keep her safe, but he can only do that if he keeps her close; as excruciating as that maybe. They have a past that she can't remember, and one he can't stop thinking about, she is everything to him, but her heart belongs to his best friend, or at least it use to. But the more time they spend with one another, the more the sparks start to fly, and the closer they become, but he has a feeling that at any given moment he could lose it all. Dirty, Reckless Love has everything you could want in a story; a suspenseful and addictive story line, dynamic characters with explosive chemistry, and some toe curling romance too! I thoroughly enjoyed this one, the pull between Ellie and the two men in her life kept me on the edge of my seat, I love a good love triangle, and I have to admit this one definitely ranked high amongst my list of favorites. One chapter in and I felt an addiction hit, and it had me hanging onto every word, and experiencing all the feels right along with these wonderful characters... and their touching tale left a serious dent on my heart! Highly recommend this one, it's an exquisitely crafted tale sure to satisfy! I requested an advanced copy of this title, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
patriciagreco More than 1 year ago
Dirty, Reckless Love By Lexi Ryan This book had me at the first page. I had so much trouble putting this book down. I do NOT give away spoilers so if you looking for that…sorry! Lexi Ryan out did herself in this book. Without a doubt she deserved the RWA RITA award. She brought out the kindness in her characters and the not so nice characters that kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next. Levi, Ellie, Colton, Ava, Jake, Brayden, Molly, and so many more wonderful characters to enjoy. Her characters had many things to conquer in each their own way. They had the task of trying to find out who they are and who would hurt someone they all love. There are many twists and turns in this book but it is what makes your putting down the book so difficult. I cannot stress enough how good this book was and the best book I have read in a while. Don’t take my word for it…..read it!!
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
4.5 Captivating Stars! This! This is what I love to read! This edgy, forbidden love triangle was suspenseful, and steamy, and held me captive from start to finish. Levi is in love with his best friends girlfriend, Ellie. He always wished he'd met her first, but would be there, to support her, as Colton fought his demons. Ellie can't remember the last 3 years after a horrific attack. But when she sees Levi, her heart tells her what her memory can't, that he is someone she cares deeply for and can depend on. As her memories slowly return, so does her anxiety and fear over the reason for her attack. I loved how expertly Ms. Ryan drew us in with a unique tale that was sweet, sexy, heartbreaking, mysterious and at some points, horrifying. Each facet of this story was cleverly unfolded to keep you turning the pages to discover what was either in store or what had happened in the past. I was always trying to predict what was going to happen next and the twists and turns kept me guessing. I love the Jackson boys! Levi and his family are so loving, loyal, supportive, and so essential in each others lives. Their interactions feel very genuine and honest. I can't get enough of them or this series. I have grown to really care for each of them. This exhilarating, emotional and sexy series is a must read!